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Constance Talmadge ACTOR


Constance Talmadge was born on April 19th, 1898 in Brooklyn, New York with the middle name Alice to parents Fred and Peg Talmadge.  She was raised in New York City and had a very difficult childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and abandoned her family leaving her mother to raise her and her sisters, Natalie and Norma.
It was her sister Norma who first became involved in the entertainment industry as an actress and Constance soon followed appearing in such shorts as, "In Bridal Attire" (1914), "Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages" (1916), "The Fall of Babylon" (1919), "A Pair of Silk Stockings" (1918), "Happiness a la Mode" (1919), "Romance and Arabella" (1919), "Wedding Bells" (1921) and "The Primitive Lover" (1922).  Throughout her career she appeared in more then eighty films.
As her career progressed as a top female silent film star actress she also started her own production company.  As the silent film era came to an end and sound films came about, she retired from the industry and did not choose to make the transition.  Her sister Norma did appear in a couple talkies but then for the most part all three sisters chose to leave Hollywood.  Constance went on to take on other business ventures such as in 1927 when she and her sister opened the Talmadge park real estate development in San Diego, California. 
Throughout her lifetime she married a total of four times.  Her first husband was John Pialoglou whom she wed in 1920 and divorced just two years later.  She then married Alastair William Mackintosh in 1926 and again a very short lasting marriage ended in 1927.  Her third time to wed was to Townsend Netcher in 1929 and this marriage came to an end in 1939.  She then married for her fourth and final time to Walter Michael Giblin in 1939 and they were together until he passed away on May 1st, 1964. 

Constance resided in Los Angeles, California and in her later years she suffered from alcohol abuse.  On November 23rd, 1973 she passed away from pneumonia in Los Angeles.
Constance as one of the first people to have her handprints and footprints imprinted at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and was also honored with a street in Hollywood, California named after her and her sister, Norma.  She was also given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  


1929 VĂ©nus 
1927 Breakfast at Sunrise
1927 Venus of Venice 
1926 The Duchess of Buffalo 
1925 Her Sister from Paris 
1925 Seven Chances 
1925 Learning to Love
1924 Her Night of Romance 
1924 The Goldfish 
1923 The Dangerous Maid 
1923 Dulcy 
1922 East Is West 
1922 The Primitive Lover 
1922 Polly of the Follies 
1921 Woman's Place 
1921 Wedding Bells 
1921 Lessons in Love 
1921 Mama's Affair
1920 Dangerous Business
1920 Good References
1920 The Perfect Woman 
1920 The Love Expert
1920 In Search of a Sinner
1920 Two Week
1919 A Virtuous Vamp
1919 A Temperamental Wife
1919 Happiness a la Mode 
1919 The Veiled Adventure
1919 Experimental Marriage
1919 Romance and Arabella
1919 Who Cares?
1918 A Lady's Name
1918 Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots 
1918 Sauce for the Goose
1918 A Pair of Silk Stockings
1918 Good Night, Paul 
1918 The Lesson 
1918 Up the Road with Sallie 
1918 The Shuttle
1918 The Studio Girl 
1917 The Honeymoon 
1917 Scandal 
1917 Betsy's Burglar 
1917 A Girl of the Timber Claims
1916 The Matrimaniac 
1916 The Microscope Mystery
1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
1916 The Missing Links
1916 The She-Devil
1915 The Little Puritan
1915 Beached and Bleached
1915 Can You Beat It? 
1915 A Keyboard Strategy 
1915 Billy the Bear Tamer
1915 Captivating Mary Carstairs 
1915 Insuring Cutey 
1915 Bertie's Stratagem 
1915 Spades Are Trumps 
1915 The Vanishing Vault 
1915 The Boarding House Feud 
1915 The Lady of Shalott 
1915 The Master of His House 
1915 A Study in Tramps 
1915 Burglarious Billy 
1915 The Young Man Who 'Figgered' 
1915 The Green Cat 
1915 Billy's Wager 
1915 In the Latin Quarter
1915 Georgia Pearce 
1914 Forcing Dad's Consent 
1914 The Egyptian Mummy 
1914 Fixing Their Dads
1914 In Bridal Attire 
1914 The Evolution of Percival
1914 The Peacemaker 
1914 Father's Timepiece 
1914 The Mysterious Lodger 
1914 Buddy's Downfall
1914 Uncle Bill 
1914 The Moonstone of Fez 
1914 Our Fairy Play 
1914 The Maid from Sweden
1914 Buddy's First Call 

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