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Errol Flynn ACTOR


Errol Flynn born, Theodore Thomson Flynn, on the isle of Tasmania on June 20th, 1909 in Hobart, Australia.  He was the son of distinguished Australian marine biologist and zoologist Professor and Marrelle Young.  He was a troubled child and when his family immigrated to England, he was expelled from every school he was enrolled in. At the age of 15, he began working as a shipping clerk in Sydney.  In 1930 he got together with three friends and embarked on a 7 month journey to New Guinea.  He got a job overseeing a tobacco plantation and also began writing for the Sydney Bulletin.  

His first move into acting, came when a film producer saw photo’s of Flynn and cast him in a low budget docudrama, “In the Wake of the Bounty” (1933). A year later, Flynn moved to London to pursue more work in film. 

In 1935, Flynn signed a contract with Warner Brothers Studio and was lucky enough to get cast in, “Captain Blood”  co-starring Olivia de Havilland, Lionel Atwill, Basil Rathbone, Henry Stephenson, Ross Alexander, Guy Kibbee, Robert Barrat and J. Carrol Naish, which was his big step to stardom.  During this year, Flynn also married actress Lili Damita.  He followed with a performance in, “Charge of the Light Brigade” (1936) starring alongside Olivia de Havilland, Patric Knowles, J. Carrol Naish, David Niven, Nigel Bruce, Spring Byington, C. Henry Gordon, Scotty Beckett, Charles Sedgwick and Donald Crisp.  He continued to receive roles in various other films such as, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938) also starring Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Alan Hale Sr., Patric Knowles, Melville Cooper and Montague Love and “Dodge City” (1939) starring with Olivia de Havilland , Bruce Cabot, Ann Sheridan, Frank McHugh, Alan Hale Jr., Ward Bond, Victor Jory, John Litel, Henry Travers, William Lundigan and Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams where he played opposite a total of eight different films Olivia de Havilland

Flynn was unable to serve in World War II due to various health reasons and his alcoholism was causing his behavior to become erratic. His reputation was that of a womanizer and in 1942 he was brought up on charges of statutory rape by two teenage girls’, however he was cleared of all charges during his trial. Sadly, his personal life and career suffered tremendously from this charge.   
He divorced his first wife in April, 1942 and a year later married another actress, Nora Eddington.  Luckily, he was still receiving roles, but mostly in westerns, sea adventures and war movies, including “The Charge of the Light Brigade” (1935) and “They Died with Their Boots On” (1941) starring with Ronald Reagan, Raymond Massey, Arthur Kennedy, John Litel, Sydney Greenstreet Minor Watson, Hattie McDaniel, Regis Toomey, Anthony Quinn, Charley Grapewin and Gene Lockhart.

Flynn was suffering from short-term memory loss and seemed unsure of himself, yet he was cast in 1949 in, “The Adventures of Don Juan” also starring Viveca Lindfors, Robert Douglas, Alan Hale Jr., Douglas Kennedy, Ann Rutherford, Robert Warwick, Barbara Bates, Raymond Burr and Mary Stuart. He divorced his second wife, Nora this same year and year later entered into his third marriage to another actress, Patrice Wymore.

As his box-office appeal lessened and his debts grew larger, the increasingly bitter Flynn’s final blow came when he lost his entire fortune on a never-completed attempt to film the story of William Tell. To cope with his pain and losses, Flynn took to the sea, sailing about for long periods in his 120-foot sailboat.  He went to live in Europe and appeared in a few films including, “The Master of Ballantrae” (1953) co-starring Roger Livesey and “Crossed Swords” (1954) starring Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Charlton Heston, George C. Scott, Sybil Danning, Ernest Borgnine, Rex Harrison and Mark Lester.

Errol also created a television anthology series "The Errol Flynn Theatre" (1956) and also appeared on "The Martha Raye Show".

Flynn returned to Hollywood in 1956, and made a final attempt to recapture his earlier glory, offering excellent performances in, “The Sun Also Rises” (1957) co-starring Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer, Gregory Ratoff and Eddie Albert, “The Roots of Heaven” (1958) starring with Juliette Gréco, Trevor Howard, Eddie Albert, Orson Welles, Paul Lukas, Herbert Lom and Gregoire Aslan and “Too Much, Too Soon” (1958) starring Dorothy Malone, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Ray Danton, Neva Patterson, Murray Hamilton, Ed Kemmer and Martin Milner.  His final film was the “Cuban Rebel Girls” (1958), in which he appeared with his girlfriend at the time, 17-year-old Beverly Aadland.  

Errol Flynn died from heart trouble and other ailments on October 14th, 1959 at the age of 50 in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia, Canada . His three marriages produced a son, Sean, and three daughters, Rory, Dierdre, and Arnella.  His autobiography, “My Wicked, Wicked Ways” was published just a couple months after his death. It was Flynn's third book.  The first two were, “Beam Ends” 1937 and “Showdown” 1946.  Errol Flynn ranked among Hollywood's most popular and highly paid stars from the mid-'30's through the early '40's.  Unfortunately, a combination of hard-living, bad financial investments, and scandal brought Flynn's career to a tragic end.  


1933 In the Wake of the Bounty
1935 Murder at Monte Carlo
1935 Pirate Party on Catalina Isle
1935 Don't Bet on Blondes
1935 The Case of the Curious Bride
1935 Captain Blood
1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade
1937 The Prince and the Pauper
1937 The Perfect Specimen
1937 Green Light
1937 Another Dawn
1938 Four's a Crowd
1938 The Dawn Patrol
1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood
1938 The Sisters
1929 Dodge City 
1939 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
1940 The Sea Hawk
1940 Santa Fe Trail
1940 Virginia City
1941 Footsteps in the Dark
1941 Dive Bomber
1942 They Died with Their Boots on
1942 Desperate Journey
1942 Gentleman Jim
1943 Show Business at War
1943 Edge of Darkness
1943 Northern Pursuit
1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars
1944 Uncertain Glory
1945 San Antonio
1945 Objective, Burma!
1946 Never Say Goodbye
1947 Escape Me Never
1947 Cry Wolf
1948 Always Together
1948 Silver River
1949 Adventures of Don Juan
1949 That Forsyte Woman 
1949 It's a Great Feeling
1950 Rocky Mountain
1950 Montana
1950 Kim
1951 Hello God
1951 Adventures of Captain Fabian
1952 Mara Maru
1952 Cruise of the Zaca
1952 Deep Sea Fishing
1952 Against All Flags
1953 The Master of Ballantrae
1954 Crossed Swords
1954 William Tell
1955 Let's Make Up 
1955 King's Rhapsody
1955 The Warriors
1956 The Errol Flynn Theatre
1957 Istanbul
1957 The Big Boodle 
1957 The Sun Also Rises
1958 Too Much, Too Soon
1958 The Roots of Heaven  

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Matinee Classics - Errol Flynn
Matinee Classics - Errol Flynn
Matinee Classics - Errol Flynn
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Matinee Classics - Objective, Burma starring Errol Flynn, James Brown, William Prince, George Tobias, Henry Hull, Warner Anderson, John Alvin, Mark Stevens and Richard Erdman

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