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Cicely Tyson ACTOR


Cicely Tyson  was born December 19, 1933 in Harlem, New York.  Her parents were Theodosia and William Tyson and they immigrated to the United States from the Island of Nevis in the West Indies. 

Tyson's career began when a photographer for a magazine called, Ebony Magazine discovered her and she began working as a fashion model.  She was absolutley gorgeous and it as very easy for her to become one of the top fashion models. 

In 1957, Tyson decided to try acting working on the stage in off Broadway Productions.  From there she was able to work her way into the film industry with her first uncredited film role being on, "Carib Gold" (1957). 

Television seemed to be more her nitch and she worked on the series, "East Side/West Side" and "Guiding Light" a Soap Opera. Tyson was in one very successful off Broadway play called, "The Blacks" (1961) which ran for 1408 performances. 

She did manage to get a couple decent film roles in her career such as working with Sammy Davis Jr. on, "A Man Called Adam" (1966) and she also starred in the film, "The Comedians" (1967).  Tyson was honored with an Adademy Award nomination for her role on, "Sounder" (1972).  Cicely was also nominated in 1972 for her role alongside Diana Ross for their performances in, "Lady Sings the Blues" which was only the second time in history of the Academy Awards that African American Actresses were nomintated in the Best Actress category.  

In 1974 Tyson became the first African American Actress to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Television Movie for her role in, "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" wherein she portrayed a 110 year old former slave. 

Tysons career was slow but steady.  She made it a point to only accept roles that portrayed a strong woman.  In 1994 she worked on a television series, "Sweet Justice" in which she was an African American attorney. 

Cicely Tyson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and was only married once to Miles Davis, a jazz musician, from November 26th, 1981 to 1988.  She is very involved in supporting a school called, The Cicely School of Performing and Fine Arts in East Orange, New Jersey which was named in her honor.  She was by far one of the most talented and beautiful African American actresses to ever have worked in the entertainment industry.   


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1968–1969 The F.B.I.
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1967  The Comedians 
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1966  A Man Called Adam
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1963–1964 East Side/West Side 
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1959  The Last Angry Man 

Matinee Classics - Roots starring LeVar Burton, Olivia Cole, Louis Gossett Jr., Ben Vereen, Vic Morrow, John Amos, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Edward Asner, Lynda Day George, Robert Reed, Madge Sinclair, Chuck Connors, Sandy Duncan, Leslie Uggams, Carolyn Jones, Lloyd Bridges, Georg Sanford Brown
Matinee Classics - Roots starring LeVar Burton, Olivia Cole, Louis Gossett Jr., Ben Vereen, Vic Morrow, John Amos, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Edward Asner, Lynda Day George, Robert Reed, Madge Sincalir, Chuck Connors, Sandy Duncan, Leslie Uggams, Carolyn Jones, Lloyd Bridges, Georg Stanford Brown, Brad Davis, Lane Binkley, Tracey Gold, Hilly Hicks, Lynne Moody, Austin Stoker, Ralph Waite, Cicely Tyson, Thalmus  Rasulala, Moses Gunn, Hari Rhodes, Ren Woods, Ernest Lee Thomas, Lorne Greene, Scatman Crothers,

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