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Bo Derek ACTOR


Bo Derek was born on November 20th, 1956 in Long Beach, California with the birth name Mary Cathleen Collins.  She was born with the oldest of three other siblings to Paul and Norma Collins.  She received her education from Narbonne High School in Harbor City, California and went on to study at Patton Continuation School.   

Bo became most well known as America's sex symbol due to her blonde platinum hair, and sparkling blue eyes.  She first gained a huge amount of popularity when she portrayed Jenny Hanley in the film, "10" (1979), a role for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for New Star of the Year.    

Derek first became involved as an actress when she was cast in the film, "Fantasies" which released in 1981 but was filmed in 1973.  She soon followed this role with an appearance in the film, "Orca" (1977). 
Other film roles she added to her resume over the course of her career were not so successful such as, "Tarzan, the Ape Man" (1981), "Bolero" (1984) and "Ghosts Can't Do It" (1989).  

More recently Derek was cast as a lead in the television drama series, "Fashion House" (2006) and made appearances on such series as, "Queen of Swords" and "7th Heaven".    

Derek has appeared in a variety of times in "Playboy magazine" and has a variety of other interests.  She is very involved in politics and in addition to her career in entertainment, Derek also started her own pampering pet care company called, Bo Derek's Bless the Beasts.  The products range from shampoo's to fragrances for animals.  She also authored a book that was released in 2000 titled, "Riding Lessons".      
Bo Derek has married only once to actor and director John Derek in 1976 and they remained together until he passed away in 1998.  She remains very involved as an animal right activist and currently resides on a ranch in Santa Ynez, California.  She is also a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare Institute's campaign hoping to end horse slaughter.  She is currently in a relationship with actor John Corbett whom she met in 2002.


2012   Highland Park 

2012   CSI: Miami 

2011   The Hunt for the I-5 Killer

2006   Fashion House

2005   Crusader 

2003-2005  7th Heaven 

2005   Still Standing 

2004   Life in the Balance 

2003   Lucky 

2003   Malibu's Most Wanted 

2001   Horror 101

2001   Frozen with Fear

2001   Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

2001   Sunstorm 

2000   Murder at the Cannes Film Festival 

2000   Queen of Swords 

2000   Family Law

1999   The Drew Carey Show 

1998   Wind on Water 

1995   Tommy Boy 

1994   Woman of Desire 

1994   Shattered Image 

1992   Hot Chocolate 

1989   Ghosts Can't Do It 

1984   Bolero

1981   Tarzan, the Ape Man

1981   Fantasies

1980   A Change of Seasons 

1979   10 

1977   Orca

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