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Gabriel Dell ACTOR

Gabriel Dell was born on October 8th, 1919 in New York City, New York with the birth name Gabriel Del Vecchio.  His career in entertainment began as a singer, where he would perform in a local boys choir.  He later found work on a children's radio program.  Soon he began adding stage credits to his resume such as in the play, "Dead End". 

He is most remembered for being a member of the East Side Kids - Dead End Kids - Bowery Boys.  Some of his early film roles included, "Dead End" (1937), "Crime School" (1938), "Little Tough Guy" (1938), "Angels with Dirty Faces" (1938) and "They Made Me a Criminal" (1938).
Dell took a brief break from his acting career to join the merchant Marines and serve during World War II for 3 1/2 years.  Upon completing his service, Dell returned to pursuing a career as an actor.     

He continued working in the film industry but also returned to appearing on Broadway in a number of stage productions.  Other more prominent film roles he added to his resume included, "Escape from Terror" (1955), "The 300 Year Weekend" (1971), "Earthquake" (1974) and "Framed" (1975).
In addition to stage and film work he also appeared on a variety of television series such as, "The Steve Allen Plymouth Show", "Naked City", "The Name of the Game", "I Dream of Jeannie", "Ben Casey", "Banyon", "The Corner Bar" and "Sanford and Son". 

Gabriel Dell married twice throughout his lifetime, first briefly to Viola Essen and they had one child together.  When this marriage came to an end he married a lady by the name of Barbara, however by 1953 this marriage also ended in divorce.  He did not re-marry and did not have any other children.  His last acting role was in the film, "The Escape Artist" (1982).  He then retired from the industry and passed away at the age of sixty eight, on July 3rd, 1988 in North Hollywood, California after suffering from leukemia.


1982         The Escape Artist
1979         Legends of the Superheroes 
1977         A Year at the Top 
1977         Serpico 
1976         Doc 
1976         Switch
1976         Risko 
1975         Framed
1975         The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery
1975         Barney Miller
1974         Earthquake
1974         Nakia 
1972-1973     Sanford and Son
1973         Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1972         Banyon 
1972         The Corner Bar
1972         Cutter 
1971         McCloud 
1971         Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?
1971         The 300 Year Weekend
1971         The Name of the Game 
1970         I Dream of Jeannie
1969         CBS Playhouse
1969         Then Came Bronson
1969         The Governor & J.J.
1967         Mannix
1967         The Fugitive
1965         Ben Casey
1963         Naked City
1962         When the Girls Take Over
1961         The New Steve Allen Show
1957-1960     The Steve Allen Plymouth Show 
1956         Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1955         Escape from Terror
1951         Katie Did It
1950         Blues Busters
1950         Triple Trouble
1950         Lucky Losers
1950         Blonde Dynamite
1949         Master Minds
1949         Angels in Disguise
1949         Hold That Baby!
1949         Fighting Fools
1948         Trouble Makers
1948         Smugglers' Cove
1948         Jinx Money
1948         Angels' Alley
1947         Bowery Buckaroos
1947         News Hounds
1947         Hard Boiled Mahoney
1946         Mr. Hex
1946         Spook Busters
1945         Come Out Fighting
1944         Bowery Champs
1944         Block Busters
1944         Follow the Leader
1944         Million Dollar Kid
1943         Mr. Muggs Steps Out
1943         Keep 'Em Slugging
1943         Kid Dynamite
1942         Mug Town
1942         'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
1942         Smart Alecks
1942         Junior G-Men of the Air
1942         Tough As They Come
1942         Let's Get Tough!
1942         Mr. Wise Guy
1941         Sea Raiders
1941         Mob Town
1941         Hit the Road
1940         Give Us Wings
1940         Junior G-Men
1940         You're Not So Tough
1939         Dead End Kids at Military School
1939         The Angels Wash Their Face
1939         Hell's Kitchen
1939         The Right Way
1939         They Made Me a Criminal
1938         Angels with Dirty Faces
1938         Little Tough Guy
1938         Crime School
1937         Dead End

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