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Franklin Pangborn ACTOR

Franklin Pangborn was born on January 23rd, 1889 in Newark, New Jersey and around 1911 he began working as a stage actor, later performing on Broadway in such productions as, "Camille" and "Ben-Hur". 
He then joined the United States Army and served during World War I.  Upon completing his military service, in the  early 1930's he began working in entertainment appearing in a number of short films for such directors as, Mack Sennett, Hal Roach, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Pathe.  He was mostly a comedic actor and mostly cast in small yet memorable roles.
Some of his earlier shorts he added to his resume were roles in, "The Jelly Fish" (1926), "Finger Prints" (1927), "Night Bride" (1927), "The Girl in the Pullman" (1927), "Not So Dumb" (1930), "Who's the Boss" (1930), "Sunny" (1930) and "Over the Radio" (1930).
Some of his more recent film credits added to his resume were, "Tell It to a Star" (1945), "Lover Come Back" (1946), "Calendar Girl" (1947), "I'll Be Yours" (1947), "My Dream is Yours" (1949) and "Down Memory Lane" (1949).
Along with his many film roles when film roles began to become less available to him, he turned to television appearing on, "The Red Skelton Show", "This Is Your Life", "Matinee Theater", "The Mickey Rooney Show", "Private Secretary" starring Ann Sothern.
Franklin Pangborn lived in Laguna Beach, California with his mother and part time boyfriend.  Franklin Pangborn was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  On July 20th, 1958 he passed away in Santa Monica, California after receiving cancer surgery for a malignant tumor.  His remains are buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.  


1958   The Red Skelton Hour 

1958   The Unchained Goddess

1957   The Story of Mankind 

1957   Matinee Theatre 

1957   Oh, Men! Oh, Women! 

1955   The Mickey Rooney Show

1953   Summer Theatre

1953   Private Secretary 

1951   The Alan Young Show 

1949   Down Memory Lane

1949   Addio Mimí!

1949   My Dream Is Yours

1948   Romance on the High Seas

1947   The Sin of Harold Diddlebock

1947   I'll Be Yours 

1947   Calendar Girl 

1946   Two Guys from Milwaukee 

1946   Lover Come Back

1945   The Sailor Takes a Wife

1945   Hollywood Victory Caravan

1945   Tell It to a Star 

1945   You Came Along

1945   Hollywood and Vine

1945   The Horn Blows at Midnight

1945   See My Lawyer

1944   The Great Moment 

1944   Reckless Age 

1944   Hail the Conquering Hero 

1944   Allergic to Love

1944   My Best Gal

1943   Never a Dull Moment

1943   Crazy House 

1943   Holy Matrimony 

1943   Honeymoon Lodge 

1943   Two Weeks to Live 

1943   Reveille with Beverly 

1942   Strictly in the Groove

1942   The Palm Beach Story 

1942   George Washington Slept Here 

1942   Now, Voyager 

1942   Moonlight Masquerade 

1942   What's Cookin'? 

1942   Obliging Young Lady

1942   Call Out the Marines

1941   Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case 

1941   Sullivan's Travels 

1941   Weekend for Three 

1941   Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 

1941   Tillie the Toiler

1941   Bachelor Daddy

1941   The Flame of New Orleans

1941   A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob

1941   Where Did You Get That Girl

1940   The Bank Dick

1940   Christmas in July 

1940   Hit Parade of 1941 

1940   The Villain Still Pursued Her 

1940   Spring Parade 

1940   Public Deb No. 1 

1940   Turnabout 

1939   5th Ave Girl

1939   Broadway Serenade 

1938   Topper Takes a Trip 

1938   The Girl Downstairs 

1938   Just Around the Corner

1938   Carefree

1938   Four's a Crowd

1938   Always Goodbye

1938   Three Blind Mice 

1938   Vivacious Lady 

1938   Dr. Rhythm 

1938   Joy of Living

1938   Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

1938   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

1938   Mad About Music

1937   Love on Toast

1937   Thrill of a Lifetime

1937   She Married an Artist

1937   I'll Take Romance 

1937   Living on Love

1937   Stage Door

1937   All Over Town

1937   It Happened in Hollywood

1937   The Life of the Party

1937   It's All Yours

1937   The Lady Escapes

1937   Easy Living

1937   She Had to Eat

1937   Dangerous Holiday 

1937   Hotel Haywire

1937   Turn Off the Moon

1937   A Star Is Born 

1937   Step Lively, Jeeves!

1937   We Have Our Moments

1937   When Love Is Young

1937   Swing High, Swing Low

1937   Bad Housekeeping

1937   They Wanted to Marry

1937   Rich Relations

1937   She's Dangerous 

1937   Dangerous Number 

1937   High Hat 

1936   The Mandarin Mystery 

1936   Three Smart Girls

1936   Hats Off

1936   In His Steps

1936   The Luckiest Girl in the World

1936   Swing Banditry

1936   My Man Godfrey

1936   To Mary - with Love 

1936   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

1936   Doughnuts and Society

1936   Give Us This Night

1936   Don't Gamble with Love 

1936   Tango

1935   1,000 Dollars a Minute

1935   She Couldn't Take It

1935   She Married Her Boss

1935   Ye Olde Saw Mill

1935   The Captain Hits the Ceiling

1935   The Headline Woman

1935   Eight Bells 

1935   Tomorrow's Youth 

1935   Father Knows Best 

1934   Henry's Social Splash

1934   Imitation of Life

1934   College Rhythm

1934   Flirtation

1934   My Grandfather's Clock

1934   That's Gratitude

1934   Young and Beautiful

1934   King Kelly of the U.S.A.

1934   Financial Jitters

1934   Cockeyed Cavaliers

1934   Many Happy Returns

1934   Strictly Dynamite

1934   Manhattan Love Song

1934   Unknown Blonde 

1933   Design for Living 

1933   Flying Down to Rio

1933   Only Yesterday 

1933   Wild Poses

1933   Open Sesame

1933   Headline Shooter

1933   Menu

1933   The Important Witness 

1933   Bed of Roses 

1933   Torchy's Loud Spooker

1933   Professional Sweetheart 

1933   International House

1933   Dream Stuff

1933   Torchy Turns Turtle

1933   Sweet Cookie

1933   Sing, Bing, Sing

1933   Sweepings

1933   Art in the Raw 

1933   Easy on the Eyes

1933   The Singing Boxer 

1933   Torchy's Kitty Coup

1933   Blue of the Night 

1932   The Human Fish 

1932   The Half Naked Truth 

1932   Torchy Rolls His Own

1932   Over the Counter

1932   Tee for Two

1932   Torchy's Busy Day

1932   The Giddy Age 

1932   The Singing Plumber 

1932   What Price Taxi 

1932   Up Popped the Ghost 

1932   The Candid Camera 

1932   The Loud Mouth

1932   Doctor's Orders

1932   Torchy's Two Toots

1932   Jimmy's New Yacht 

1932   Lighthouse Love

1932   Torchy Raises the Auntie

1932   The Midnight Patrol 

1932   Torchy's Night Cap

1932   A Fool's Advice 

1932   Torchy Turns the Trick

1932   Perfect Control

1932   Stepping Sisters 

1932   Sign Here

1931   Hollywood Halfbacks

1931   Camping Out

1931   Torchy Passes the Buck

1931   Torchy

1931   A Woman of Experience 

1931   Against the Rules

1931   Chasing Trouble

1931   Rough House Rhythm

1931   Hot Wires

1931   What a Time

1931   It Happened in Hollywood

1931   Next Door Neighbors 

1930   Over the Radio

1930   Breakfast in Bed

1930   Sunny

1930   A Lady Surrenders

1930   The Doctor's Wife

1930   Her Man

1930   Who's the Boss

1930   The Chumps 

1930   Cheer Up and Smile

1930   Reno or Bust 

1930   Not So Dumb

1930   Poor Aubrey 

1929   The Sap 

1929   The Crazy Nut

1929   Happy Birthday

1929   Lady of the Pavements

1928   The Rush Hour 

1928   On Trial

1928   A Blonde for a Night 

1927   My Friend from India 

1927   The Girl in the Pullman 

1927   The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary

1927   The Cradle Snatchers

1927   Night Bride

1927   High Hat 

1927   Getting Gertie's Garter 

1927   Finger Prints

1926   Exit Smiling

1926   The Jelly Fish

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