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Frank Coghlan Jr. ACTOR

Frank Coghlan Jr. was born on March 15th, 1916 in New Haven, Connecticut with the birth name Francis Edward Coghlan Jr.  His family relocated to California when he was still a young boy and he became involved in acting along with his siblings appearing as an extra in a number of silent films.
Soon he began working as a real actor receiving a number of credited roles as a child actor, some of which were in the early "Our Gang" films.  Some of his early appearances included, "Daredevil Jack" (1920) starring Jack Dempsey, "Kid Love" (1922), "Rookies" (1922), "Law of the Lawless" (1923), "Cause for Divorce" (1923), "River's End" (1930), "Hell's House" (1932) and "The Little Big Top" (1935).
When the silent film era came to an end and sound films began, Coghlan was having a harder time finding work and making the transition from child actor to adult proved difficult.  He had a small role in "The Sand Pebbles" (1966) starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna, Candice Bergen, Simon Oakland, Ford Rainey, Gavin MacLeod, Barney Phillips, Richard Loo, Gus Trikonis and Mako.  However, he did remain working up until 1974, but his later part of his career was mostly television appearances.
After appearing in the 1941 film, "Adventures of Captain Marvel" with Tom Tyler in the title role of Captain Marvel and Frank Coghlan Jr. as his alter ego, Billy Batson, along with William Benedict, Reed Hadley, Gerald Mohr, Louise Currie and Jack Mulhall, he then took a break from acting to work as a naval aviator and serve during World War II.  He served for twenty three years before returning back to acting. 

Some of his later television series he added to his resume included, "The Beverly Hillbillies", "The Outcast" and his final acting role, "Shazam!".  He married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Betty Corrignan in 1943 and they had four children before the marriage came to an end in 1974 when she passed away.  He then married, Letha Schwarzrocks and they stayed happily married until she passed away in 2001.  He lost his life at the age of ninety three, in Saugus, California on September 7th, 2009. 


1974         Shazam!
1969         The Love God?
1969         Dragnet 1966
1968         The Outcasts 
1968         The Shakiest Gun in the West
1967         Valley of the Dolls
1967         The Love-Ins
1966         The Sand Pebbles
1965         When the Boys Meet the Girls
1965         The Beverly Hillbillies
1946         One More Tomorrow
1943         Corvette K-225
1943         This Is the Army
1943         Follow the Band
1943         Presenting Lily Mars
1943         The Rear Gunner 
1942         Andy Hardy's Double Life
1942         Youth on Parade
1942         Girl Trouble
1942         Footlight Serenade
1942         Wings for the Eagle
1942         Lady in a Jam
1942         The Courtship of Andy Hardy
1942         To the Shores of Tripoli
1942         Rings on Her Fingers
1942         Pardon My Stripes
1941         Glamour Boy
1941         Military Training
1941         Henry Aldrich for President
1941         Unfinished Business
1941         Out of the Fog
1941         Men of Boys Town
1941         Adventures of Captain Marvel
1941         The Man Who Lost Himself
1941         Honeymoon for Three
1941         Uncle Joe
1940         Love Thy Neighbor
1940         Murder Over New York
1940         Knute Rockne All American
1940         Yesterday's Heroes
1940         Golden Gloves
1940         Those Were the Days!
1940         Star Dust
1940         Free, Blonde and 21
1940         Double Alibi
1940         The Fighting 69th
1940         Remedy for Riches
1939         Gone with the Wind
1939         Day-Time Wife
1939         Meet Dr. Christian
1939         Here I Am a Stranger
1939         Dust Be My Destiny
1939         The Angels Wash Their Faces
1939         Second Fiddle
1939         It's a Wonderful World
1939         Ex-Champ
1939         Boys' Reformatory
1939         The Flying Irishman
1939         East Side of Heaven
1939         The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle
1939         Off the Record
1939         Scouts to the Rescue
1938         Angels with Dirty Faces
1938         His Exciting Night
1938         Service de Luxe
1937         Saturday's Heroes
1937         Blazing Barriers
1937         Let Them Live
1936         Red Lights Ahead
1936         Make Way for a Lady
1936         Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936         Melody in May 
1936         The Little Red Schoolhouse
1935         Happiness C.O.D.
1935         Stranded
1935         Alibi Ike
1935         It Never Rains
1935         Kentucky Blue Streak
1935         The Little Big Top
1934         Pardon My Pups 
1933         What's to Do? 
1933         In the Money
1933         Merrily Yours 
1933         This Day and Age
1933         Racetrack
1933         Drum Taps
1932         The Last of the Mohicans
1932         Man Wanted
1932         Hell's House
1932         Union Depot
1931         Penrod and Sam
1931         Chasing Trouble
1931         The Public Enemy
1931         It Pays to Advertise
1930         River's End
1930         The Girl Said No
1929         Square Shoulders
1928         Marked Money
1928         Let 'Er Go Gallegher
1927         A Harp in Hock
1927         The Country Doctor
1927         The Yankee Clipper
1927         Slide, Kelly, Slide
1927         Rubber Tires
1926         Her Man o' War
1926         The Last Frontier
1926         Whispering Smith
1926         The Skyrocket
1926         Mike
1925         The Great Love
1925         The Road to Yesterday
1925         The Great Circus Mystery
1924         Winning His Way
1923         The Darling of New York
1923         The Spanish Dancer
1923         Cause for Divorce
1923         A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
1923         Little Old New York
1923         Law of the Lawless
1923         Giants vs. Yanks
1923         The Fourth Musketeer
1923         Garrison's Finish
1923         Our Alley
1922         Rookies
1922         Bow Wow
1922         Kid Love 
1922         Bobbed Hair
1921         The Poverty of Riches
1920         To Please One Woman
1920         Mid-Channel
1920         Daredevil Jack 

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