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Chris Cooper ACTOR

Chris Cooper was born on July 9th, 1951 in Kansas City, Missouri, to Charles and Mary Ann Cooper.  As a young boy he would participate in the local community theater.  After graduating from Southwest High School he went on to first serve in the United States Coast Guard Reserve and then chose to study ballet at Stephens College.  He later transferred to the University of Missouri School of Drama where he majored in acting as well as agriculture.     

Cooper then relocated to New York City in pursuit of a career as an actor.  He began working on some small films such as, "Matewan" (1987), "Thousand Pieces of Gold" (1990) and "Bed of Lies" (1992).
Slowly beginning to establish himself in the industry and being recognized for his talents, more prominent roles began to come his way such as, "Money Train" (1995) and "A Time to Kill" (1996).   
Many of the films he appears in are portraying characters that are associated with the government such as political or military agencies.  Some roles that he has had of this sort are in the films, "American Beauty" (1999), "Me, Myself & Irene" (2001), "The Bourne Identity" (2002) starring Matt Damon, "Seabiscuit" (2003) starring Jeff Bridges, "Silver City" (2004) and "Breach" (2007).
In 2002 he won both an Academy Award as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film, "Adaptation".  Other roles he added to his credits were, "Jarhead" (2005), "October Sky" (2005) and "Johnny Cash's America" (2008).  

Married only one time to his current wife Marianne Leone whom he wed in 1983 and together they had one child.  He remains working in the industry with some of his more recent appearances in the films, "The Company Men" (2010), "Remember Me" (2010), "Amigo" (2010), "The Tempest" (2010), "The Corrections" (2012), "The Company You Keep" (2012) and soon to release in 2013, "Chickadee".
Chris Cooper owns a residence in Kingston, Massachusetts and in 2005, their only son, Jesse Lanier Cooper passed away from SUDEP, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.  A Memorial Fund was set up in their sons name, The Jesse Cooper Foundation. 


2013   Chickadee 

2012   The Company You Keep

2012   The Corrections 

2011   The Muppets 

2010   The Tempest 

2010   The Town

2010   Amigo 

2010   Remember Me

2010   The Company Men

2009   Where the Wild Things Are 

2009   New York, I Love You

2008   Johnny Cash's America

2008   The American Experience

2007   Married Life

2007   The Kingdom 

2007   Breach

2005   Syriana

2005   Jarhead 

2005   Capote 

2004   The Bourne Supremacy

2004   Silver City

2003   Seabiscuit 

2003   My House in Umbria 

2002   Adaptation

2002   The Bourne Identity 

2002   Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

2000   The Patriot 

2000   Me, Myself & Irene 

1999   American Beauty

1999   October Sky

1999   The 24 Hour Woman 

1998   The Horse Whisperer 

1998   Great Expectations

1997   Alone 

1997   Breast Men 

1996   A Time to Kill 

1996   Lone Star

1996   Boys

1996   The Deliverance of Elaine

1996   Law & Order 

1995   Money Train 

1995   Pharaoh's Army

1994   One More Mountain 

1993   Return to Lonesome Dove 

1993   This Boy's Life

1992   Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life 

1992   Bed of Lies 

1991   City of Hope

1991   To the Moon, Alice

1991   Darrow

1991   Thousand Pieces of Gold

1991   Guilty by Suspicion

1991   In Broad Daylight

1990   Lifestories 

1990   A Little Piece of Sunshine 

1989   Lonesome Dove

1988   Miami Vice 

1988   American Playhouse 

1987   The Equalizer 

1987   Matewan 

1987   Non date da mangiare agli animali 

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