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Chevy Chase ACTOR

Chevy Chase was born on October 8th, 1943 in Woodstock, New York with the birth name Cornelius Crane Chase.  When he was only two years old his grandmother started calling him "Chevy" and he has gone by that name ever since.  His father was Edward Tinsley Chase who worked as a book editor as well as a magazine writer.  His mother was Cathalene Parker and she worked as a concert pianist and librettist.  His family was already involved in the entertainment industry as his grandmother was an opera singer.  At the age of four his parents divorced and his mother re-married. 
His education began at the Stockbridge School in Massachusetts, followed by studying at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx and then enrolling at Bard College in New York where he began as a pre-med major but soon switched and graduated with a degree in English in 1967.
His first involvement in the entertainment industry was performing in a college band called, The Leather Canary.  Later he performed with another band, Steely Dan.  He had a talent for playing the drums and keyboard. 
Prior to finding work as an actor, Chase worked a number of odd jobs to support himself such as a cab driver, construction worker, waiter, produce manager and a theater usher among other small jobs. 
He first became involved in professional acting when he joined a comedy ensemble called, Channel One and was also writing for the television show, "Smothers Brothers" (1970).  In 1973, he began working on the National Lampoon Radio Hour and soon became one of the original cast members of "Saturday Night live".  Throughout his time with SNL, Chase received two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his comedy writing and live comic acting.
Chase then left the show and relocated to Los Angeles to continue his quest for a career as a film actor.  Soon he was appearing on such feature films as, "Caddyshack" (1980), "Fletch" (1985), "Tunnel Vision" (1976), "Foul Play" (1978), "Oh, Heavenly Dog" (1980), "Three Amigos!" (1986) and playing the character, Clark Griswold in four National Lampoon films.
Chevy has also hosted the Academy Awards twice and also had his own late night talk show, "The Chevy Chase Show".  He kept up his involvement in music as well.  He appeared in the music video, "Voices That Care" to entertain and support US troops that were involved in, Operation Desert Storm.
He has also made appearances on a variety of television commercials such as a Doritos that aired during the Super Bowl, Dollar Rent-a-car, Aflec, T-Mobile and Chase Manhattan Bank.
As his career has progressed, his movie roles have not been so successful such was the case in, "Nothing But Trouble" (1991), "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" (1992) and "Cops and Robbersons" (1994). 
Checy Chase did receive quite a bit of recognition for his talent throughout his career such as being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as receiving the Harvard Lampoon's Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996.  
Chase has been married three times.  His first wife was Susan Hewitt whom he wed in 1973 and divorced three years later.  He then married Jacqueline Carlin in 1976 and this marriage only lasted four years.  His third and final wife was Jayni Chase in 1982 and they have three children, Cydney, Caley and Emily and he and his wife remain together today.
On occasion, Chase still makes appearances on television in such series as, "Law & Order", "Brothers & Sisters", "Chuck" and he is currently appears on the NBC television series, "Community".


2009-2011 Community 
2011 Not Another Not Another Movie 
2011 Goose on the Loose 
2010 Hot Tub Time Machine 
2010 Presidential Reunion 
2010 Hotel Hell Vacation 
2010 Jack and the Beanstalk
2007-2009 Family Guy 
2009 Chuck
2009 Stay Cool 
2009 Hjälp! 
2007 Brothers & Sisters 
2007 Cutlass 
1975-2007 Saturday Night Live 
2006 Law & Order
2006 The Secret Policeman's Ball 
2006 Zoom 
2006 Funny Money
2006 Doogal 
2005 Ellie Parker 
2004 Bad Meat 
2004 The Karate Dog 
2004 Our Italian Husband 
2003 Vacuums 
2003 Freedom: A History of Us 
2002 Orange County 
2002 America's Most Terrible Things 
2001 Ellie Parker 
2000 Snow Day 
2000 The One Arm Bandit 
2000 Pete's a Pizza 
1998 Dirty Work 
1997 The Nanny
1997 Vegas Vacation 
1995 The Larry Sanders Show 
1995 Man of the House 
1994 Cops and Robbersons 
1993 Last Action Hero 
1992 Hero 
1992 Memoirs of an Invisible Man 
1991 Nothing But Trouble 
1991 L.A. Story 
1989 Christmas Vacation 
1989 Fletch Lives 
1989 It's Garry Shandling's Show
1988 Caddyshack II 
1988 Funny Farm 
1988 The Couch Trip 
1986 Three Amigos! 
1985 Spies Like Us 
1985 Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird 
1985 European Vacation  
1983 Deal of the Century 
1983 Vacation 
1981 Modern Problems 
1981 Under the Rainbow
1980 Seems Like Old Times 
1980 Caddyshack 
1980 Oh Heavenly Dog 
1978 Foul Play
1976 Tunnel Vision 
1974 The Groove Tube 
1974 Energy Crisis
1971 The Great American Dream Machine
1968 Walk... Don't Walk 

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