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Constance Bennett ACTOR


Constance Bennett was born on October 22nd, 1904 in New York City, New York with the birth name Constance Campbell Bennett to parents Richard and Adrienne.  She also had two sisters, Barbara and Joan and she was the first of all three to get involved in the film industry in which her sisters soon followed in her footsteps.  She was educated at Miss Shandor's school, Mrs. Merrill's school and Balsan's Finishing School in Paris.    

She began her career appearing in silent films in New York and then had the opportunity to meet Samuel Goldwyn which opened the door for her film career.  She relocated to Hollywood and her film debut was in, "Cytherea" (1924).  She then took a break from acting in silent films to focus on her first marriage, however, when things did not work out she returned to the film industry during the era when silent films were coming to an end.  

In 1929, she managed to achieve a level of stardom working on sound films such as, "Common Clay" (1930), "The Affairs of Cellini" (1934), "Ladies in Love" (1936), "Topper" (1937) and "Merrily We Live" (1938).  She was under a contract for two films with Warner Brothers which paid her $300,000 for both films making her the highest-paid film player up to that time. 
She was not only a very attractive lady, she was also very intelligent and invested her money wisely.  She  started a business marketing women's clothing and cosmetics.  She later on in life also did some work for her fifth husband coordinating shows flown to Europe for the troops.    

Constance died suddenly and very unexpected at the age of sixty in Fort Dix, New Jersey,  from cerebral hemorrhaging right after completing her 57th film.  She married five times throughout her lifetime.  First to Chester Hirst Moorehead from 1921 through 1922, she then married Philip Morgan Plant from 1925 through 1929.  Her third marriage was to Henri de la Falaise from 1931 through 1940.  Even though married life did not seem to be so successful for her, Bennett married for a fourth time to Gilbert Roland from 1941 through 1946 and this time had two children.  Her fifth and final marriage was to Gen. John Theron Coulter from 1946 through her sudden death in 1965. 

She will always be known as the most beautiful of the Bennett sisters.  She is buried at Arlington National Cemetery and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.       


1966 Madame X 
1964 The Reporter
1961 The Ann Sothern Show
1952-1956 Robert Montgomery Presents 
1954 The Philip Morris Playhouse
1953 Suspense
1953 Broadway Television Theatre
1951 Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
1951 Faith Baldwin Romance Theatre
1951 Cameo Theatre
1951 As Young as You Feel
1948 Angel on the Amazon 
1948 Smart Woman 
1947 The Unsuspected 
1946 Centennial Summer 
1945 Paris Underground 
1942 Madame Spy 
1942 Sin Town
1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides 
1941 Two-Faced Woman 
1941 Law of the Tropics 
1940 Escape to Glory 
1939 Tail Spin 
1938 Topper Takes a Trip 
1938 Service de Luxe 
1938 Merrily We Live 
1937 Topper  
1936 Ladies in Love 
1936 Everything Is Thunder 
1935 After Office Hours 
1934 Outcast Lady 
1934 The Affairs of Cellini 
1934 Moulin Rouge 
1933 After Tonight
1933 Bed of Roses 
1933 Our Betters
1932 Rockabye 
1932 Two Against the World 
1932 What Price Hollywood? 
1932 Lady with a Past 
1931 Bought! 
1931 The Common Law 
1931 Born to Love 
1931 The Easiest Way
1930 Sin Takes a Holiday 
1930 Common Clay 
1930 Three Faces East 
1930 Son of the Gods 
1929 This Thing Called Love 
1929 Rich People 
1926 Married? 
1925 The Pinch Hitter 
1925 Sally, Irene and Mary 
1925 The Goose Woman 
1925 My Wife and I 
1925 My Son 
1925 Code of the West 
1925 The Goose Hangs High 
1925 Wandering Fires 
1924 Into the Net 
1924 Cytherea 
1922 What's Wrong with the Women? 
1922 Evidence 
1922 Reckless Youth 
1916 The Valley of Decision  

Matinee Classics - Constance Bennett, actor, and sister to actor Joan Bennett
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Matinee Classics - Sin Takes a Holiday starring Constance Bennett, Kenneth MacKenna, Basil Rathbone, Rita La ROy, Louis John Bartels, John Roche, ZaSu Pitts, Kendall Lee, Murrell Finley, Helen Johnson and Fred Walton

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