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Dirk Bogarde ACTOR

Dirk Bogarde was born on March 28th, 1921 in Hampstead, London in the United Kingdom with the birth name Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde.  His parents were Ulric van den Bogaerde who worked as an art editor for 'The Times' newspaper in London and his mother was Margaret Niven, an actress.  He had two other siblings a sister and a younger brother.
Bogarde was raised in London by his sister and his nanny.  After graduating from Glen's School in Glascow he went on to study at London's University College and then transferred to Chelsea Polytechnic College where he majored in commercial arts, however he soon switched his major to dramatic arts against his fathers wishes.
After college having little success as an a actor he did work as a set designer as well as in commercial arts as his father had originally hoped for.  In the late 30's he was given a chance to pursue his acting career when he worked as an apprentice with the Amersham Repertory Company and first appeared on stage with a very small part. 
Other stage roles soon followed in such productions as, "Cornelius" and he was also cast as an extra in the film, "Come on George!" (1939).  He then took a brief break from acting during World War II to serve as an officer on the Queen's Royal Regimen.
After the war he returned to pursuing his career and was signed to a acting contract with the Rank Organization.  Soon he was appearing on the big screen in such films as, "Dancing with Crine" (1947), "Sin of Esther Waters" (1948) and "The Blue Lamp" (1950).
Along with now working in films he also returned to the stage appearing in such plays as, "Point of Departure", "Summertime" and "Jezebel".  Although he was a great actor, he suffered from stage fright and decided he preferred working in films without having an audience present.
Returning back to films he appeared in, "The Blue Lamp" (1950), "Appointment in London" (1953), "The Sleeping Tiger" (1954), "Doctor in the House" (1954), "Doctor at Large" (1957), "The Doctor's Dilemma" (1959), "Song Without End" (1960), "The Angel Wore Red" (1960), "The Servant" (1963), "I Could Go on Singing" (1963) and "King & Country" (1964).  He was by far Britain's number one box office draw and he earned the nickname, "Matinee Idol of the Odeon".
When his contract came to an end he was now given the freedom to choose what projects he wanted to work on and he preferred to turn his focus more towards art films.  Dirk appeared in the 1961 film, "Victim" which dealt with the subject of homosexuality.  Many felt he took a big risk working on this type of project after he had reached such a level of success from his other mainstream films, however he never regretted working on such a film.
Other projects he chose to be a part of were roles in such films as, "Accident" (1967), "The Damned" (1969), "The Night Porter" (1974), "Death in Venice" (1971), "A Bridge Too Far" (1977), "Providence" (1977), "Despair" (1978) and on the television movie, "The Patricia Neal Story" (1981) for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination.  His final film appearance was in, "Daddy Nostalgia" (1990) and he then chose to retire from the industry completely.
After his role in the controversial film, "Victim", the media brought attention to the suspicion that Bogarde might in-fact be homosexual in his real life.  These were accusations which he denied up until he finally confessed to having a relationship with his long time manager, Anthony Forwood who he lived with until 1983.  When Forwood passed away in 1988, Bogarde had a hard time going on with his life.
Along with his career as an actor he was also a published author with such books as, "A Postillion Struck by Lightning".  He wrote a number of other novels and book reviews. 
Throughout his career he had earned a reputable reputation and therefore was honored in a number of ways such as being asked to serve as president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.  He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.  In 1995 Empire magazine chose him as, "One of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history".
After suffering from a stroke in 1996, he was partially paralyzed but still lived in his own apartment, but by 1998 he had to have a nurse care for him 24 hours a day.  On May 8th, 1999 he passed away after suffering from a heart attack in London, England.  His remains were cremated and scattered throughout France.   


1990 Daddy Nostalgia
1987 Screen Two
1986 May We Borrow Your Husband?
1981 The Patricia Neal Story 
1978 Despair
1977 A Bridge Too Far
1977 Providence 
1975 The Executioner
1974 The Night Porter
1973 The Serpent
1971 Death in Venice
1970 Upon This Rock 
1969 The Damned
1969 Justine
1969 Oh! What a Lovely War
1968 The Fixer 
1968 Sebastian
1967 Our Mother's House
1967 Accident
1966 Blithe Spirit
1966 Modesty Blaise
1965 Darling
1964 McGuire, Go Home!
1964 King & Country
1964 Little Moon of Alban (II)
1964 Agent 8 3/4 
1963 The Servant
1963 Doctor in Distress
1963 We Joined the Navy 
1963 I Could Go on Singing
1963 The Mind Benders
1962 The Password Is Courage
1962 Damn the Defiant!
1961 Victim
1961 The Singer Not the Song 
1960 Song Without End 
1960 The Angel Wore Red
1959 Libel
1958 The Doctor's Dilemma 
1958 The Wind Cannot Read
1958 A Tale of Two Cities
1957 Campbell's Kingdom 
1957 Doctor at Large
1957 Night Ambush
1956 The Spanish Gardener
1955 Cast a Dark Shadow 
1955 Doctor at Sea
1955 Simba 
1954 The Sea Shall Not Have Them 
1954 Cocktails in the Kitchen 
1954 The Sleeping Tiger 
1954 Doctor in the House 
1954 They Who Dare
1953 Desperate Moment 
1953 Raiders in the Sky 
1952 The Gentle Gunman
1952 Penny Princess 
1952 The Stranger in Between
1951 Blackmailed 
1950 Five Angles on Murder 
1950 So Long at the Fair
1950 The Blue Lamp 
1949 Boys in Brown
1949 Dear Mr. Prohack 
1949 Maniacs on Wheels
1948 Quartet 
1948 Sin of Esther Waters 
1947 Dancing with Crime 
1947 Power Without Glory 
1947 Rope
1939 Come on George!

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