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Edmond O'Brien ACTOR


Edmond O'Brien was born on September 10th, 1915 in New York City, New York with the birth name Redmond O'Brien.  As a child he was interested in magic and a neighbor would help tutor him.  It is rumored that his neighbor was actually, the famous magician Harry Houdini.  Then during high school he became interested in theater and went on to study drama at Columbia University.  His brother, Liam O'Brien was also involved in the industry working as a screen writer later on in life.    
O'Brien made his Broadway debut at the age of twenty one.   He continued to work on Broadway for a number of years gaining experience as a stage actor.  He also worked with another magician, Orson Welles at the Mercury Theater on a production of, "Julius Ceasar".    

It was his stage work that caught the attention of an employee of RKO, Pandro S. Berman who brought O'Brien to Hollywood to appear in , "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1939).  O'Brien then briefly left his acting career to serve during world War II in the Army Air Force.  Directly upon completing his service to his country, he returned back to Hollywood and continued to pursue a career as a film actor.
Alongside starring in a radio drama titled, "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar" (1950-1952) he also continued to work on films with some of his more well known roles being in, "For The Love of Mary" (1948), "White Heat" (1949), "Cow Country" (1953), "Shield For Murder" (1954), "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (1962), "The Longest Day" (1962) and "Fantastic Voyage" (1966). 
O'Brien also won an Academy Award for best Supporting Actor for his role in, "The Barefoot Contessa" (1954) and was also honored with a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role on, "Seven Days in May" (1964).
As his career progressed into the early and mid 70's he continued to work in film but also worked as a television actor making an appearance on, "Cade's Country" and "The Streets of San Francisco" (both 1972) amongst others.   

O'Brien also started a production company called, "Tiger Productions" which he named after his childhood nickname, 'Tiger'. 
Edmond O'Brien married twice during his lifetime, first to Nancy Kelly from February 19th, 1941 throughout February 2nd 1942 and he then married Olga San Juan September 26th, 1948 through 1976.  He had three children with his second wife, two of whom became involved in acting, Maria O'Brien and Brendan O'Brien.
Edmond O'Brien passed away on May 9th, 1985 in Inglewood, California from Alzheimer's disease.  He is interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.         


1974   99 and 44/100% Dead 
1974   Police Story
1973   Lucky Luciano 
1973   Isn't It Shocking?
1973   The New Temperatures Rising Show
1972   They Only Kill Their Masters
1972   McMillan & Wife
1972   The Streets of San Francisco
1972   Jigsaw
1972   Cade's County
1972   The Other Side of the Wind  
1971   What's a Nice Girl Like You...?
1971   River of Mystery
1971   The High Chaparral
1971   The Name of the Game 
1970   The Young Lawyers
1970   The Intruders
1970   Insight
1970   Dream No Evil 
1969   The Bold Ones: The Protectors 
1969   The Love God?
1969   The Wild Bunch 
1969   It Takes a Thief 
1968   Mission: Impossible
1968   Flesh and Blood
1967   The Outsider
1967   The Virginian
1967   To Commit a Murder 
1967   Le vicomte règle ses comptes
1966   The Doomsday Flight
1966   Fantastic Voyage  
1965   The Long, Hot Summer
1965   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1965   Synanon 
1965   Sylvia 
1964   The Hanged Man
1964   Rio Conchos 
1964   The Eleventh Hour
1964   Breaking Point
1964   The Greatest Show on Earth 
1964   Seven Days in May 
1962-1963  Sam Benedict 
1962   The Longest Day 
1962   Birdman of Alcatraz 
1962   The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance  
1962   Moon Pilot 
1961   Target: The Corruptors 
1961   The Dick Powell Theatre
1961   Man-Trap 
1961   The Great Impostor  
1960   The 3rd Voice 
1960   The Last Voyage 
1960   Johnny Midnight  
1957-1959  Zane Grey Theater
1959   Laramie
1959   The Ambitious One
1959   Up Periscope
1957-1959  Playhouse 90
1958   Lux Playhouse 
1958   Suspicion 
1953-1958  Schlitz Playhouse
1958   Sing Boy Sing 
1958   The World Was His Jury 
1957   Stopover Tokyo 
1957   The Big Land
1951-1957  Lux Video Theatre  
1956   The Girl Can't Help It 
1956   The Rack 
1956   A Cry in the Night  
1954-1956  Climax
1956   D-Day the Sixth of June 
1956   Screen Directors Playhouse 
1956   1984  
1955   The Star and the Story 
1955   Playwrights '56
1955   Pete Kelly's Blues  
1955   Damon Runyon Theater 
1955   The Red Skelton Hour
1955   Stage 7
1953-1954  The Ford Television Theatre
1954   The Barefoot Contessa  
1954   Shield for Murder
1954   The Shanghai Story  
1953   The Bigamist 
1953   China Venture 
1953   Julius Caesar 
1953   Cow Country 
1953   Man in the Dark 
1953   The Hitch-Hiker  
1953   Robert Montgomery Presents
1952   The Turning Point
1952   Denver and Rio Grande  
1952   The Greatest Show on Earth 
1951   Silver City  
1951   Warpath 
1951   Two of a Kind 
1951   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 
1951   The Redhead and the Cowboy  
1950   Between Midnight and Dawn 
1950   The Admiral Was a Lady
1950   711 Ocean Drive
1950   D.O.A. 
1950   Backfire 
1949   White Heat 
1949   Task Force
1948   An Act of Murder 
1948   Fighter Squadron 
1948   For the Love of Mary 
1948   Another Part of the Forest  
1947   A Double Life 
1947   Brute Force
1947   The Web 
1946   The Killers
1944   Winged Victory 
1943   The Amazing Mrs. Holliday 
1942   Powder Town 
1942   Obliging Young Lady
1941   Parachute Battalion
1941   A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
1939   The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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