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Cleo Moore ACTOR


Cleouna 'Cleo' Moore was born on October 31st, 1924 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Her parents were very involved in politics while she was a child and she first became interested in acting while in High School.  When she was only fifteen years old she was married for six weeks to Palmer Long. 

When Cleo completed High School, she relocated with her family to California.  Soon she was scouted by an executive with RKO who asked if she would take a screen test.  Cleo passed the screen test and was cast in the film, "Congo Bill" (1948).  It was about two years before she worked on her next film, "Rio Grande Patrol" (1950).

Even though she was not yet very well known by the public she did get to work on a total of six more films in the year 1950, "Bright Leaf", "Hunt the Man Down", "711 Ocean Drive", "This Side of the Law" and "Dynamite Pass" (all 1950).
Although she dressed the screen through the year 1950, she was still not being offered roles that displayed her real talents.  Studios were more interested in casting Cleo for her physical attributes alone.     

As her career continued she worked with Columbia Pictures on a couple more films such as, "The Other Woman" and "Bait" (both 1954) and her final film which she worked on with her sister in 1957, "Hit and Run".  This film did not do well either and Cleo decided it was time to call it quits.

Cleo went on to marry Herbert Heftler in 1961 and they had one child and remained together until she passed away from a heart attack on October 25th, 1973 in Inglewood, California.  She is interred at Inglewood park Cemetery in Inglewood California.
Even though she never reached the level of stardom she hoped for, to her fans she remains in their memory as one of the more well known sex symbols of the 1950's.


1957 Hit and Run
1956 Over-Exposed
1955 Hold Back Tomorrow
1955 Women's Prison
1954 The Other Woman
1954 Bait
1953 Thy Neighbor's Wife
1953 One Girl's Confession
1952 Strange Fascination
1952 The Pace That Thrills
1952 On Dangerous Ground
1951 Gambling House
1950 Hunt the Man Down
1950 Rio Grande Patrol
1950 The Great Jewel Robbery
1950 711 Ocean Drive
1950 This Side of the Law
1950 Bright Leaf
1950 Dynamite Pass
1948 Congo Bill
1948 Embraceable You 

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