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David Wayne ACTOR


David Wayne was born on January 30th, 1914 in Traverse City, Michigan with the birth name Wayne James McMeekan.  At the age of four his mother, Helen Matilda passed away.  After school he attended college at Western Michigan University and afterwards became involved in acting when he joined a Shakespeare repertory company.
He later decided to volunteer for the army but was rejected, therefore, he found work as an ambulance driver in North America.  Later Wayne decided to return to acting and found work as a stage actor on Broadway.
In 1947 he won a Best Supporting or Featured Actor Musical Award for, "Finian's Rainbow" and then in 1954 won a Tony Award for Best Actor for "The Teahouse of the August Moon". 
After gaining some stage experience, Wayne relocated to Hollywood and began working in the film industry.  Some of his film roles included, "Portrait of Jennie" (1948), "Adams Rib" (1949), "The Tender Trap" (1955), "As Young As Your Feel" (1951), "We're Not Married" (1952), "O. Henry's Full House" (1952) and "How To Mary a Millionaire" (1953).
He also starred in an number of television roles such as "The Outlaws" (1961), "Pay Now Die Later" (1964), "Ellery Queen" (1975), "Gunsmoke" (1975) and "Dallas" (1978).
Wayne married only one time to Jane Gordon in 1941 and they had two children together and remained married until he lost his wife.  Then he retired from acting in 1993 and two years later he passed away on February 9th, 1995 in Santa Monica, California from lung cancer at the age of eighty one.  


1987 Poker Alice 
1987 The Survivalist 
1986 The Golden Girls
1986 Trapper John, M.D. 
1983-1985 The Love Boat
1985 Newhart
1985 Crazy Like a Fox 
1985 Murder, She Wrote 
1984-1985 St. Elsewhere 
1984 Finder of Lost Loves 
1984 Finders Keepers
1983-1984 Matt Houston
1979-1982 House Calls 
1979 An American Christmas Carol 
1979 The Prize Fighter
1979 Eight Is Enough
1979 The Girls in the Office
1978 The Gift of Love
1978 Dallas
1978 Lassie: A New Beginning 
1978 Murder at the Mardi Gras 
1978 Loose Change 
1978 Family 
1978 Black Beauty 
1977 Switch
1977 Big Hawaii
1977 Hunter
1977 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 
1977 In the Glitter Palace
1976 Delvecchio
1976 Once an Eagle
1975-1976 Ellery Queen
1975 Phyllis 
1975 The Apple Dumpling Gang
1975 Tubby the Tuba
1975 Barney Miller 
1973-1975 Gunsmoke 
1975 Superman 
1974 The Front Page 
1974 The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One
1970-1974 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1974 Return of the Big Cat
1974 Huckleberry Finn
1974 Barnaby Jones
1974 Hawaii Five-O
1973 The Brian Keith Show
1973 Ironside
1973 Faraday and Company 
1973 Mannix
1973 Banacek
1972 The Streets of San Francisco 
1972 The Catcher 
1972 Cade's County 
1971-1972 The Good Life 
1971 Rod Serling's Night Gallery 
1971 Medical Center 
1971 The Andromeda Strain 
1971 Men at Law
1971 The Name of the Game
1970 Matt Lincoln 
1970 The Boy Who Stole the Elephant 
1969 Arsenic and Old Lace 
1967 CBS Playhouse 
1966-1967 Batman
1966 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1962-1966 Hallmark Hall of Fame
1966 Lamp at Midnight
1964 Mr. Broadway
1964 Burke's Law er' Devlin
1963 Cowboy and the Tiger 
1963 The Virginian 
1963 The Dick Powell Theatre
1963 Sam Benedict 
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1962 The United States Steel Hour
1962 Naked City 
1962 Route 66
1962 Kings of Broadway
1961 Alcoa Premiere
1961 Outlaws 
1961 The Big Gamble 
1961 Anatomy of an Accident 
1960 Wagon Train 
1960 Overland Trail 
1957-1960 G.E. True Theater 
1960 Sunday Showcase
1959 Twilight Zone
1959 The Last Angry Man 
1959 The Strawberry Blonde
1959 Alcoa Theatre
1957 The Frank Sinatra Show
1957 The DuPont Show of the Month
1957 The Sad Sack
1957 Playhouse 90
1957 Suspicion 
1957 The Three Faces of Eve
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1955-1957 Producers' Showcase 
1956 The Alcoa Hour 
1956 The Naked Hills 
1955 The Tender Trap
1955 Norby
1954 Hell and High Water 
1953 Omnibus
1953 How to Marry a Millionaire
1953 Down Among the Sheltering Palms 
1953 Tonight We Sing 
1953 The I Don't Care Girl 
1952 Full House
1952 We're Not Married! 
1952 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie 
1952 With a Song in My Heart 
1951 As Young as You Feel 
1951 M
1951 Up Front
1950 My Blue Heaven
1950 Stella
1950 The Reformer and the Redhead 
1950 Studio One in Hollywood 
1949 Adam's Rib 
1949 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 
1948 Portrait of Jennie
1948 Actor's Studio
1948 Great Catherine 

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