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George Montgomery ACTOR


Actor George Montgomery, originally George Montgomery Letz, was born August 29, 1916. He was the youngest of his fifteen siblings, and grew up riding horses and working cattle on his large family ranch. After Montgomery’s first year of college at the University of Montana, he left because he was far more intrigued with a career in acting. In 1935, he relocated to Hollywood.

At the age of eighteen, Montgomery got his first film part. Due to the cowboy skills he developed in his childhood, Republic Pictures gave him stunt work and a small role in “The Singing Vagabond” (1935). He persisted in this kind of work, acting now as George Letz in mainly low budgeted pictures. Throughout the remainder of the 30s, he continued to play small parts in a plethora of films like “The Old Barn Dance” (1938), “Southward Ho” (1939), and “The Arizona Kid” (1939). He also played in one of the Lone Ranger serials, which was titled “The Lone Ranger” (1938). The actor stayed with Republic Pictures until 1939, when he signed over to 20th Century Fox, which billed him as George Montgomery. In 1939, Montgomery also landed one of his first supporting roles. It was in the romantic western “The Cisco Kid and the Lady”.

During his contract with Fox, the actor appeared in over fifteen movies. He starred in a large amount of dramas like “Star Dust” (1940) and “Young People” (1940), as well as two Zane Grey Western remakes, “Last of the Duanes” (1941) and “The Riders of the Purple Sage” (1941). He performed in additional western flicks like “The Cowboy and the Blonde” (1941). Even more, Montgomery had leading roles in the musicals “Orchestra Wives” (1942) and “Coney Island” (1943). While employed with Fox, he was seen in films with quite a few important Hollywood figures at the time, not limited to Maureen O'Hara, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple.

In 1943, Montgomery’s successful career was put on halt, as he was deployed to serve in the United States Army Air Force during World War II. Upon his return, he first starred in the musical “Three Little Girls in Blue” (1946). Montgomery continued to act in many additional pictures for 20th Century Fox, but later became one of Hollywood’s first and most lucrative freelance actors. He tended to be drawn to western and action/adventure films. The actor starred in western features such as “The Texas Rangers” (1951), “Battle of Rogue River” (1954), “Seminole Uprising” (1955), and “Pawnee” (1957). The action/adventure films he played parts in include “The Sword of Monte Cristo” (1951), “Huck!” (1956), “Black Patch” (1957), and “Man from God’s Country” (1958). Montgomery additionally made appearances on a number of television series. In the 1958, the actor actually starred in a western TV show called “Cimarron City”, but it only lasted a year. However, he never discontinued his involvements in the motion pictures like the adventure “Samar” (1962), one of his more notable war films, “Battle of the Bulge” (1965), and the crime/action “The Daredevil” (1972). In 1972, Montgomery retired from acting and focused on designing furniture. His performing career had attained him parts in over eighty feature films, and multiple television appearances. The only other acting he did in the 1970's was in a few TV series. In 1984, the actor emerged from retirement to play the part of the president in the made for television feature “Children’s Island”. His very final piece of work was the war drama picture “Dikiy veter” (1986).

George married singer Dinah Shore in 1943 and they had two children, Melissa Montgomery (born in 1947) and adopted son John 'Jody' David Montgomery.

On December 12, 2000, Montgomery passed away in Rancho Mirage, California, due to heart failure. He received many awards during his lifetime, including the Ronald Reagan Award, the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild, a Golden Boot, and admittance into The Hollywood Westerner’s Hall of Fame. As well, the actor has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the television industry.

1986       Dikiy veter

1984       Children's Island

1974       The Odd Couple

1974       The Six Million Dollar Man

1974       NET Playhouse

1972       The Daredevil

1972       The Leo Chronicles

1971       Alias Smith and Jones

1970       Satan's Harvest

1970       Ride the Tiger

1969       Strangers at Sunrise

1968       Warkill

1967       Hostile Guns

1967       Bomb at 10:10

1966       Hallucination Generation

1966       I Spy 

1966       Bonanza

1966       Hell of Borneo

1965       Battle of the Bulge

1965       Django the Condemned

1964       Guerillas in Pink Lace

1963       Hawaiian Eye

1962       Samar

1961       The Steel Claw

1959       Watusi

1959       King of the Wild Stallions

1958       Cimarron City

1958       Badman's Country

1958       The Toughest Gun in Tombstone

1958       Man from God's Country 

1958       Wagon Train  

1957       Street of Sinners

1957       Black Patch

1957       Pawnee 

1957       Gun Duel in Durango

1957       Last of the Badmen

1957       The Ford Television Theatre

1956       Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre

1956       Canyon River

1956       Screen Directors Playhouse 

1955       G.E. True Theater

1955       Stage 7 

1955       Robbers' Roost

1955       Seminole Uprising

1955       Studio One in Hollywood

1954       Masterson of Kansas 

1954       The Lone Gun

1954       Battle of Rogue River

1953       Gun Belt

1953       Fort Ti

1953       Jack McCall Desperado

1952       The Pathfinder

1952       Cripple Creek

1952       Indian Uprising

1951       The Texas Rangers

1951       The Sword of Monte Cristo

1950       The Iroquois Trail

1950       Dakota Lil

1950       Davy Crockett, Indian Scout

1948       Belle Starr's Daughter

1948       The Girl from Manhattan

1948       Lulu Belle

1947       The Brasher Doubloon

1946       Three Little Girls in Blue

1943       Bomber's Moon

1943       Coney Island

1942       China Girl

1942       Orchestra Wives

1942       Ten Gentlemen from West Point

1942       Roxie Hart

1941       Cadet Girl

1941       The Riders of the Purple Sage

1941       Last of the Duanes

1941       Accent on Love

1941       The Cowboy and the Blonde

1940       Jennie

1940       Charter Pilot

1940       Young People

1940       Star Dust

1939       The Cisco Kid and the Lady

1939       South of the Border

1939       Saga of Death Valley

1939       The Arizona Kid

1939       In Old Monterey

1939       Wall Street Cowboy

1939       In Old Caliente

1939       S.O.S. Tidal Wave

1939       Man of Conquest

1939       The Night Riders

1939       Frontier Pony Express 

1939       Southward Ho

1939       Rough Riders' Round-up 

1939       I Was a Convict

1939       The Mysterious Miss X

1938       Shine On, Harvest Moon

1938       Hawk of the Wilderness

1938       Come On, Rangers 

1938       Billy the Kid Returns

1938       Pals of the Saddle

1938       Army Girl

1938       Gold Mine in the Sky

1938       Under Western Stars

1938       Outlaws of Sonora

1938       The Lone Ranger

1938       The Old Barn Dance

1938       The Purple Vigilantes

1937       Springtime in the Rockies

1935       The Singing Vagabond 

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