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Edward James Olmos ACTOR

Edward James Olmos was born on February 24th, 1947 in East Los Angeles, California.  Originally as a young boy he had aspirations of pursuing a career as a professional baseball player however by the age of thirteen he had also developed an interest in rock music.  When he was fifteen he began joining a number of garage bands and was playing at local clubs throughout Los Angeles.  After graduating from Motebello High School he did not choose to enroll in college right away, but instead began to focus on a career in entertainment.
On the suggestion from a friend, he decided to try acting.  He enrolled in acting classes but kept us his musical performances.  He was cast in a number of television roles with very small parts and also began acting in a number of off-Broadway stage productions.  He also pursued a college degree from California State University in Los Angeles.  
In 1978 he was cast in his first Broadway production, "Zoot Suit" which lead to his first Tony nomination.  As his career progressed many remember him for his role on the television series, "Miami Vice" (1984) for which he earned a Golden Globe and an Emmy in 1985 for his performance on the series.
In the early part of his career other film roles he added to his resume were roles in, "Virus" (1980) and for his role in the film, "Stand and Deliver" (1988) for which he earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.  He continued to appear on the big screen in such films as, "Selena" (1997) and "In the Time of the Butterflies" (2001).
He also had his directing debut in the film, "American Me" (1992) which he also starred in.  other directing projects he has added to his resume were a television movie based on the show, "The Plan" and the HBO movie, "Walkout" which he also starred in.    
Along with his acting and musical career he is also very involved in causes for children.  He focuses on at risk youth in such environments at detention centers, juvenile halls and boys and girls clubs where he makes appearances and speaks to the youth about the choices they make in life can make or break where their future lands.  He has also served as an ambassador for UNICEF.  In 1997 he co-founded the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival as well as co-founding the non-profit organization, Latino Literacy Now.
Some of his more recent roles have been in such television series as, "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2009), "CSI: NY" (2010), "Dexter" (2011), "Eureka" (2011) and the films, "America" (2011) and soon to release in 2012, "Filly Brown".  He is also a spokesperson for, Farmers Insurance Group appearing in a number of the Spanish commercials.
Throughout his lifetime he has married a total of three times.  His first wife was Kaija Keel whom he wed in 1971 and they had two children together before the marriage came to an end in 1992.  He then married Lorraine Bracco in 1994 and this marriage lasted until 2002.  He is currently married to his third wife, Lymari Nadal whom he married in 2002.  The couple reside in Encino, California.  


2012 Filly Brown 
2011 Eureka 
2011 Dexter
2011 America
2011 The Green Hornet 
2010 CSI: NY
2009 The Plan 
2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica
2009 A Class Apart 
2008 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 
2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor 
2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor Flashbacks 
2007 George Lopez
2006 Splinter 
2006 Walkout 
2005 La cerca
2004 The Batman
2003 Battlestar Galactica
2003 Greetings from Tucson 
2002 American Family 
2002 Jack and Marilyn 
2001 In the Time of the Butterflies
2001 The Judge 
2000 The Princess & the Barrio Boy 
2000 Great Writers, Great Cities 
2000 Gossip 
2000 The Road to El Dorado 
1999-2000 The West Wing 
1999 Bonanno: A Godfather's Story 
1998 The Wall 
1997-1998 Touched by an Angel 
1998 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
1998 The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit
1997 12 Angry Men 
1997 Prophecies of the Millennium
1997 Gun
1995-1997 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 
1997 Hollywood Confidential
1997 Selena
1997 Selena Remembered
1996 Death in Granada 
1996 The Limbic Region 
1996 Dead Man's Walk
1996 Caught
1996 The Crystal Skull
1996 Disturbing the Peace 
1995 Slave of Dreams
1995 The Magic School Bus 
1995 15th Annual Tejano Music Awards
1995 My Family
1995 500 Nations
1995 Mirage 
1994 The Burning Season
1994 Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills 
1994 A Million to Juan 
1993 Roosters 
1993 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
1992 American Me 
1991 Talent for the Game 
1984-1990 Miami Vice
1989 Triumph of the Spirit 
1988 The Fortunate Pilgrim 
1988 Stand and Deliver
1986 Saving Grace
1984 NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
1982-1984 Hill Street Blues
1983 Faerie Tale Theatre
1982 American Playhouse
1982 Blade Runner 
1981 Zoot Suit
1981 Wolfen
1981 Three Hundred Miles for Stephanie
1980 Day of Resurrection 
1978 Evening in Byzantium
1978 CHiPs 
1977-1978 Police Story 
1978 The Fitzpatricks
1977 Alambrista! 
1977 Visions 
1977 Starsky and Hutch 
1977 Delvecchio 
1976 Police Woman
1976 The Blue Knight 
1975 Kojak
1975 Aloha Bobby and Rose
1974 Cannon
1974 Bogard

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