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George Chesebro ACTOR


George Chesebro was born on July 29th, 1888 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  His career in the industry began as a traveling stock performer and working vaudeville.  By 1915 he was working as a silent film actor appearing in such films as, "The Show Down" (1917), "A Prairie Romeo" (1917), "Wild Sumac" (1917) and "Because of a Woman" (1917).

He took a break from acting to serve his country during World War I and upon completing his military service, he returned to working full time as an actor.  

Majority of his early film roles were un-credited and when sound films came about he transitioned but mostly being cast in 'B' rated westerns. Over the course of his career he would appear in over 400 roles including on television on "The Lone Ranger" starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels

Some of his early sound film roles included, "Should a Girl Marry?" (1930) starring Helen Foster, Donald Keith, Andy Clyde and Dot Farley, "Wild West Whoopee" (1931) starring Jack Perrin, Josephine Hill and Buzz Barton, "Air Police" (1931) starring Kenneth Harlan, Charles Delaney and Josephine Dunn, "The Sky Spider" (1931) starring Glenn Tryon, Beryl Mercer and Blanche Mahaffey, "First Aid" (1931) starring Grant Withers, Marjorie Beebe and Wheeler Oakman, "The Adventures of Rex and Rinty" (1935) starring Kane Richmond, Smiley Burnette and Rin Tin Tin Jr., "Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island" (1936) starring Ray Mala, "S.O.S. Coast Guard" (1937) starring Bela Lugosi and Ralph Byrd.

Most of his final acting roles were un-credited appearing in, "Winning of the West" (1953) starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Gail Davis and Robert Livingston, "The Silver Whip" (1953) starring alongside Dale Robertson, Rory Calhoun and Robert Wagner and "The Boy from Oklahoma" (1954) starring Will Rogers Jr., Nancy Olson, Slim Pickens, Merv Griffin, Wallace Ford, Sheb Wooley and Lon Chaney Jr.  His last acting role was on the short, "Pals and Gals" (1954) starring The Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard

He was only married once to a lady named Sophie and they never had any children.  He passed away on May 28th, 1959 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from arteriosclerosis.


1954         Pals and Gals
1954         The Boy from Oklahoma
1953         The Silver Whip
1953         Last of the Comanches
1953         Winning of the West
1952         Montana Belle
1952         Junction City
1952         Montana Territory
1952         The Sniper
1952         The Frontier Phantom
1952         Indian Uprising
1951         The Kid from Amarillo
1951         Merry Mavericks
1951         Cyclone Fury
1951         Bonanza Town
1951         The Thundering Trail
1951         The Texas Rangers
1951         Kentucky Jubilee
1951         Snake River Desperadoes
1951         The Groom Wore Spurs
1951         Blonde Atom Bomb
1951         Oh! Susanna
1951         Night Riders of Montana
1949-1951     The Lone Ranger
1951         Al Jennings of Oklahoma
1950         Trail of Robin Hood
1950         California Passage
1950         Lightning Guns
1950         Frisco Tornado
1950         Streets of Ghost Town
1950         Desperadoes of the West
1950         Fast on the Draw
1950         West of the Brazos
1950         Texas Dynamo
1950         The Savage Horde
1950         Colorado Ranger
1950         Crooked River
1950         Salt Lake Raiders
1950         Marshal of Heldorado
1950         Gunslingers
1950         The Arizona Cowboy
1950         Hostile Country
1950         Gunmen of Abilene
1950         The Traveling Saleswoman
1950         Punchy Cowpunchers
1949         Renegades of the Sage
1949         Horsemen of the Sierras
1949         Ranger of Cherokee Strip
1949         Roll, Thunder, Roll!
1949         Brimstone
1949         The Wyoming Bandit
1949         Lust for Gold
1949         The Doolins of Oklahoma
1949         Desert Vigilante
1949         Trails End
1949         Death Valley Gunfighter
1949         Ghost of Zorro
1949         The Last Bandit
1949         Challenge of the Range
1949         Bad Men of Tombstone
1948         Frontier Revenge
1948         Adventures of Frank and Jesse James
1948         Trail to Laredo
1948         The Gallant Legion
1948         Best Man Wins
1948         Fury at Furnace Creek
1948         West of Sonora
1948         Adventures in Silverado
1948         Tornado Range
1948         Check Your Guns
1948         Six-Gun Law
1947         Cheyenne Takes Over
1947         Shadow Valley
1947         The Fighting Vigilantes
1947         The Black Widow
1947         Black Hills
1947         Return of the Lash
1947         Stage to Mesa City
1947         Riders of the Lone Star
1947         Jesse James Rides Again
1947         Wyoming
1947         Song of the Wasteland
1947         The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West
1947         Out West 
1947         Law of the Canyon
1947         Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
1947         West of Dodge City
1947         The Lone Hand Texan
1947         Scooper Dooper
1947         Vigilantes of Boomtown
1947         Over the Santa Fe Trail
1947         South of the Chisholm Trail
1947         Son of Zorro
1946         Singin' in the Corn
1946         Stagecoach to Denver
1946         The Fighting Frontiersman
1946         Wild West
1946         Terror Trail
1946         Landrush
1946         Santa Fe Uprising
1946         Overland Riders
1946         Daughter of Don Q
1946         Two-Fisted Stranger
1946         That Texas Jamboree
1946         Sun Valley Cyclone
1946         Rainbow Over Texas
1946         Terrors on Horseback
1946         Badman's Territory
1946         Gentlemen with Guns
1946         Gunning for Vengeance
1946         Days of Buffalo Bill
1946         The Phantom Rider
1945         Wagon Wheels Westward
1945         Texas Panhandle
1945         The Cherokee Flash
1945         The Daltons Ride Again
1945         Lawless Empire
1945         Colorado Pioneers
1945         Marshal of Laredo
1945         Sunset in El Dorado
1945         Outlaws of the Rockies
1945         The Purple Monster Strikes
1945         Secret Agent X-9
1945         Trail of Kit Carson
1945         Federal Operator 99
1945         Gangster's Den
1945         Santa Fe Saddlemates
1945         The Master Key
1945         Salome Where She Danced
1945         Rough Ridin' Justice
1945         Sheriff of Cimarron
1944         Marshal of Reno
1944         The Drifter
1944         The Great Alaskan Myster
1944         Thundering Gun Slingers
1944         Arizona Whirlwind
1944         Marshal of Gunsmoke
1943         The Phantom
1943         Death Valley Rangers
1943         Boss of Rawhid
1943         Devil Riders
1943         Raiders of Red Gap
1943         Oklahoma Outlaws
1943         Blazing Frontier
1943         Black Market Rustlers
1943         The Renegade 
1943         Batman
1943         Cowboy Commandos
1943         Death Rides the Plains
1943         Fugitive of the Plains
1943         Thundering Trails
1943         Two Fisted Justice
1942         The Valley of Vanishing Men
1942         Tumbleweed Trai
1942         Perils of the Royal Mounted
1942         Rolling Down the Great Divide
1942         Boot Hill Bandits
1942         Jesse James, Jr.
1942         The Lone Rider in Cheyenne
1942         Billy the Kid Trapped
1942         Thunder River Feud
1942         The Lone Star Vigilantes
1941         Riders of the Badlands
1941         Go West, Young Lady
1941         Holt of the Secret Service
1941         Roaring Frontiers
1941         Saddle Mountain Roundup
1941         The Lone Rider Ambushed
1941         King of Dodge City
1941         The Medico of Painted Springs
1941         Hands Across the Rockies
1941         Wrangler's Roost
1941         Billy the Kid
1941         The Lone Rider in Ghost Town
1941         The Pioneers
1941         The Spider Returns
1941         Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
1941         Pals of the Pecos
1941         Outlaws of the Rio Grande
1941         White Eagle
1941         Billy the Kid's Range War
1941         The Trail of the Silver Spurs
1940         The Wildcat of Tucson
1940         Riders from Nowhere
1940         Thundering Frontier
1940         West of Pinto Basin
1940         Melody Ranch
1940         Riders of Black Mountain
1940         Colorado
1940         Gun Code
1940         Billy the Kid Outlawed
1940         A Failure at Fifty 
1940         Wild Horse Range
1940         Frontier Crusader
1940         Lightning Strikes West
1940         Texas Stagecoach
1940         The Kid from Santa Fe
1940         Land of the Six Guns
1940         The Man from Tumbleweeds
1940         Pinto Canyon
1940         Young Buffalo Bill
1940         Shooting High
1940         Covered Wagon Trails
1940         Riders of Pasco Basin
1940         Virginia City
1940         Wild Horse Valley
1940         Pioneers of the West
1940         The Cheyenne Kid
1940         Pioneers of the Frontier
1940         Pioneer Days
1939         The Stranger from Texas
1939         Destry Rides Again
1939         Smashing the Money Ring
1939         Oklahoma Frontier
1939         Those High Grey Walls
1939         Range War
1939         Riders of Black River
1939         New Frontier
1939         Wall Street Cowboy
1939         The Man from Sundown
1939         Daughters Courageous
1939         Law of the Wolf
1939         Daredevils of the Red Circle
1939         Mandrake the Magician
1939         Dodge City
1939         Let Us Live
1939         Southward Ho
1939         Rough Riders' Round-up
1939         The Oklahoma Kid
1939         Smoky Trail
1939         Flying G-Men
1939         Fangs of the Wild
1938         The Little Adventuress
1938         Rio Grande
1938         Song of the Buckaroo
1938         Santa Fe Stampede
1938         Adventure in Sahara
1938         Lawless Valley
1938         The Mexicali Kid
1938         Juvenile Court
1938         The Colorado Trail
1938         Starlight Over Texas
1938         West of Cheyenne
1938         The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1938         Squadron of Honor
1938         The Main Event
1938         Law of the Plains
1938         Outlaws of Sonora
1938         Call of the Rockies
1938         Cattle Raiders
1938         Penitentiary
1938         The Purple Vigilantes
1937         Outlaws of the Prairie
1937         Springtime in the Rockies
1937         The Old Wyoming Trail
1937         Murder in Greenwich Village
1937         The Game That Kills
1937         Prairie Thunder
1937         It Happened in Hollywood
1937         SOS Coast Guard
1937         The Devil's Saddle Legion
1937         It Can't Last Forever
1937         Empty Holsters
1937         Two-Fisted Sheriff
1937         Sweetheart of the Navy
1937         Hills of Old Wyoming
1937         Two Gun Law
1937         Motor Madness
1937         Parole Racket
1937         Borderland
1937         Westbound Mail
1937         The Roaming Cowboy
1936         Dodge City Trail
1936         Trail Dust
1936         Roarin' Lead
1936         The Cowboy Star
1936         The Big Show
1936         Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island
1936         Vengeance of Rannah
1936         Legion of Terror
1936         Code of the Range
1936         The Traitor
1936         The Speed Reporter
1936         Pinto Rustlers
1936         Roamin' Wild
1936         Caryl of the Mountains
1936         The Millionaire Kid
1936         Red River Valley
1936         The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936         Fast Bullets
1936         Lucky Terror
1936         The Lawless Nineties
1936         The Mysterious Avenger
1936         Desert Guns
1936         Custer's Last Stan
1935         Skull and Crown
1935         Gallant Defender
1935         Never Too Late
1935         The Live Wire
1935         Wild Mustang
1935         Confidential
1935         Tumbling Tumbleweeds
1935         The Man from Guntown
1935         The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
1935         Danger Ahead
1935         Queen of the Jungle
1935         The Laramie Kid
1935         The Silver Bullet
1935         Toll of the Desert
1935         Fighting Caballero
1935         Silent Valley
1935         The Miracle Rider
1935         The Drunkard
1935         Pals of the Range
1935         Cyclone of the Saddle
1935         The Cowboy and the Bandit
1935         Defying the Law
1935         Law Beyond the Range
1935         Wolf Riders
1935         North of Arizona
1935         Coyote Trails
1935         Unconquered Bandit
1935         The Cactus Kid
1935         The Phantom Cowboy
1935         Rough Riding Ranger
1935         Queen of the Jungle
1934         Mystery Mountain
1934         In Old Santa Fe
1934         The Fighting Trooper
1934         The Law of the Wil
1934         Ridin' Gents
1934         Fighting Hero
1934         Rawhide Mail
1934         The Murder in the Museum
1934         Mystery Ranch
1934         Western Racketeers
1934         Romance Revier 
1934         The Border Menace
1934         The Man Trailer
1934         Nevada Cyclone
1934         Stolen Sweets
1934         Border Guns
1934         Potluck Pards 
1934         The Whirlwind Rider
1934         The Boss Cowboy
1933         The Big Chance
1932         Sundown Rider
1932         Crashin' Broadway
1932         Tombstone Canyon
1932         The Fighting Champ
1932         Tex Takes a Holiday
1932         Lucky Larrigan
1932         Gorilla Ship
1932         Alias Mary Smith
1932         The County Fair
1932         Behind Stone Walls
1932         Mark of the Spur
1932         45 Calibre Echo
1932         Docks of San Francisco
1931         Dragnet Patrol
1931         Lariats and Six-Shooters
1931         Chinatown After Dark
1931         I Like Your Nerve
1931         First Aid
1931         The Sky Spider
1931         The Sheriff's Secret
1931         The Kid from Arizona
1931         Air Police
1931         Wild West Whoopee
1930         Should a Girl Marry?
1929         Handcuffed
1929         The Valiant
1929         Show Boat
1929         Range of Fear
1929         Brothers
1928         The Secret Outlaw 
1928         Speed and Spurs
1928         The Chinatown Mystery
1927         Mountains of Manhattan
1927         The Silent Avenger
1926         The Mile-a-Minute Man
1926         Money to Burn
1926         The Block Signal
1926         Hearts and Spangles
1926         Rustlers' Ranch
1925         Wolf Blood
1924         Safe Guarded
1922         Blind Circumstances
1922         For Love of Service
1922         Diamond Carlisle
1922         The Menacing Past
1922         The Hate Trail
1921         The Recoil
1921         The Diamond Queen
1921         The Hope Diamond Mystery
1920         The Jungle Princess
1920         Wanted at Headquarters
1920         The Lost City
1919         The Girl of Hell's Agony
1919         Some Gal
1919         South of Santa Fe 
1919         The She Wolf
1918         Modern Love
1918         Riders of the Night
1918         The Risky Road
1917         Because of a Woman
1917         Indiscreet Corinne
1917         Wild Sumac
1917         A Prairie Romeo
1917         Broadway Arizona
1917         Mr. Opp
1917         The Show Down
1917         The Spirit of '76
1916         Green Eyes
1916         Humanizing Mr. Winsby
1916         The Land Just Over Yonder
1915         Money
1915         Mignon 

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