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George Bancroft ACTOR

George Bancroft was born on September 30th, 1882 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Tomes Institute High School.  He then enlisted in the United States Navy and made it to be a commissioned officer, however he only served the minimum required time and upon completing his service, Bancroft decided he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.
He began by first finding work as a manager of a theater and then found his way to acting as a stage actor.  Soon, he was performing on Broadway and even broke into the film industry quite easy appearing on such films as, "The Journey's End" (1921), "Driven" (1923), "The Deadwood Coach" (1924) and "The Pony Express" (1925).
Now with quite a bit of experience in the industry, Paramount Pictures began to show an interest in him and they chose to cast him in such films as, "Underworld" (1927) and "Thunderbolt" (1929) for which he earned an Oscar nomination for his performance.
As his career blossomed, he began to earn the reputation of being difficult to work with.  He had let it get to his head that he was an actor in demand and therefore he often made it difficult to get along with him on set.  He had also been typecast to mostly heavy roles and was having a hard time breaking away from those types of roles.
While his career continued roles began to become less available to him due not only to his "bad attitude" reputation , but also due to the competition of younger actors also proving themselves in the industry.
Some of the roles he added to his credits in the latter part of his career were on such films as, "Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) starring Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan and James Cagney, "Stagecoach" (1939) starring John Wayne, "Each Dawn I Die" (1939) starring James Cagney, "Ruler of the Seas" (1939), "Green Hell" (1940), "Where the Daltons Rode" (1940), "Little Men" (1940), "The Bugle Sounds" (1942) and his last role prior to retiring completely was in, "Whistling in Dixie" (1942).
Bancroft then decided to completely switch careers and he became a rancher in California and remained living with his second wife, Octavia Broske until he passed away on October 2nd, 1956 in Santa Monica, California.  He had only one child from his second marriage, Georgette.  His remains are interred in the mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, California.    


1942   Whistling in Dixie 

1942   Syncopation

1942   The Bugle Sounds 

1941   Texas 

1940   Little Men 

1940   Northwest Mounted Police 

1940   When the Daltons Rode

1940   Young Tom Edison 

1940   Green Hell 

1939   Rulers of the Sea 

1939   Espionage Agent

1939   Each Dawn I Die

1939   Stagecoach 

1938   Angels with Dirty Faces

1938   Submarine Patrol

1937   Racketeers in Exile 

1937   John Meade's Woman

1937   A Doctor's Diary 

1936   Wedding Present

1936   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 

1936   Hell-Ship Morgan 

1934   Elmer and Elsie 

1933   Blood Money

1932   Lady and Gent

1932   World and the Flesh

1931   Rich Man's Folly

1931   Scandal Sheet

1930   Derelict 

1930   Ladies Love Brutes

1930   Paramount on Parade 

1929   The Mighty 

1929   Thunderbolt 

1929   The Wolf of Wall Street 

1928   The Docks of New York 

1928   The Dragnet 

1928   The Showdown 

1927   The Rough Riders

1927   Tell It to Sweeney 

1927   Underworld

1927   Too Many Crooks

1927   White Gold

1926   Old Ironsides 

1926   The Runaway 

1926   Sea Horses 

1926   The Enchanted Hill 

1925   The Splendid Road 

1925   The Pony Express 

1925   The Rainbow Trail 

1925   Code of the West 

1924   The Deadwood Coach 

1924   Teeth

1923   Driven 

1922   The Prodigal Judge

1921   The Journey's End

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