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Davin Ransom ACTOR


Davin Ransom was born on October 5th, 2003 in Eskilstuna Sweden to American parents, Phillip and Heidi Ransom.  At the age of one, his family relocated back to the United States, settling in Southern California.

Davin first became involved in acting at the age of three when a parent at his preschool recommended he try extra work.  Some of his early extra roles included appearances on such television series as, "How I Met Your Mother", "State of the Union" with Tracey Ullman and a number of tv commercials.
Davin began to express an interest to his family how much he enjoyed being in Los Angeles and working on set, therefore his parents took the initiative to get Davin involved in acting training.

He took a variety of courses in scene study and audition techniques and soon was taken on by manager, Bobbi Pigeon.  Davin's first major break through was an open casting call for the film, "It's Complicated" that released in 2009.  Davin was one of 4 boys asked by casting to come back that evening and read for the director, Nancy Meyers.
Unfortunately, he did not book this role, however his manager and parents began to see a real talent in Davin and the next step was to find him an agent.  He attended an agency casting call organized by his manager and Davin was chosen to be represented by CESD.
Ransom's first co star role soon followed appearing as a young boy throwing a tantrum on the television series, "In the Motherhood" in 2009 with Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines.  He was then cast doing voice over work for a US Cellular radio commercial.

Along with being represented by CESD, Davin remained with the extra company, Kids Management whom he signed with at the age of three and his next great opportunity came through that agency.

Davin was cast to appear in the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards hosted by Andy Samburg, in an opening skit with Cameron Diaz.  This opportunity allowed Davin to meet other actors in the industry whom he idolized such as, Zac Efron and Ben Stiller.
Ransom's next role was in the short film, "Neverland" (2010), directed by Alex Albrecht portraying young Travis.  Ransom followed this role with a co-star role in 2010, on the popular television series, "Desperate Housewives" portraying a young four year old Eddie in a flashback scene.
The same year, another amazing opportunity presented to Ransom when the extra company he worked for said he was chosen to portray, Robert Downey Jr. in the new, "Iron Man 2" as a young Tony Stark.  To this date, Ransom says, "This was his favorite role yet".
In addition to above, Ransom was also cast in 2009, as, Spencer Cassadine on the television soap opera, "General Hospital", a role he portrayed for almost two years.   

Other experience in the industry includes appearances on such commercials as, "Baskin Robbins" and "Glico", an Asian ice cream company.  He has also appeared on Target's online website as well as Disneyland's website.
Soon to release is the film, "Broken Kingdom" (2012) where Ransom was cast as one of the school children.  His most recent role was voiceover work for the animated film, "Monsters University" set to release in (2013).
In addition to his acting career, Ransom has been involved in Cub Scouts since the first grade and he continues to attend public school.  In his spare time he enjoys what many young boys do, Lego's and playing on their IPads.
Davin Ransom continues to attend auditions and looks forward to his next exciting role.  His younger brother, Dalin Ransom, has followed in his brother's footsteps and is now also represented by CESD.  The two boys hope one day, they can appear together in a film or television series. 

2012         Broken Kingdom
2009-2010     General Hospital 
2010         Iron Man 2
2010         Desperate Housewives 
2010         Neverland 
2009         2009 MTV Movie Awards
2009         In the Motherhood

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