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Darren McGavin ACTOR


Darren McGavin was born on May 7th, 1922 in San Joaquin, California with the birth name William Lyle Richardson to parents Reid Delano Richardson and Grace Bogart.  At a young age his parents divorced and his father actually had McGavin sent to live in an orphanage at the age of eleven.  He would runaway often and lived in a total of three different 'boys homes'.  McGavin even with such a troubled childhood did manage to graduate from Puyallup High School.
He then enrolled at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California for only one year before getting hired as a painter at Columbia Pictures movie studio. Even though he had no formal training as an actor, when a small part became available, he auditioned and was given the role.  His film debut was in 1945 in "A Song to Remember".
From this point on, McGavin realized his interest in pursuing a career as an actor and therefore felt he needed to attain some formal training.  He moved to New York and studied drama at the Dramatic Arts Playhouse and the Actors Studio.  He also trained in Marital arts as he felt that would help him get roles in Hollywood.  He never served in the military during World War II, due to having injuries in his knees but instead later made educational films for the soldiers.  While living in New York he was able to attain a couple Broadway roles such as, "The King and I" and "Death of a Salesman".
McGavin returned back to Hollywood in the early 50's feeling more prepared to now work as a film actor.  He was cast in a number of films such as, "Summertime" (1955), "The Man with the Golden Arm" (1955) and also appeared on, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
Along with working on a number of decent films, McGavin also appeared on a variety of television shows such as, "Riverboat" (1959-1961), "The Defenders" (1963-1964) and "Gunsmoke" (1965-1966).  He was also cast in a number of television movies such as, "The Outsider" (1967) and "The Challengers" (1970). 
McGavin is most remembered by fans for his role in the horror television series, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" (1974) in which he portrayed news reporter Carl Kolchak.  Some of his later appearances included roles on, "Raw Deal" (1986) alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and a guest star role on, "The X-Files" (1993).  

Darren is also well remembered for his role in 1990 on, "Murphy Brown" as Bill Brown.  This role earned him an Emmy in 1990 and he kept working with another role in a film called, "Billy Madison" (1995) alongside Adam Sandler.  
Throughout his career he worked on stage, television and the big screen appearing in over 200 performances.  He was a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.     

McGavin married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Melanie York from 1944 through 1969 and together they had four children, Melaine, Bridgit, York, and Bogart.  His second wife was Kathie Browne whom he married on December 31st, 1969 and they remained together until she passed away on April 8th, 2003.
Three years after losing his wife, McGavin passed away on February 25th, 2006 in Los Angeles, California from natural causes at the age of eighty three.   

2005 Night Stalker
1998-1999 The X-Files
1999 Pros & Cons 
1997 Millennium
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1996 Small Time 
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1995 Burke's Law
1995 Derby 
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1995 Billy Madison 
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1995 ABC Weekend Specials 
1994 A Perfect Stranger 
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1993 The Poetry Hall of Fame
1989-1992 Murphy Brown 
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1991 The General Motors Playwrights Theater
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1990 Kojak: It's Always Something
1990 In the Name of Blood 
1989 Monsters
1989 Around the World in 80 Days
1988 The Diamond Trap
1988 Dead Heat 
1988 Inherit the Wind 
1988 Highway to Heaven
1987 Tales from the Hollywood Hills: A Table at Ciro's 
1987 Great Performances 
1987 CBS Summer Playhouse
1987 From the Hip 
1986 Worlds Beyond
1986 Raw Deal 
1986 Flag 
1985 Tales from the Darkside
1985 The Hitchhiker
1985 The O'Briens 
1985 Turk 182! 
1985 My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn
1984 The Baron and the Kid 
1984 The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1984 The Natural
1983 A Christmas Story 
1983 Small & Frye
1983 Tales of the Unexpected
1982 Freedom to Speak
1981 Magnum, P.I.
1981 Firebird 2015 AD
1981 Nero Wolfe
1980 The Love Boat
1980 Hangar 18 
1980 Waikiki
1980 The Martian Chronicles 
1980 Ike: The War Years
1979 Love for Rent 
1979 Not Until Today 
1979 Ike: The War Years 
1968-1979 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1979 Donovan's Kid
1979 A Bond of Iron
1978 The Users
1978 Hot Lead and Cold Feet 
1978 Zero to Sixty 
1977 Airport '77 
1976 Law and Order 
1976 Brinks: The Great Robbery
1976 No Deposit, No Return 
1974-1975 Kolchak: The Night Stalker
1975 Hay que matar a B. 
1973-1974 The Evil Touch 
1974 Police Story
1974 Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1974 Shaft
1973 The Six Million Dollar Man
1973 The Night Strangler 
1972 43: The Richard Petty Story 
1972 Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole 
1972 Here Comes the Judge 
1972 The Rookies
1972 Something Evil 
1972 The Night Stalker 
1971 The Death of Me Yet 
1971 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers
1971 Cade's County
1971 Mrs. Pollifax-Spy 
1971 Banyon
1970 Matt Lincoln
1970 Bracken's World 
1970 Tribes 
1970 Berlin Affair
1968-1970 The Name of the Game
1970 Mannix
1970 Love, American Style
1970 The Challengers 
1970 The Challenge
1970 The Forty-Eight Hour Mile 
1968-1969 The Outsider
1969 Anatomy of a Crime 
1968 Mission Mars 
1967 The Outsider 
1967 Custer
1967 Mission: Impossible
1967 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1964-1967 The Virginian
1967 Cimarron Strip
1965-1966 Gunsmoke
1966 Felony Squad
1966 Court Martial
1966 Confidential for Women
1965 Dr. Kildare
1965 African Gold
1965 The Great Sioux Massacre 
1965 The Rogues
1964 Ben Casey
1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1963-1964 The Defenders
1964 The Doctors and the Nurses
1964 Bullet for a Badman 
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962 The United States Steel Hour
1962 Purex Summer Specials
1961 Rawhide
1961 Route 66
1961 Stagecoach West
1961 Death Valley Days
1961 The Islanders
1959-1961 Riverboat
1961 Witchcraft 
1958-1959 Mike Hammer
1958 Decision
1958 The Case Against Brooklyn 
1951-1958 Studio One in Hollywood 
1957 Beau James
1957 The Delicate Delinquent 
1956-1957 The Alcoa Hour
1956 Robert Montgomery Presents 
1956 Climax!
1952-1956 Armstrong Circle Theatre
1955 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1955 The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell 
1955 The Man with the Golden Arm 
1955 Producers' Showcase
1955 It's Always Jan
1955 Summertime 
1955 A Word to the Wives...
1954 Omnibus
1954 Ponds Theater
1954 Mama 
1954 Campbell Summer Soundstage
1952-1954 Suspense
1954 Janet Dean, Registered Nurse
1953 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
1953 The Revlon Mirror Theater
1952-1953 Danger
1953 Short Short Dramas
1952 Goodyear Playhouse
1952 Tales of Tomorrow
1951 Distant Drums
1951 Crime Photographer
1951 Queen for a Day
1949 Mr. I. Magination
1949 I Remember You
1946 Fear 
1945 She Wouldn't Say Yes 
1945 Kiss and Tell 
1945 Counter-Attack 
1945 A Song to Remember 

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