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Curt Jurgens ACTOR


Curt Jurgens was born on December 13th, 1915 in Solln near Munich (now Munich), Bavaria, Germany with the birth name, Curd Gustav Andreas Gottlieb Franz Jürgens to a German father and French mother and had two older twin sisters.  He is known as one of the most successful European film actors of the 20th Century.  Many of his film credits bill him as either Curt or Curd. 
After the end of World War II, Jurgens left Germany and moved to Austria becoming a citizen there and also spent some time living in France.  After completing college, he began pursuing a career as a journalist, but soon was encouraged by his first wife to pursue a career as an actor instead.

He began his first introduction to acting working as a stage actor on the Vienna stage and soon followed with a number of film roles in America and overseas.  He appeared on the screen in such films as, "The Devil's General" (1955), "And God Created Woman" (1956), "The Enemy Below" (1957), "The Longest Day" (1962) and "Lord Jim" (1962) amongst others on the big screen and television as well.  

Even though he had quite a successful career as a film actor, he always considered himself a stage actor and never neglected his love of the stage.  He often returned to perform at the Vienna stage and also was involved in directing and writing several screenplays.
Curt Jurgens married a total of five times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Lulu Basler whom he wed on June 15th, 1937 and they were together until 1947.  His second wife was Judith Holzmeister from 1947 through 1955.  His third time to marry was Eva Bartok from 1955 through 1957 and they had one child together, whom she later claimed was actually fathered during a brief affair with Frank Sinatra.  He then chose to marry again for a fourth time to Simone Bicheron from 1958 through 1977.  His fifth and final time down the aisle was on March 21st, 1978 to Margie Schmitz and they remained together until Jurgens passed away on June 18th, 1982 after suffering from a heart attack in Vienna Austria where he was interred in the Central Cemetery.
In 1975, Curt Jurgens wrote an autobiography titled, "Sixty and Not yet Wise" which was published in 1976.  He was also ranked #2 posthumously in 2005 by a German tabloid, "Bild" as one of the men with the most sex appeal ever.    


1982 Smiley's People
1981 Collin 
1981 The Sleep of Death
1981 Assassination Attempt 
1980 Warum die UFOs unseren Salat klauen 
1979 The Other One's Mug
1979 Goldengirl 
1979 Breakthrough 
1979 Berggasse 19
1978 Just a Gigolo 
1978 Tatort 
1978 Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident
1977 The Spy Who Loved Me 
1977 La foire
1976 The Twist 
1976 Am laufenden Band 
1976 As of Tomorrow 
1976 Auch Mimosen wollen blühen 
1976 Povero Cristo 
1975 Second Spring
1975 Derrick
1975 Cagliostro 
1975 Die gelbe Nachtigall
1975 La lunga strada senza polvere 
1974 Fräulein Else
1974 Les flocons rouges 
1974 Fall of Eagles 
1974 Undercovers Hero 
1974 Galileo
1974 Radiografia di una Svastika 
1972-1973 Der Kommissar
1973 Profession: Adventurers 
1973 The Vault of Horror 
1973 Occupation
1972 War Is Hell
1971 Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
1971 Fieras sin jaula
1971 Nicholas and Alexandra 
1971 Das Stundenhotel von St. Pauli 
1971 Nurses for Sale 
1971 The Mephisto Waltz 
1970 Millionen nach Maß
1970 French Intrigue 
1970 Hello-Goodbye 
1970 The Invincible Six 
1970 Slap in the Face
1970 Der Pfarrer von St. Pauli 
1969 The Battle of Neretva
1969 Battle of Britain
1969 Shock Treatment 
1969 Battle of the Commandos 
1969 The Assassination Bureau 
1968 Babeck
1968 Bedroom Stewardesses
1968 OSS 117 - Double Agent 
1968 Le fil rouge
1967 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1967 An Affair of States
1967 Dirty Heroes 
1967 Der Lügner und die Nonne
1966 Der schwarze Freitag 
1966 The Gardener of Argenteuil 
1966 Das Geheimnis der gelben Mönche
1966 Congress of Love 
1965 Das Liebeskarussell 
1965 Lord Jim 
1965 DM-Killer 
1964 Psyche 59 
1964 Pariahs of Glory
1964 Begegnung in Salzburg 
1964 Hide and Seek 
1964 The DuPont Show of the Week
1963 Nutty, Naughty Chateau 
1963 Of Love and Desire 
1963 Curd Jürgens erzählt
1963 Berlin-Melodie
1963 Miracle of the White Stallions 
1962 Beach Casanova
1962 The Dick Powell Theatre
1962 The Longest Day 
1962 Disorder 
1962 Three Penny Opera 
1961 Le triomphe de Michel Strogoff 
1961 Bankraub in der Rue Latour 
1960 Gustav Adolfs Page 
1960 Brainwashed 
1960 I Aim at the Stars 
1959 Adorable Sinner
1959 Ferry to Hong Kong 
1959 The Blue Angel 
1959 Le vent se lève 
1958 Duel in the Forest 
1958 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
1958 Me and the Colonel
1958 This Happy Feeling 
1958 The House of Intrigue 
1958 Tamango 
1957 The Enemy Below 
1957 Les espions
1957 An Eye for an Eye
1957 Bitter Victory 
1956 Michael Strogoff 
1956 ...And God Created Woman
1956 Ohne dich wird es Nacht
1956 The Golden Bridge 
1956 Teufel in Seide
1955 Du mein stilles Tal
1955 Heroes and Sinners
1955 Die Ratten 
1955 Love Without Illusions
1955 The Devil's General 
1955 Du bist die Richtige
1954 Afraid to Love 
1954 Orient Express 
1954 Prisoners of Love 
1954 Circus of Love 
1954 Eine Frau von heute 
1954 Meines Vaters Pferde, 1. Teil: Lena und Nicoline 
1953 Alles für Papa 
1953 The Last Waltz 
1953 Music by Night
1953 Man nennt es Liebe 
1953 Praterherzen
1952 Du bist die Rose vom Wörthersee 
1952 1. April 2000
1952 Knall und Fall als Hochstaple
1952 Haus des Lebens
1951 Gangsterpremiere 
1951 Der schweigende Mund 
1951 Geheimnis einer Ehe 
1951 Ein Lächeln im Sturm
1950 Eine seltene Geliebte 
1950 Die gestörte Hochzeitsnacht
1950 Küssen ist keine Sünd 
1950 Der Schuß durchs Fenster 
1950 Prämien auf den Tod 
1949 Young Girls of Vienna
1949 Hexen
1949 Lambert Is Threatened 
1949 Der himmlische Walzer 
1949 Das Kuckucksei 
1948 Verlorenes Rennen 
1948 The Mozart Story 
1948 An klingenden Ufern 
1948 Der Engel mit der Posaune
1948 The Singing House 
1948 Hin und her 
1944 Ein Blick zurück 
1944 Eine kleine Sommermelodie 
1943 Ein glücklicher Mensch 
1943 Frauen sind keine Engel 
1942 Wen die Götter lieben 
1942 Stimme des Herzens 
1940 Operette 
1940 Herz ohne Heimat
1940 Weltrekord im Seitensprung 
1939 Salonwagen E 417 
1939 Die gute alte Zeit 
1937 Tango Notturno
1937 To New Shores
1937 Liebe kann lügen 
1936 The Unknown
1936 Familienparade
1935 Königswalzer 

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