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Dolores del Rio ACTOR

Dolores del Rio was born on August 3rd, 1904 in Durango, Mexico with the birth name Dolores Martínez Asúnsolo y López Negrete.  She became the first Mexican movie star who earned international stardom and had a highly successful career that began in the 1920's.
She was born to parents, Jesus Leonardo Asúnsolo Jacques and Antonia Lopez-Negrete.  During the Mexican revolution her family lost all their possessions and relocated to Mexico City.  Del Rio enrolled at the Liceo Franco Mexicano and dreamed of making a better life for her and her family.
From a young age she had a passion for dance and entertaining and at the age of nineteen she was discovered by movie producer, Edwin Carewe where she was given the chance to move to Hollywood with her then husband, Jaime Martinez del Rio whom she wed at sixteen.  The couple moved to the United States where she began working as an actress and he as a screenwriter.
As her career began to take over she soon divorced and debuted in her first film, "Joanna" (1925) followed by a role in, "High Sleepers" (1926).  Although neither of her first film were of major success, she was beginning to gain the attention of Hollywood and soon more film roles in such features as, "What Price Glory" (1926), "Resurrection" (1927), "The Loves of Carmen" (1927), "The Red Dance" (1928), "The Trail of '98" (1928), "Ramona" (1928) and "Evangeline" (1929).
With the silent film era coming to an end and the transition to talkies taking place she chose to part ways with director, Carewe and see what other opportunities were available to her.  Her first sound film was in 1930 in, "The Bad One" followed by roles in, "Bird of Paradise" (1932), "Flying Down to Rio" (1933), "Wonder Bar" (1934), "Caliente" (1935) and "I Live for Love" (1935).
As she began to enter the late 30's and early 40's her career began to decile.  Roles were becoming less available to her.  She did however get some film roles with Warner Brothers Studio's such as, "Lancer Spy" (1937) and "International Settlement" (1938).
It was during this time that she became acquainted with Orson Welles whom she later fell in love with and began working with him in the industry.  The couple even toured vaudeville shows together and she worked on the film, "Journey into Feat" (1942) with him as well as a film titled, "Santa" which was later cancelled and never released.
Due to American Hollywood roles for the most part not being offered to her and her relationship coming to end with Welles,  Delores returned to her Mexican roots and was cast in such films as, "Flor silvestre" (1942), "Maria Candelaria" (1943), "Las Abandonadas" (1944), "The Fugitive" (1947) and "La Malquerida" (1949).  She had finally reached the level of stardom she had dreamed of and it all happened in her native country of Mexico.
Now she was given the chance to work with the best film director in Mexico, Roberto Gavaldon and with his guidance she was cast in the film, "La Otra" (1946), "La Casa Chica" (1949), "Deseada" (1950) and "El  Niño y la Niebla" (1953).
She was finally a highly desired actress starring in more films such as, "Lady Windermere's Fan" (1947), "El niño y la niebla" (1953), La Cucaracha" (1959) and  "La Dama del Alba" (1966).  She had now won the Silver Ariel which is the Mexican Academy Awards four times.  Feeling she was now ready to return back to Hollywood, Delores was suppose to work on the film, "Broken Lance" starring Spencer Tracy, however, the united States would not allow her to work in the US due to accusations that she was involved with the international communism.  Luckily by 1956, this issues was resolved and Delores was able to return to making films in Hollywood.
Some of her film Hollywood roles were on such features as, "Flaming Star" (1960) considered by many to be one of Elvis Presley's best dramatic films, "Cheyenne Autumn" (1964) starring the elite ensemble of Richard Widmark, Ricardo Montalban, James Stewart, Edward G. Robinson, Carroll Baker, Karl Malden and Gilbert Roland, "Anastasia" (1956), "Lady Windemere's Fan" (1958), "The Lady of the Camellias" (1968) and her final film appearance was in 1978 in, "The Children of Sanchez".

Along with now finally reaching the level of stardom she had dreamed of came a decent amount of respect in the industry.  She became involved in a number of actor union activities and founded a group known as, "Rosa Mexicano" as well as being the founder of Estancia Infantil of the Asociacion Nacional de Actores in Mexico.  Delores also was involved in starting the Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato.

After her first marriage to Jaimie ended in 1928 she then married her second husband, Cedric Gibbons in 1930 and by 1941 this marriage came to an end.  He then moved to Germany and later committed suicide.  Her third time to marry was to Lewis Riley in 1959 and the couple remained married until she passed away at the age of seventy seven on April 11th, 1983 in Newport Beach, California after suffering from liver failure.  Her ashes were cremated and interred at the Panteón de Dolores Cemetery in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Hollywood honored her with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture industry.  Till the end of her life she maintained the reputation of a woman with sophistication, elegance and intelligence and not just a pretty face in Hollywood. 


1978 The Children of Sanchez 
1970 Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1967 More Than a Miracle 
1967 The Son of All 
1967 Rio Blanco 
1966 House of Women 
1966 The Lady of the Dawn
1966 Branded 
1966 I Spy 
1965 The Man Who Bought Paradise 
1964 Cheyenne Autumn 
1962 A Mother's Sin 
1960 Flaming Star 
1960 The Chevy Show 
1959 The Soldiers of Pancho Villa 
1958 ¿Adónde van nuestros hijos? 
1958 The United States Steel Hour 
1957 Schlitz Playhouse 
1955 Señora ama 
1953 El niño y la niebla 
1953 Reportaje
1951 Doña Perfecta 
1951 Deseada 
1950 The Love Nest 
1949 La malquerida 
1948 The Story of a Bad Woman 
1947 The Fugitive 
1946 The Other One 
1945 La selva de fuego 
1945 Bugambilia
1945 The Abandoned
1944 María Candelaria
1943 Flor silvestre
1943 Journey Into Fear
1940 The Man from Dakota
1938 International Settlement
1937 Lancer Spy
1937 The Devil's Playground
1936 Accused 
1935 The Widow from Monte Carlo 
1935 I Live for Love 
1935 In Caliente 
1934 Madame Du Barry 
1934 Wonder Bar 
1933 Flying Down to Rio
1932 Bird of Paradise
1932 Girl of the Rio 
1930 The Bad One
1930 The Sculptor's Dream
1929 Evangeline
1928 Revenge 
1928 The Red Dance 
1928 No Other Woman
1928 Ramona 
1928 The Trail of '98
1928 The Gateway of the Moon 
1927 The Loves of Carmen 
1927 Resurrection 
1926 The Whole Town's Talking
1926 What Price Glory
1926 Pals First 
1926 High Steppers 
1925 Joanna 

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