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Conrad Veidt ACTOR


Conrad Veidt was born on January 22nd, 1893 in Potsdam, Germany with the birth name Hans Walter Conrad Veidt to parents Amalie Marie and Phillip Heinrich Veidt.  In 1933, during the rise of Adolf Hitler to power, he and his wife fled Germany and relocated to England becoming a British citizen in 1939.
He first became interested in acting when his first wife became involved in theater and he decided to pursue it with her.  However, he was drafted into the Army during World War I in 1915 and after suffering from jaundice and pneumonia he was not able to fully recover so the Army aloud him to do theater and entertain the troops.  When he was finally discharged he decided to return back to pursuing a career in theater.  

Starting as early as 1916 he began his career in entertainment and throughout his lifetime, Veidt appeared in over 100 films.  Some of his more well known films were roles in "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920), "The Man Who Laughs" (1928), "Anders als die Andern" (1919) which translates to "Different From the Others" and Germany's first talking picture in 1929, "Bride 68". 
He is highly remembered for his most well known role as Gestapo Major Strasser in "Casablanca" (1942) for which he was the highest paid actor in this film. 
Veidt married a total of three times during his lifetime, first to Gussy Holl in 1918 and divorced just a couple years later in 1922.  He then married his second wife, Felicitas Radke in 1923 and they had one daughter, Viola Vera Veidt, before ending their union in 1923.  His third and final marriage was to Illona Prager in 1933 and they remained happily married but not having any children until he passed away on April 3rd, 1943 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a heart attack while playing golf in Los Angeles, California.
He is interred at the Golders Green Crematorium in London.  


1943 Above Suspicion
1942 Casablanca
1942 Nazi Agent
1941 All Through the Night 
1941 The Men in Her Life
1941 Whistling in the Dark 
1941 A Woman's Face 
1940 The Thief of Bagdad 
1940 Escape
1940 Blackout
1939 The Spy in Black
1938 The Devil Is an Empress
1938 Tempête sur l'Asie
1937 Under the Red Robe
1937 Dark Journey 
1935 King of the Damned 
1935 The Passing of the Third Floor Back 
1934 Power 
1934 The Legend of William Tell 
1934 Bella Donna 
1934 Guillaume Tell
1933 The Wandering Jew 
1933 I Was a Spy 
1933 F. P. 1 Doesn't Answer
1933 Ich und die Kaiserin
1932 Rome Express 
1932 Der schwarze Husar
1932 The Congress Dances
1932 Rasputin, Demon with Women 
1931 Die andere Seite 
1931 Der Kongreß tanzt 
1931 Die Nacht der Entscheidung 
1931 Der Mann, der den Mord beging 
1930 The Love Storm
1930 Thirteen Men and a Girl 
1929 Bride 68 
1928 The Man Who Laughs
1927 Gesetze der Liebe
1927 The Last Performance 
1927 A Man's Past 
1927 The Beloved Rogue 
1926 Impetuous Youth 
1926 Die Flucht in die Nacht 
1926 The Man Who Cheated Life 
1926 Kreuzzug des Weibes 
1926 Le comte Kostia
1926 Dürfen wir schweigen?
1926 Liebe macht blind
1926 Die Brüder Schellenberg
1925 Ingmarsarvet 
1925 Schicksal
1924 Husbands or Lovers
1924 Waxworks 
1924 The Hands of Orla
1924 Temperamental Artist
1924 Carlos and Elisabeth 
1923 Wilhelm Tell
1923 Paganini
1923 Bride of Vengeance
1923 Glanz gegen Glück
1922 Lucrezia Borgia
1921 Der Leidensweg der Inge Krafft
1921 Mysteries of India, Part I: Truth
1921 Lady Hamilton
1921 Danton
1921 Landstraße und Großstadt
1921 Christian Wahnschaffe, 2. Teil - Die Flucht aus dem goldenen Kerker
1921 Desire
1921 Die Liebschaften des Hektor Dalmore
1921 Liebestaumel
1921 The Dark Road
1921 Das Geheimnis von Bombay 
1921 Menschen im Rausch 
1921 Mysteries of India, Part II: Above All Law
1920 Weltbrand
1920 Manolescus Memoiren
1920 Abend - Nacht - Morgen
1920 Moriturus
1920 Der Januskopf
1920 Kurfürstendamm
1920 The Eyes of the World
1920 Die Nacht auf Goldenhall
1920 Patience
1920 The Merry-Go-Round
1920 he Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 
1920 Satanas 
1920 Nachtgestalten
1920 Der Graf von Cagliostro
1919 Eerie Tales
1919 Wahnsinn
1919 Prinz Kuckuck - Die Höllenfahrt eines Wollüstlings
1919 Prostitution II
1919 Die Okarina
1919 Different from the Others 
1919 Peer Gynt 
1919 Peer Gynt - 2. Teil: Peer Gynts Wanderjahre und Tod
1919 Die Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen
1919 Prostitution
1919 Die Japanerin
1919 Die Mexikanerin
1919 Nocturno der Liebe
1919 Opium
1918 Henriette Jacoby
1918 The Story of Dida Ibsen
1918 Es werde Licht! 4. Teil: Sündige Mütter
1918 Colomba
1918 Jettchen Gebert's Story
1918 Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen
1918 Das Dreimäderlhaus
1918 Die Serenyi
1918 Das Rätsel von Bangalor
1918 Der nicht vom Weibe Geborene
1918 Opfer der Gesellschaft
1917 Wenn Tote sprechen
1917 Der Spion
1917 Die Seeschlacht
1917 Furcht
1916 Der Weg des Todes 

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Matinee Classics - Dark Journey starring Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh, Joan Gardner, Anthony Bushell, Ursula Jeans, Margery Pickard, Ellioy Makeham, Austin Trevor, Sam Livesey, Edmund Willard, Charles Carson and Cecil Parker
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