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Curly Howard ACTOR


Curly Howard was born on October 22nd, 1903 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Jerome Lester Horwitz.  He first became involved in acting in 1928 when he was a comedic conductor for the Orville Band. 

In 1932 he joined the cast of, "The Three Stooges" and became the most popular member of the cast.  He replaced his brother, Shemp Howard and would go on to appear in over one hundred shorts.

During filming with "The Three Stooges" he was working on the short, "Half-Wits Holiday" in 1947 when he suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire.  He did later appear in two other shorts, "Hold That Lion!" (1947) and "Malice in the Palace" (1949).

Hoping his health was better, he planned to return back to work fulltime, however at the age of forty eight, Howard passed away from a stroke in San Gabriel, California on January 18th, 1952.  His remains are interred at Home of Peace Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. 

Curly Howard married a total of four times throughout his lifetime.  His first marriage was to Julia Rosenthal in 1930 but this marriage was annulled before even lasting one year.  His second wife was Elaine Ackerman whom he wed in 1937 and the couple had one child before they divorced in 1940.  His third time to marry was to Marion Buxbaum in 1945 however by 1946 another marriage came to an end.  His fourth and final wife was Valerie Newman whom he married in July 1947 and they also had one child and remained married until he passed away in 1952.


1949         Malice in the Palace
1947         Hold That Lion!
1947         Half-Wits Holiday 
1946         Three Little Pirates
1946         Rhythm and Weep
1946         G.I. Wanna Home 
1946         Three Loan Wolves 
1946         Monkey Businessmen
1946         The Three Troubledoers 
1946         Uncivil War Birds 
1946         Swing Parade of 1946
1946         A Bird in the Head 
1946         Beer Barrel Polecats
1945         Micro-Phonies 
1945         Booby Dupes
1945         If a Body Meets a Body
1945         Idiots Deluxe
1945         Rockin' in the Rockies
1945         Three Pests in a Mess 
1944         No Dough Boys
1944         Gents Without Cents
1944         The Yoke's on Me 
1944         Busy Buddies
1944         Crash Goes the Hash
1943         A Gem of a Jam 
1943         Phony Express 
1943         Idle Roomers 
1943         Dizzy Pilots 
1943         I Can Hardly Wait 
1943         Higher Than a Kite 
1943         Three Little Twirps 
1943         Good Luck, Mr. Yates
1943         Back from the Front
1943         Spook Louder
1943         Dizzy Detectives
1943         They Stooge to Conga
1942         Sock-a-Bye Baby 
1942         My Sister Eileen
1942         Even as IOU 
1942         Three Smart Saps
1942         Matri-Phony 
1942         Cactus Makes Perfect
1942         What's the Matador?
1942         Loco Boy Makes Good
1941         Some More of Samoa 
1941         In the Sweet Pie and Pie
1941         An Ache in Every Stake
1941         I'll Never Heil Again 
1941         Time Out for Rhythm
1941         All the World's a Stooge
1941         Dutiful But Dumb 
1941         So Long Mr. Chumps
1940         Boobs in Arms
1940         Cookoo Cavaliers
1940         No Census, No Feeling
1940         From Nurse to Worse 
1940         How High Is Up? 
1940         Nutty But Nice 
1940         A Plumbing We Will Go 
1940         Rockin' Thru the Rockies
1940         You Nazty Spy!
1939         Three Sappy People 
1939         Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
1939         Calling All Curs
1939         Saved by the Belle 
1939         Yes, We Have No Bonanza
1939         A Ducking They Did Go 
1939         We Want Our Mummy
1939         Three Little Sew and Sews
1938         Flat Foot Stooges
1938         Mutts to You
1938         Three Missing Links
1938         Violent Is the Word for Curly
1938         Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb 
1938         Tassels in the Air 
1938         Start Cheering
1938         Wee Wee Monsieur 
1938         Termites of 1938 
1937         The Sitter Downers 
1937         Playing the Ponies 
1937         Cash and Carry 
1937         Goofs and Saddles 
1937         Back to the Woods 
1937         3 Dumb Clucks 
1937         Dizzy Doctors
1937         Grips, Grunts and Groans
1936         Slippery Silks 
1936         Whoops, I'm an Indian! 
1936         False Alarms
1936         A Pain in the Pullman 
1936         Disorder in the Court 
1936         Half Shot Shooters 
1936         Movie Maniacs 
1936         Ants in the Pantry
1935         Three Little Beers 
1935         Hoi Polloi 
1935         Pardon My Scotch
1935         Uncivil Warriors 
1935         Pop Goes the Easel 
1935         Restless Knights
1935         Horses' Collars 
1934         Three Little Pigskins 
1934         The Captain Hates the Sea
1934         Men in Black
1934         Punch Drunks 
1934         Hollywood Party
1934         The Big Idea 
1934         Woman Haters 
1934         Jailbirds of Paradise 
1934         Roast-Beef and Movies 
1934         Fugitive Lovers
1933         Myrt and Marge
1933         Dancing Lady
1933         Meet the Baron
1933         Plane Nuts 
1933         Hello Pop!
1933         Broadway to Hollywood
1933         Beer and Pretzels 
1933         Turn Back the Clock
1933         Nertsery Rhymes

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