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Ed Flanders ACTOR


Ed Flanders was born on December 29th, 1934 in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the middle name Paul, born to parents, Bernice and Francis Michael Grey Flanders. 
He became best known over the course of his career for his role on the television series, "St. Elsewhere" portraying Dr. Donald Westphall.  For this role he earned a total of four Emmy nominations for which he won one in 1983. 
His career as an actor began as a stage actor on Broadway and after gaining some experience there he moved on to work in television.
Some of his early television roles were on such series as, "Hawaii Five-O", "Cimarron Strip", "Ironside" and "M*A*S*H".  Along with working on a number of television shows he remained working on Broadway and in 1974 he won a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Presentation for his role in the production of, "A Moon for the Misbegotten".  This stage production was later made into a movie in 1976 and he won an Emmy Award for his role on the television movie.
Ed is also known for being the only actor to portray President Harry Truman on film more than any other actor.  Other film roles he added to his resume were on such features as, "The Ninth Configuration" (1980), "The Exorcist III" (1990) and the made for television movies, "Mary White" (1977), "Salem's Lot" (1979) and "Special Bulletin" (1983).
He married twice throughout his lifetime.  First to Ellen Geer in 1963 and after having one child the marriage ended in divorce in 1968.  He then married Cody Lambert in 1985 and also had one child before this marriage also came to an end in 1992.  Just three years later he passed away on February 22nd, 1995 in Denny, California after committing suicide.  He had been dealing with depression for quite some time and did not leave any type of goodbye note.  He left behind four children total, Scott, Suzanne, Ian Geer and Evan Flanders. 


1995 Bye Bye Love 
1994 The Road Home 
1993 Message from Nam 
1993 Jack's Place
1992 Citizen Cohn 
1991 The Perfect Tribute 
1990 The Exorcist III 
1989 The Final Days
1982-1988 St. Elsewhere
1983 Special Bulletin 
1982 Tomorrow's Child
1981 Skokie
1981 The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper 
1981 True Confessions 
1981 Inchon 
1980 The Ninth Configuration 
1979 Salem's Lot
1979 Blind Ambition 
1979 Backstairs at the White House 
1977 Mary White 
1977 MacArthur 
1977 The Amazing Howard Hughes
1976 Harry S. Truman: Plain Speaking 
1976 The Sad and Lonely Sundays
1976 Truman at Potsdam 
1976 Eleanor and Franklin 
1975 Mary Tyler Moore
1975 A Moon for the Misbegotten
1975 Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan 
1969-1975 Hawaii Five-O 
1975 The Legend of Lizzie Borden
1974 Lincoln
1974 Barnaby Jones 
1974 Things in Their Season 
1974 Indict and Convict 
1974 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1973 Kung Fu
1973 Hunter 
1972 Banyon
1972 The Snoop Sisters
1972 M*A*S*H 
1972 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 
1972 Ironside
1972 The Trial of the Catonsville Nine 
1972 Cade's County 
1972 Nichols 
1972 Mannix 
1971 Mission: Impossible
1971 McMillan & Wife 
1971 Goodbye, Raggedy Ann 
1971 Bearcats! 
1971 Travis Logan, D.A.
1971 The Name of the Game
1969 Daniel Boone 
1969 The Grasshopper
1967 Cimarron Strip 

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