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Eric Roberts ACTOR

Eric Roberts was born on April 18th, 1956 in Biloxi, Mississippi with the middle name Anthony.  He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and by the age of five he was already performing on stage in a local theater company.  After earning his high school diploma from Grady High he moved to London at the age of seventeen to study drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  He then came back to the United States and moved to New York where he continued studying acting at the American Academy.  His younger sister, Julia Roberts also pursued a career as an actress and has made quite a name for herself.  Eric also has another sister Lisa Roberts Gillan who is also a working actress.  
At the age of twenty he made his first professional debut in a production of, "Rebel Women" followed by other roles in such plays as, "Streetcar Named Desire".  It did not take long for him to begin getting cast on a number of television soap operas such as, "Another World" (1964) and "How To Survive a Marriage" (1974).
Soon Roberts was working in the film industry as well appearing on such features as, "King of the Gypsies" (1978), "Raggedy Man" (1981) and "Star 80" (1983) for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination and really began to gain popularity in the industry.
Soon other film roles were added to his credits such as, "The Pope of Greenwich Village" (1984), "The Coca-Cola Kid" (1985), "Nobody's Fool" (1986) and "Runaway Train" (1985).  In the late 80's he maintained working in the film industry, however many of the films he was cast in were not so successful such as, "Best of the Best" (1989) and "Blood Red" (1989) which is the only film he and his sister Julia appeared together in.
Eric did however continue also working as a stage actor and won a Theatre World Award for his role on Broadway's, "Burn This" in 1988.  He appeared with Richard Gere in the film, "Final Analysis" (1992) and Alec Baldwin in, "The Dark Knight" (2008).
Along with his film credits he made numerous television appearances on such series as, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", "Less Than Perfect", "Heroes", "CSI Miami", "The L Word", "The Young and the Restless", "Frasier" and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit".
Roberts has also worked on a number of voice over projects such as voicing the villain, Mongul on, "Justice League" the Superman animated series as well as the voice of Dark Danny in, "Danny Phantom" which airs on Nickelodeon. 
His career has had some up's and downs, but that is to be expected working in the industry for such a lengthy time.  His personal life has also had some issues, however he has managed to hold on to a long lasting relationship with his one and only wife, Eliza Garrett whom he wed in 1992.  Together the couple have appeared together on the big screen in such films as, "Killer Weekend" (2004) and the television movie, "Final Approach" (2005).  He is a step father to Keaton and Morgan Simmons and he has one daughter, Emma Roberts from a previous relationship with Kelly Cunningham.  Emma is also a teen working actress following in her father's footsteps.
In 1987 he was arrested for drug possession and when he tried to resist arrest and assault a new York Police officer he was required to spend thirty six hours in jail.  He was again arrested in 1995 for shoving his wife, Eliza.  It was this incident that made him realize he had a drug problem and he vowed to go to rehab and get it under control. 
He currently resides in Los Angeles, California and has been quite busy in recent years with a number of films in pre and post production such as, "So This is Christma" (2012), "Taco Shop" (2012), "The Mark: Flight 777" (2012), "The Mark" (2012), "A White Trash Christmas" (2013), "Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man" (2013) and "Only One Way Out" (2012) among many others still not as of yet released.


2012 Only One Way Out 
2013 The Redeemer
2013 Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man 
2012 The Sum of 9 
2012 Miracle Underground 
2012 Wrong Number 
2012 Human Factor
2012 Bullet in the Face 
2012 The Unknown Son 
2012 Wasteland Metropolis
2012 Lovelace
2012 The Dead Want Women 
2012 Chrysalis
2012 Brutality 
2013 A White Trash Christmas
2012 The Wicked Within 
2012 Dante's Inferno Documented 
2012 Trophy 
2012 The Mark 
2012 The Mark: Flight 777 
2012 Taco Shop
2012 Zombie Dream 
2012 23 Minutes to Sunrise
2012 So This Is Christma
2012 This Shining Night
2012 The Cloth 
2012 Chicks Dig Gay Guys
2012 The Night Never Sleeps
2012 Christmas in Compton 
2011 Stealing Las Vegas
2011 Grace
2011 A New York Heartbeat
2011 Spreading Darkness
2012 The Child
2012 Deadline
2011 Bloodwork
2012 Intent
2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer 
2012 The Finder
2012 The Devil's Dozen 
2011 Burn Notice 
2011 Lip Service
2011 Dante's Inferno Animated
2011 Burned 
2011 Chillerama 
2011 Silver Case
2011 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
2010-2011 The Young and the Restless
2011 The Wayshower 
2011 White T 
2011 Jesse 
2010 Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident 
2010 First Dog
2010 Chuck 
2010 Hunt to Kill 
2010 Sharktopus
2010 Reality Star 
2010 Class
2010 The Expendables 
2010 Groupie
2010 Enemies Among Us 
2010 Westbrick Murders 
2007-2010 Heroes
2010 Kingshighway 
2009 Crash 
2009 Vegan 101 
2009 Project Solitude 
2009 The Butcher
2009 Crimes of the Past
2009 The Whole Truth
2009 The Tomb
2009 Royal Kill
2009 Rock Slyde
2009 The Steam Experiment 
2009 Pinkville
2009 In the Blink of an Eye 
2009 Shannon's Rainbow
2008 Cyclops 
2008 Entourage
2008 The Cleaner 
2008 Depth Charge
2008 Dark Honeymoon
2008 The Dark Knight 
2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
2008 Fear Itself
2008 Contamination
2008 The Cookie Thief 
2008 Witless Protection
2008 Light Years Away 
2007 Sister's Keeper
2006-2007 The L Word 
2007 Killer Weekend 
2007 Pandemic
2007 Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter
2006 Aurora 
2006 One Way
2006 Comedy Hell
2006 DOA: Dead or Alive 
2006 L'onore e il rispetto
2006 Hollywood Dreams
2006 Phat Girlz 
2006 Fatal Desire
2006 8 of Diamonds 
2006 Southern Comfort 
2006 A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints 
2005 Chains 
2005 Danny Phantom
2005 The Double
2005 The Civilization of Maxwell Bright
2005 CSI: Miami
2005 Graves End
2005 Spit
2002-2005 Less Than Perfect 
2005 Break a Leg 
2005 Confessions of an Action Star 
2005 Final Approach 
2005 Geppetto's Secret
2004 Border Blues 
2004 The Last Shot 
2002-2004 Justice League 
2004 Six: The Mark Unleashed 
2004 Miss Castaway and the Island Girls
2004 Killer Weekend
2003 Endangered Species
2003 L.A. Confidential 
2003 The Long Ride Home
2003 National Security 
2003 Intoxicating
2003 Russians in the City of Angels
2002 Wolves of Wall Street 
2002 Christmas Rush
2002 Witchblade 
2002 Spun
2002 Wrong Number 
2002 Roughing It
2002 Fool Proof 
2000-2001 Dark Realm
2001 Con Games
2001 Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534
2001 Raptor
2001 Strange Frequency 
2001 The Flying Dutchman 
2001 Walking Shadow 
2001 The Andy Dick Show
2001 The Beatnicks
2001 Fast Sofa
2001 Stiletto Dance 
2001 Mindstorm 
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2001 The King of Queens
2001 Strange Frequency
2001 Sanctimony
2000 Mercy Streets 
2000 The King's Guard 
2000 Race Against Time
2000 TripFall 
2000 Cecil B. DeMented
2000 Falcone
2000 The Alternate 
2000 Luck of the Draw
2000 No Alibi
1999 The Hunger
1999 Hitman's Run 
1999 Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle 
1999 Heaven's Fire
1999 Two Shades of Blue
1999 Facade 
1999 Spawn 
1999 Wildflowers 
1999 Restraining Order 
1999 Touched by an Angel 
1999 Lansky 
1999 BitterSweet 
1999 Purgatory
1999 Dirk and Betty
1998 Dead End
1998 Making Sandwiches
1997-1998 C-16: FBI 
1998 La Cucaracha 
1998 The Prophecy II 
1997 T.N.T. 
1997 Most Wanted
1997 The Shadow Men 
1997 Oz
1997 The Odyssey
1997 Frasier
1996 In Cold Blood 
1996 The Drew Carey Show
1996 Past Perfect
1996 American Strays
1996 The Glass Cage
1996 Dark Angel 
1996 The Cable Guy
1996 Heaven's Prisoners
1996 Power 98 
1996 Doctor Who 
1996 Public Enemies 
1996 It's My Party
1996 The Grave
1996 Love Is a Gun 
1995 Saved by the Light 
1995 The Immortals 
1995 The Nature of the Beast 
1995 End of the Icon
1994 The Hard Truth
1994 The Specialist 
1994 Sensation
1994 Freefall
1994 Babyfever
1993 Love, Cheat & Steal
1993 Voyage 
1993 Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage
1993 Best of the Best 2
1992 Final Analysis
1992 Fugitive Among Us
1991 By the Sword 
1991 Lonely Hearts 
1991 Bride of Violence
1990 Descending Angel 
1990 The Lost Capone
1990 The Ambulance
1989 Best of the Best 
1989 Blood Red 
1989 Rude Awakening 
1989 Options 
1988 To Heal a Nation 
1986 Nobody's Fool 
1986 Slow Burn 
1985 Runaway Train
1985 The Coca-Cola Kid 
1984 The Pope of Greenwich Village 
1983 Star 80
1983 American Playhouse 
1981 Raggedy Man 
1980 Paul's Case 
1978 King of the Gypsies
1977 Another World 
1974 How to Survive a Marriage

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