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Deanna Durbin ACTOR


Deanna Durbin was born on December 4th, 1921 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada with the birth name Edna Mae Durbin.  Her parents who were both from Britain brought her to live in California where she was raised.  She had a very talented singing voice which caught the attention of a number of talent scouts.
In 1936, MGM signed a contract with her when she was only fourteen years old.  Her first film was, "Every Sunday" (1936) which also starred Judy Garland.  MGM soon dropped her, but Universal Pictures took her to them for a contract right away.  Deanna followed with some major film roles in, "Three Smart Girls" (1936), "One Hundred Men and a Girl" (1937), "Mad About Music" (1938) and "That Certain Age" (1938).  It is said, Durbin is the actress that helped bring Universal Pictures out of bankruptcy.     
When she was eighteen years old she was already earning $250,000 per year.  She was becoming so popular in films that there was an array of items made about her such as Deanna Durbin dolls and dresses.
Durbin was so popular everyone everywhere was so impressed with her acting and singing talents.  Surprisingly, she was actually a very timid person and was not very comfortable with the glamour and stardom that came along with being a popular actress.  By the age of twenty one she was the highest-paid woman in the United States and the highest paid female star in the world.
However, Durbin continued to get cast in films roles that were highly successful such as, "Hers to Hold" (1943) and her final film role in, "For the Love of Mary" (1948).  At the young age of twenty seven, Durbin decided she was done with acting and retired from the industry.   

Deanna Durbin moved to France with her third husband and has turned down all offers to return to the film industry. 
Durbin was married three times, first to Vaughn Paul from April 18th, 1941 through December 14th, 1943.  Her second marriage was to Felix Jackson on June 13th, 1945 till October 27th, 1949 and together they had one daughter, Jessica Louise Jackson born on February 7th, 1946.  Deanna Durbin's final marriage was to director Charles David from December 21st, 1950 through March 1st 1999, when David passed away.  She had one more child a son, Peter David born on June 20th, 1951.
Deanna Durbin has declined all interviews and lived outside of Paris, France while in retirement. 

She passed away at age ninety one in the later part of April 2013 according to the Hollywood Reporter.


1948   For the Love of Mary 
1948   Up in Central Park 
1947   Something in the Wind 
1947   I'll Be Yours 
1946   Because of Him  
1945   Lady on a Train 
1944   Can't Help Singing 
1944   Christmas Holiday 
1943   His Butler's Sister 
1943   Hers to Hold 
1943   The Amazing Mrs. Holliday 
1941   It Started with Eve 
1941   Nice Girl? 
1940   Spring Parade  
1940   It's a Date  
1939   First Love
1939   Three Smart Girls Grow Up
1938   That Certain Age 
1938   Mad About Music 
1937   One Hundred Men and a Girl 
1936   Three Smart Girls 
1936   Every Sunday 

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