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Duncan Renaldo ACTOR


Duncan Renaldo was born on April 20th, 1904 in Oancea, Romania with the birth name Renault Renaldo Duncan.   He as an orphan and some records show his birth place as Spain and that is where he states his early childhood memories are from.  He was raised in a number of European cities and relocated to the United States in the early 1920's.
His first introduction into the film industry was when he was able to find his way into working as a producer on short features which soon lead to working as an actor with MGM.  He was mostly cast as the "Latin Lover" character when studio's took advantage of his Hispanic good looks. 

When it was found out he was living in the United States illegally he was almost deported, however, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt allowed him to stay.  He continued working in the film industry for studios such as Republic and Monogram.
Some of his film work was as one of the Three Mesquiteers in the film series as well as on such features as, "The Painted Stallion" (1937), "Jungle Menace" (1937), "Zorro Rides Again" (1937), "King of the Mounties" (1942), "Secret Service in Darkest Africa" (1943), "The Tiger Woman" (1944) and then in 1945 he was cast in the Cisco Kid film series along with Leo Carrillo.
In the early 1950's he continued playing the same character from the Cisco Kid but on television.  Soon after the series came to an end he chose to retire from the industry and many just remember him as "The Cisco Kid".     

Renaldo retired soon after the series' demise and died years later at Goleta Valley Community Hospital in California of lung cancer in 1980.  On September 3rd, 1980 he passed away in Goleta, California after suffering from lung cancer.    
Renaldo married twice throughout his lifetime, first to a lady by the name of Suzette but they divorced in 1940.  He then married his second wife, Audrey from 1948 through his death and never had any children. 


1950-1956 The Cisco Kid 
1950 The Capture
1949 Satan's Cradle
1949 The Daring Caballero
1949 The Gay Amigo 
1948 The Valiant Hombre
1948 Sword of the Avenger
1947 Jungle Flight
1946 Two Years Before the Mast
1945 South of the Rio Grande 
1945 The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico
1945 The Cisco Kid Returns 
1944 Sheriff of Sundown
1944 The San Antonio Kid 
1944 The Tiger Woman 
1944 Call of the South Seas 
1944 The Fighting Seabees 
1944 Hands Across the Border 
1943 The Desert Song
1943 Around the World
1943 Tiger Fangs
1943 Secret Service in Darkest Africa
1943 For Whom the Bell Tolls
1943 Mission to Moscow
1943 Border Patrol 
1942 King of the Mounties 
1942 A Yank in Libya
1942 We Were Dancing
1941 Outlaws of the Desert 
1941 Gauchos of El Dorado
1941 Down Mexico Way 
1941 King of the Texas Rangers
1941 Bad Men of Missouri
1941 I'll Never Heil Again
1941 South of Panama 
1940 Oklahoma Renegades
1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers
1940 Covered Wagon Days 
1940 Pioneers of the West 
1940 Heroes of the Saddle 
1939 The Mad Empress 
1939 South of the Border 
1939 Cowboys from Texas 
1939 The Kansas Terrors
1939 Rough Riders' Round-up 
1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again 
1938 Zaza
1938 Spawn of the North 
1938 Tropic Holiday 
1938 Rose of the Rio Grande 
1937 Zorro Rides Again
1937 Sky Racket 
1937 Jungle Menace
1937 The Painted Stallion
1937 Mile a Minute Love 
1936 Ten Laps to Go 
1936 Two Minutes to Play
1936 Rebellion 
1936 Lady Luck
1936 Special Agent K-7
1936 Moonlight Murder 
1934 Sword of the Arab
1934 The Moth 
1934 Public Stenographer 
1932 Trapped in Tia Juana 
1931 Trader Horn 
1929 Pals of the Prairie 
1929 The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1928 The Naughty Duchess
1928 Clothes Make the Woman 
1928 The Devil's Skipper   

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