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Connie Gilchrist ACTOR


Connie Gilchrist was born on February 2nd, 1901 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Rose Constance Gilchrist.  Her mother, Martha Daniels was a stage actress and so early on in life, Gilchrist showed an interest in acting.
At the age of sixteen she began working as a stage actress in London.  After years of experience in London and France, she finally began working on Broadway in 1935.  However, it was not until the age of thirty nine that she first broke into the film industry appearing in, "Hullabaloo" (1940).  It was her contract with MGM that helped open her career as a film actress. 
Connie Gilchrist was most remembered for her role on the television series, "The Real McCoys" (1957) playing Mrs. Jenson as well as her role as Norah Muldoon in the 1958 film, "Auntie Mame".  Other film roles she took on throughout her career as an actress were in, "A Woman's Face" (1941), "The Thin Man Goes Home" (1945), "Little Women" (1949), "Houdini" (1953), "Some Came Running" (1958) and her final film roles was in 1969 in, "Some Kind of Nut".  
Along with a total of seventy seven film roles, Gilchrist also made numerous television appearances in such series as, "Leave it to Beaver", "Perry Mason", "M Squad", "Wagon Train", "Dr. Kildare", "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" and "Twilight Zone".
Gilchrist married only once to Edwin O'Hanlon in 1922 and they had one daughter before the marriage came to an end.  She did not remarry again and on March 3rd, 1985 she passed away at the age of eighty four.   


1969 Some Kind of a Nut
1965-1968 The F.B.I. 
1964-1966 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964-1966 Perry Mason
1965 Tickle Me
1965 Fluffy 
1965 The Monkey's Uncle 
1965 Daniel Boone
1965 Dr. Kildare 
1965 Sylvia
1965 Two on a Guillotine 
1964 A House Is Not a Home 
1964 A Tiger Walks 
1964 The Fugitive
1964 The Misadventures of Merlin Jones
1963 Arrest and Trial
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1963 Twilight Zone 
1963 Our Man Higgins 
1963 Going My Way
1962 The Interns 
1960-1961 G.E. True Theater 
1961 Alcoa Premiere 
1961 Westinghouse Playhouse 
1961 The Tall Man 
1961 The Real McCoys
1961 Swingin' Along
1960 Lock Up
1960 Bachelor Father
1960 Wagon Train 
1960 M Squad 
1959 Say One for Me 
1958 Auntie Mame
1958 Some Came Running
1958 Machine-Gun Kelly 
1958 The Restless Gun 
1956-1958 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1957 Leave It to Beaver 
1955-1957 The Adventures of Long John Silver
1957 The Adventures of Jim Bowie 
1957 Lux Video Theatre
1956 Telephone Time
1956 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
1956 The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty
1955 Waterfront
1954 Long John Silver
1954 The Far Country
1954 Return to Treasure Island 
1954 The Loretta Young Show 
1954 It Should Happen to You 
1954 The Great Diamond Robbery
1953 Houdini
1952 The Half-Breed 
1952 Flesh and Fury
1952 One Big Affair
1952 Miss Marple
1951 Thunder on the Hill
1951 Here Comes the Groom 
1951 Chain of Circumstance 
1950 The Killer That Stalked New York
1950 Tripoli 
1950 Undercover Girl
1950 Peggy 
1950 Louisa 
1950 Stars in My Crown
1950 A Ticket to Tomahawk
1950 Buccaneer's Girl 
1949 The Story of Molly X 
1949 Little Women 
1949 A Letter to Three Wives
1949 Chicken Every Sunday 
1948 Act of Violence
1948 Luxury Liner
1948 Big City 
1948 The Bride Goes Wild
1948 Tenth Avenue Angel 
1947 Good News
1947 The Unfinished Dance 
1947 Song of the Thin Man
1947 The Hucksters 
1947 A Really Important Person
1946 Faithful in My Fashion 
1946 Bad Bascomb 
1946 Young Widow 
1946 Up Goes Maisie 
1945 Junior Miss
1945 The Valley of Decision 
1945 The Thin Man Goes Home 
1944 Music for Millions 
1944 Nothing But Trouble 
1944 The Seventh Cross 
1944 Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 
1944 Important Business 
1944 Patrolling the Ether 
1944 Rationing
1944 The Heavenly Body
1943 Cry 'Havoc'
1943 Swing Shift Maisie 
1943 Presenting Lily Mars 
1942 Apache Trail 
1942 The War Against Mrs. Hadley 
1942 Grand Central Murder 
1942 Tortilla Flat 
1942 Sunday Punch
1942 We Were Dancing 
1942 This Time for Keeps
1942 Born to Sing
1941 Johnny Eager
1941 H.M. Pulham, Esq. 
1941 Married Bachelor
1941 Down in San Diego
1941 Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day 
1941 Billy the Kid 
1941 A Woman's Face 
1941 Barnacle Bill
1941 The Wild Man of Borneo
1940 Hullabaloo 

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