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Della Reese ACTOR

Della Reese was born on July 6th, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan with the birth name Delloreese Patricia Early to parents, Richard and Nellie Early. By the age of six, Reese was already singing in front of people and as she became a teenager, she began singing gospel and toured with another famous gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson.  Della graduated early from Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan and began to embark on her singing career.
When she turned eighteen years old, Reese formed a group called Meditation Singers and was the first to sing Gospel in Las Vegas Casino's.  Soon she was making her own records and was becoming quite successful as a jazz and gospel singer with Jubilee Records in 1953.  Then in 1957 she had a recording contract with RCA Records. 
Throughout her early music career she recorded such songs as, "Not One Minute More", "And Now", Someday You'll Want Me to Want You" and "The Most Beautiful Words".  She received a Grammy nomination for her 1960 album titled, "Della" and followed with two more Grammy nominations for, "Della Reese and Brilliance" and "My Soul Feels Better Right Now".  Then in 1987, Reese was also nominated for a Grammy Award as Best Female Soloist in Gospel music in 1987.
By the early 1970's, Reese began to transition to the other side of the entertainment industry as an actress.  She had one television role in 1969, but that was unsuccessful.  However, in 1970 she was a guest host on, "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and was actually the first black woman to ever be a guest host. 
Soon a number of roles were being offered to her such as on the television show, "The A-Team", "The Royal Family", "The New Doctors", "The Mod Squad", "The Rookies", the soap opera, "The Young and the Restless" and a recurring role on, "Chico and the Man".  She also made appearances on a number of television game shows such as, "The Match Game" and "That's So Raven".
In the late 1960's, she hosted her own talk show, "Della", which ran for 297 episodes and Reese became best known for her role as Tess on, "Touched by an Angel" (1994) which aired for nine seasons and a total of 212 episodes. 
In 2002 she went public to viewers that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now she is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association. 
Reese has married three times and has three children, Deloreese, Franklin and Dominique. Her first husband was Vermont Taliaferro in 1951 and they remained married until 1958.  She then married her second husband, Leroy Gray in 1959 but this marriage was short--lived, ending in 1961.  Her third and final marriage was to Franklin Lett in 1983 and the couple remain together today and reside in Los Angeles.  She currently works as a Reverend at the Church, "Understanding Principals for a Better Living" in Los Angeles, California.    


2011 Me Again 
2011 Hallelujah
2010 Detroit 1-8-7
2010 Expecting Mary 
2009 The Young and the Restless
2007 If I Had Known I Was a Genius
2006 That's So Raven 
2005 Beauty Shop 
1994-2003 Touched by an Angel 
2000 The Moving of Sophia Myles 
2000 Dinosaur 
1999 Anya's Bell 
1999 Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years 
1999 The Secret Path 
1998 Mama Flora's Family 
1998 Emma's Wish
1996-1998 Promised Land 
1997 Miracle in the Woods 
1997 A Match Made in Heaven
1997 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 
1996 A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 
1993 Picket Fences
1993 L.A. Law
1993 Designing Women
1992 The Distinguished Gentleman
1992 Dream On 
1991-1992 The Royal Family 
1992 You Must Remember This
1990-1991 MacGyver
1991 Married People 
1990 The Young Riders
1987-1990 227 
1990 The Kid Who Loved Christmas 
1989 Harlem Nights 
1989 Night Court 
1988 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 
1986 ABC Afterschool Specials 
1986 Charlie & Co.
1985-1986 Crazy Like a Fox 
1985 The A-Team 
1982-1983 It Takes Two
1982 The Love Boat
1980 Insight
1979 Welcome Back Kotter 
1975-1978 Chico and the Man
1976 Nightmare in Badham County 
1976 Flo's Place 
1976 Medical Center 
1974-1976 McCloud 
1975 Psychic Killer 
1975 The Rookies 
1975 Cop on the Beat
1975 Police Story 
1975 Joe Forrester 
1975 Petrocelli 
1974 Police Woman
1974 Twice in a Lifetime 
1973 Daddy's Girl 
1973 Voyage of the Yes
1971 Getting Together
1970 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
1968 The Mod Squad 

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