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Eddie Dean ACTOR


Eddie Dean was born on July 9th, 1907 in Posey, Texas with the birth name Edgar Dean Glosup.  He began his entertainment career performing as a country western singer on the radio in the 1930's.    He was part of the National Barn Dance radio program in 1934.  Eddie was also featured on Gene Autry's Melody Ranch and the Judy Canova show.  It was Autry who encouraged him to sought out a career in film.  Dean decided to follow Autry's advice and traveled to Hollywood and see if he could get roles in country western films.
Dean debuted in the film, "Manhattan Love Song" (1934) and this role followed with a number of other films but mostly just bit parts and musical short films.  He appeared in five, "Hopalong Cassidy Westerns (1939-1940) and the serial, "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" (1939).  By the early 1940's more prominent roles were being offered to him and soon he became known as one of the more well known country western film stars.  
Due to the fact that he was still under contract with  low-rent PRC Pictures it was still difficult for him to get lead roles.  Also, country western films were beginning to lose their popularity with viewers.  One film that does stand out was his role in, "The Hawk of Powder River" (1948) as well as his appearance on the film, "Down Missouri Way" (1946).  His final film role was in 1951 in, "Varieties on Parade".   
Dean never really came close to reach the level of stardom that some other country western film stars obtained such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.  However, he was able to make a living as a film star as well as a country musician.    

Eddie Dean married only once to Lorene Dean in 1930 and they remained married having two children before he passed away on March 4th, 1999 in Thousand Oaks, California from heart and lung disease. 
He was honored with a star on the Palm Springs Walk Of Fame in 1999. and also was a recipient of the Pioneer Award from the Academy of Country Music.  He also served as an officer for over ten years.  


1963 The Beverly Hillbillies
1962 The Night Rider 
1950 The Marshal of Gunsight Pass
1948 Black Hills 
1948 The Tioga Kid 
1948 The Hawk of Powder River 
1948 The Westward Trail 
1948 Tornado Range 
1948 Check Your Guns 
1947 Shadow Valley 
1947 West to Glory 
1947 Range Beyond the Blue 
1947 Wild Country 
1946 Wild West 
1946 Stars Over Texas 
1946 Driftin' River
1946 Down Missouri Way 
1946 Tumbleweed Trail 
1946 Colorado Serenade 
1946 The Caravan Trail 
1946 Romance of the West 
1945 Song of Old Wyoming 
1945 Wildfire 
1944 Harmony Trail 
1943 King of the Cowboys 
1943 Don Winslow of the Coast Guard 
1942 Arizona Stage Coach 
1942 Gang Busters 
1942 Stagecoach Express 
1942 Raiders of the West 
1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit 
1941 West of Cimarron
1941 Fighting Bill Fargo 
1941 Sierra Sue 
1941 Gauchos of El Dorado 
1941 Down Mexico Way
1941 Outlaws of Cherokee Trail 
1941 Sunset in Wyoming 
1941 Kansas Cyclone 
1941 Pals of the Pecos 
1941 A Man Betrayed 
1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs 
1940 Rolling Home to Texas 
1940 Knights of the Range 
1940 Oklahoma Renegades 
1940 Stagecoach War 
1940 The Golden Trail 
1940 Hidden Gold 
1940 The Light of Western Stars 
1940 The Showdown 
1940 Santa Fe Marshal 
1939 The Llano Kid 
1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds 
1939 Law of the Pampas 
1939 Range War 
1939 Renegade Trail 
1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again 
1938 Western Jamboree 
1934 Manhattan Love Song      

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