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Carmen Miranda ACTOR


Carmen Miranda was born on February 9th, 1909 in Marco de Canavezes, Portugal with the birth name Maria do Carmo Miranda Da Cunha to parents, José Maria Pinto da Cunha and Maria Emília Miranda.  She had five siblings and her sister, Aurora Miranda also later pursued a career as an actress.  A little after she was born her family relocated to Brazil where her father was employed in the produce industry.
When she graduated from school, she found work at a local store and would sometimes sing while on the job.  When she was overheard, she was offered a singing job on a local radio station which soon lead to a recording contract with RCA Records.  It did not take long for her to gain a large fan base who adored her singing in Brazil. 
Carmen soon followed her recording popularity with pursuing a career in the film industry.  She made her film debut in, "A Voz do Carnaval" (1933) which was a Brazilian documentary which was followed two years later with another film role on, "Alô, Alô, Brasil (1935).  Also in 1935 she starred in the film, "Estudantes" which really gained the attention of the public realizing she was not only a talented singer, but a talented actress as well.  She did another Brazilian film three years later, "Banana-da-Terra" (1939) which was her last Brazilian film before heading to the United States to see what she could make of an acting career there.

She arrived in New York City and began with working as a stage actress on a number of Broadway musicals.  She was highly adored by the public and soon began working with Twentieth Century Fox appearing in the film, "Down Argentine Way" (1940) which was followed by another film role in, "That Night in Rio" (1941).  Some of her other films she starred in during this era were, "Week-End in Havana" (1941), "Springtime in the Rockies" (1942), "Something for the Boys" (1944), "Four Jills in a Jeep" (1944) and "Greenwich Village" (1944).   

Carmen continued to work in films but slightly more sporadically.  She did however continue to sing in nightclubs and even made a couple television appearances.  Her final big screen film role was in, "Scared Stiff" (1953).  

While filming on the television show live, "The Jimmy Durante Show" (1954) she actually was unaware she had suffered a heart attack and the following morning she again suffered another heart attack, this one was fatal and took her life on August 5th, 1955 in Beverly Hills, California at the young age of forty six.
Carmen Miranda married only one time to Dave Sebastian on March 17th, 1947 and the couple stayed together having no children until she passed away.     


1953 Scared Stiff 
1950 Nancy Goes to Rio
1948 A Date with Judy
1947 Copacabana
1946 If I'm Lucky
1945 Doll Face 
1944 Something for the Boys 
1944 Greenwich Village 
1943 The Gang's All Here 
1942 Springtime in the Rockies 
1941 Week-End in Havana
1941 That Night in Rio 
1940 Down Argentine Way
1940 Laranja-da-China 
1939 Banana-da-Terra
1936 Alô Alô Carnaval 
1935 Estudantes 
1935 Alô, Alô, Brasil 

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