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Dickie Moore ACTOR

Dickie Moore was born on September 12th, 1925 in Los Angeles, California with the birth name John Richard Moore Jr.  His career first began as a child actor, however unlike many child actors, he had no difficulty transitioning to becoming a working adult actor.
It began at the age of eighteen months when he made his debut in the film, "The Beloved Rogue" (1927) starring John Barrymore, Conrad Veidt, Marceline Day, Henry Victor and Slim Summerville.  Before he was even ten years old, he would add fifty two films to his resume and by the time he entered retirement, he had over 100 film and a number of television appearances such as, "Captain Video and His Video Rangers" (1949) starring Richard Coogan, Don Hastings and Al Hodge and "The Man Behind the Badge" (1954) starring Charles Bickford and Norman Rose.
He became most well remembered for his role in, "Miss Annie Rooney" (1942) also starring William Gargan and Guy Kibbee, where at the age of only fourteen, he had his first on screen kiss with the child actress, Shirley Temple.
Other roles he has been known for over his career was working on "The Little Rascals" between 1932 and 1933, "Blonde Venus" (1932) starring alongside Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Cary Grant, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Sidney Toler, Kent Taylor, Dennis O'Keefe, Sterling Holloway, Hattie McDaniel, Gene Morgan and Clarence Muse, "Oliver Twist" (1933) co-starring Irving Pichel, Doris Lloyd and William 'Stage' Boyd, "Sergeant York" (1941) starring Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, George Tobias, Ward Bond, Stanley Ridges, Noah Beery Jr., June Lockhart, Margaret Wycherly, Howard Da Silva, Joan Leslie and Tully Marshall, "Lux Video Theatre" (1952-1953) and "Eight Iron Men" (1952) starring Lee Marvin, Arthur Franz, Richard Kiley, James Griffith, Bonar Colleano and Barney Phillips.
Along with working as an actor he still completed high school and earned a college degree in journalism.  He also took a brief break from acting to serve during World War II and upon completing his military service he returned back to the industry with ease.
Even though he retired from film and television work on occasion he did work as a stage actor appearing on Broadway and also became involved working as an author and journalist for Equity magazine.       
In the mid 50's at the age of twenty nine, he decided to retire from the industry and pursued a career in public-relations working as an executive based out of New York City with his own film called, Dick Moore Associates.  Throughout his lifetime he has married a total of three times.  His first marriage was very brief to Pay Dempsey.  When this marriage came to an end he wed Eleanor Donhower Fitzpatrick in 1959.  This marriage also ended in divorce and he then wed his current wife, Jane Powell in 1988 and they remain married today and reside is Manhattan as well as Connecticut. 


1957 Omnibus 
1954 The Web 
1954 The Man Behind the Badge
1951-1953 Lux Video Theatre 
1952 Eight Iron Men 
1952 The Member of the Wedding 
1951 Starlight Theatre
1951 Sure As Fate
1950 Cody of the Pony Express 
1950 Killer Shark 
1949 Boy and the Eagle 
1949 Captain Video and His Video Rangers 
1949 Tuna Clipper
1949 Bad Boy
1948 Behind Locked Doors
1948 16 Fathoms Deep 
1947 Dangerous Years 
1947 Out of the Past 
1944 Sweet and Low-Down
1944 Youth Runs Wild 
1944 The Eve of St. Mark
1943 The Song of Bernadette
1943 Jive Junction 
1943 Happy Land
1943 Heaven Can Wait
1942 Miss Annie Rooney
1942 The Adventures of Martin Eden
1941 Sergeant York 
1941 The Great Mr. Nobody 
1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's
1940 The Blue Bird 
1939 Hidden Power
1939 The Under-Pup
1939 Lincoln in the White House
1938 The Arkansas Traveler
1938 The Gladiator
1938 My Bill 
1938 Love, Honor and Behave
1937 The Bride Wore Red 
1937 Madame X 
1937 The Life of Emile Zola
1936 Star for a Night 
1936 The Little Red Schoolhouse
1936 The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Timothy's Quest 
1935 So Red the Rose 
1935 Peter Ibbetson 
1935 Swellhead 
1935 Without Children
1935 Tomorrow's Youth 
1934 Little Men 
1934 The World Accuses 
1934 The Human Side
1934 Fifteen Wives 
1934 In Love with Life
1934 Upperworld
1934 This Side of Heaven 
1933 Gallant Lady
1933 Cradle Song
1933 Man's Castle 
1933 The Wolf Dog 
1933 Mush and Milk 
1933 The Kid from Borneo 
1933 Gabriel Over the White House
1933 Forgotten Babies
1933 Obey the Law
1933 Oliver Twist
1933 Fish Hooky 
1932 A Lad an' a Lamp
1932 The Racing Strain 
1932 The Devil Is Driving 
1932 Birthday Blues
1932 Deception
1932 Three on a Match 
1932 Free Wheeling 
1932 Blonde Venus 
1932 Hook and Ladder
1932 Winner Take All
1932 Million Dollar Legs 
1932 No Greater Love
1932 So Big!
1932 Disorderly Conduct 
1932 The Expert
1932 Fireman, Save My Child 
1932 Union Depot
1931 Manhattan Parade
1931 Husband's Holiday 
1931 Sob Sister 
1931 The Squaw Man
1931 The Star Witness 
1931 Confessions of a Co-Ed 
1931 Three Who Loved 
1931 Seed 
1931 Aloha
1930 Passion Flower 
1930 The Office Wife 
1930 Lawful Larceny 
1930 The Matrimonial Bed 
1930 Let Us Be Gay
1930 The Three Sisters 
1930 Son of the Gods 
1930 Lummox 
1929 Madame X 
1928 Object: Alimony 
1927 The Beloved Rogue

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Matinee Classics - Our Gang / Little Rascals George 'Spanky' McFarland, Dickie Moore, Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas, Matthew 'Stymie' Beard and others
Matinee Classics - Our Gang / Little Rascals Dickie Moore, Darla Hood, George 'Spanky' McFarland, Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer and others
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