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Fifi D'Orsay ACTOR

Fifi D'Orsay was born on April 16th, 1904 in, Montréal, Québec, Canada with the birth name Yvonne Lussier.  When she was twenty years old she relocated to New York City with goals to pursue a career as an actress.
She soon found work with the Greenwich Village Follies and soon paired up with, Edward Gallagher a ex vaudeville performer who was thirty seven years older then her.  He taught her everything she needed to know about show business and the two formed a vaudeville act and performed together for two years.
When their act split she formed a new one with, Herman Berrans and heir act became very popular on the Orpheum circuit.  It was just a matter of time before she caught the attention of Hollywood and along with her vaudeville career she began appearing on such television series as, "Perry Mason" (1957), "Bonanza" (1963), "Bewitched" (1964) and "Adventures in Paradise" (1959). 
She had her Broadway debut at the age of fifty seven in the musical, "Follies" which ran for 522 performances and won a total of seven Tony Awards as well as the New York Drama Critics Award for Best Musical.    
She married two different men, Peter LaRicos and Maurice Hill but neither marriage lasted and she had no children with either men.  On December 2nd, 1983 she passed away in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from cancer.  Her remains are interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.   


1973 Roll Out
1968 Bewitched 
1968 Assignment to Kill
1965 The Art of Love
1964 The Lucy Show 
1964 What a Way to Go! 
1964 Wild and Wonderful
1961-1964 Perry Mason 
1963 Bonanza 
1963 Combat!
1961-1962 Pete and Gladys
1962 The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 
1960-1961 Adventures in Paradise
1961 Thriller
1961 G.E. True Theater 
1961 The Roaring 20's 
1954 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 
1953 Mr. & Mrs. North 
1947 The Gangster
1944 Dixie Jamboree
1944 Delinquent Daughters 
1944 Nabonga 
1943 Submarine Base 
1942 Piano Mooner
1937 Toot Sweet
1937 Three Legionnaires 
1935 Katz' Pajamas 
1935 Accent on Youth 
1935 Better Than Gold
1935 La veuve joyeuse 
1934 Wonder Bar 
1933 Going Hollywood 
1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan 
1932 They Just Had to Get Married 
1932 The Girl from Calgary 
1931 Young as You Feel 
1931 Women of All Nations 
1931 Mr. Lemon of Orange 
1930 Those Three French Girls 
1930 Women Everywhere
1930 On the Level 
1929 Hot for Pari
1929 They Had to See Paris

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