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Ed Begley ACTOR


Ed Begley was born on March 25th, 1901 in Hartford, Connecticut with the birth name Edward James Begley.  He received his early years education at St. Patrick's School and first became interested in acting when he was about nine years old.  At the young age of eleven he left home and found various odd jobs to support himself.
When he was old enough he joined the United States Army and afterwards found work in carnivals and traveling circuses.  In 1931 he worked in vaudeville and also gained some experience as a radio announcer.  In 1917 he was cast in, "Going Up" and such old time radio programs as, "The Fat Man" and "Richard Diamond, Private Detective".
Soon he was cast in, "Land of Fame" in 1943 and followed with working as a stage actor on Broadway as well as working on radio.  Some of his early stage roles were on, "All My Sons" (1947) and "Inherit the Wind" (1955-1957). 
By the late 1940's he was also working as a film actor taking on a number of supporting roles.  Other roles that followed were on the television series, "Leave it to Larry" (1952-1953) and in such films as, "Sweet Bird of Youth" (1962) for which he earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
As his film career progressed he was seen on the big screen in such films as, "Sorry, Wrong Number" (1948), "On Dangerous Ground" (1952), "12 Angry Men" (1957), "Odds Against Tomorrow" (1959), "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (1964) and "Billion Dollar Brain" (1967).
Along with film he continued working as a stage actor as well as a television actor.  Other television roles included, "Justice", "The Virginian", "Bonanza", "The Fugitive" and "Target: The Corruptors!".  Stage roles were in such productions as, "All My Sons" and "Inherit the Wind".
Begley married three times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Amanda Huff whom he wed in 1922 and they had two children before she passed away on July 6th, 1957.  He then married Dorothy Reeves in 1961 and this marriage only lasted until 1963.  His third and final marriage was to Helen Jordan in 1963 and they had one child and remained married until he passed away on April 28th, 1970 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a heart attack.
He is interred at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, California. 


1970 The Dunwich Horror
1970 The Monitors
1969 The Silent Gun
1969 The Secrets of the Pirate's Inn
1969 Wild in the Streets
1968 The Violent Enemy
1968 Hang 'Em High
1968 Firecreek
1968 A Time to Sing
1968 Warning Shot
1967 Billion Dollar Brain
1967 The Oscar
1966 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
1964 Sweet Bird of Youth
1962 The Green Helmet
1961 Odds Against Tomorrow
1959 12 Angry Men
1957 Patterns
1956 On Dangerous Ground
1951 Boots Malone
1952 Deadline U.S.A.
1952 The Turning Point
1952 Lone Star
1952 You're in the Navy Now
1951 The Lady From Texas
1951 Wyoming Mail
1950 Backfire
1950 It Happens Every Spring
1949 Tulsa
1949 The Great Gatsby
1948 Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 Sitting Pretty

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