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Billy Gilbert ACTOR

Billy Gilbert was born on September 12th, 1894 in Louisville, Kentucky with the birth name William Gilbert Barron.  Both his parents were already involved in the entertainment industry as professional singers with the Metropolitan Opera Company.  At the age of twelve he began his involvement in performing, beginning as a vaudeville performer and quite attending school to pursue working in entertainment.
Many remember him for his voice of, Sneezy in, Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) as well as his portrayal of, Pettibone in the film, "His Girl Friday" (1940) starring Cary Grant as Walter Burns and Rosalind Russell as Hildegard 'Hildy' Johnson, Ralph Bellamy as Bruce Baldwin, Gene Lockhart as Sheriff Peter B. Hartwell, John Qualen as Earl Williams, Roscoe Karns as Reporter McCue, Porter Hall as Reporter Murphy, Frank Orth as Duffy, Walter's copy editor, Alma Kruger as Mrs. Baldwin, Bruce's mother, Regis Toomey as Reporter Sanders, Helen Mack as Mollie Malloy and Cliff Edwards as Reporter Endicott.  Over the course of his career as an actor he added over 200 credits to his resume and worked with other actors such as the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  Many confuse him with silent film actor, Billy Gilbert, but William Gilbert Barron is remembered for his, 'exaggerated sneeze'.
He relocated to Hollywood when Hal Roach bought him into the industry as a actor, writer and director.  He did not appear in his first film until the age of thirty five with a role in, "The Woman from Hell" (1929) starring Mary Astor, Dean Jagger, Robert Armstrong and Roy D'Arcy. 

Soon he was adding a number of short film roles to his resume working with Vitaphone studio's in 1930 such as, "The Happy Hottentots" (1930) starring Joe Frisco, "The Doctor's Wife" (1930) starring Franklin Pangborn, Gertrude Astor and Geneva Mitchell and "Sea Legs" (1930) with Jack Oakie, Lillian Roth, Harry Green and Eugene Pallette.

Throughout his career he was not limited to working with one specific studio and alternated between Fox, Columbia and RKO.  Soon he was becoming a very well known comedic actor on the screen.

It was his "sneeze" that helped him get cast as the role of "Sneezy" and he was also cast for Disney in, "Mickey and the Beanstalk" voicing, Willie the giant.  Other well known roles he added to his credits included, "Million Dollar Legs" (1932) starring W.C. Fields, Jack Oakie, Susan Fleming and Ben Turpin, The Under-Pup" (1940) also starring Gloria Jean, Robert Cummings, Dickie Moore, Nan Grey, C. Aubrey Smith, Virginia Weidler and Margaret Lindsay, "Seven Sinners" (1940) starring alongside John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Albert Dekker, Broderick Crawford, Mischa Auer, Reginald Denny, James Craig and Anna Lee, "New Wine" (1941) co-starring Ilona Massey, Alan Curtis and Binnie Barnes, "Spotlight Review" (1943) with Frank Fay, Harry Langdon and Bonnie Baker, "Ever Since Venus" (1944) starring with Ann Savage, Hugh Herbert, Ina Ray Hutton, Alan Mowbray, Ross Hunter and Glenda Farrell, "Down Among the Sheltering Palms" (1953) with William Lundigan, Jane Greer and Mitzi Gaynor and his final feature film role was in, "Five weeks in a Balloon" (1962) starring Cedric Hardwicke, Red Buttons, Fabian Forte, Barbara Eden, Peter Lorre, Herbert Marshall, Reginald Owen, Mike Mazurki and Barbara Luna. 

Along with film work he also appeared on a variety of television series over the course of his career such as, "My Little Margie", "The Red Skelton Hour", "Andy's Gang", "Musical Comedy Time", "Shirley Temple Theatre" and "Make Room For Daddy".
Billy Gilbert married twice, but his first marriage was very brief and very unhappy.  Then in 1938 he married Ella Mckenzie and they remained together until he passed away on September 23rd, 1971 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a stroke at the age of seventy seven.  He has one son, Barry who was adopted and at the age of thirteen committed suicide.  

Gilbert's remains were cremated and scattered in a rose garden of the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.  For his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and will forever be remembered for his, comic sneeze routines.


1962         Five Weeks in a Balloon
1962         Paradise Alley
1956-1961     The Red Skelton Hour 
1956-1961     Make Room for Daddy
1961         The Roaring Twenties
1958-1960     Shirley Temple Theatre
1957         El coyote
1956         Producers' Showcase
1955         Andy's Gang
1955         The Butcher, the Baker, the Ice Cream Maker
1954         My Little Margie 
1953         Down Among the Sheltering Palms
1950-1951    Musical Comedy Time 
1949         Bride of Vengeance
1948         The Kissing Bandit
1947         Mickey and the Beanstalk
1947         Fun & Fancy Free
1945         Anchors Aweigh
1945         Trouble Chasers
1944         Crazy Knights
1944         Three Is a Family
1944         Ever Since Venus
1944         Wedded Bliss
1944         Three of a Kind
1944         Crazy Like a Fox
1943         Crazy House
1943         Always a Bridesmaid
1943         Shot in the Escape
1943         Spotlight Revue
1943         Shantytown
1942         Arabian Nights
1942         Sleepytime Gal
1942         Mr. Wise Guy
1942         Valley of the Sun
1942         Song of the Islands
1941         Week-End in Havana
1941         New Wine
1941         Angels with Broken Wings
1941         One Night in Lisbon
1941         Reaching for the Sun
1941         Model Wife
1940         No, No, Nanette
1940         A Night at Earl Carroll's
1940         Tin Pan Alley
1940         Seven Sinners
1940         The Great Dictator
1940         The Villain Still Pursued Her
1940         A Little Bit of Heaven
1940         Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot
1940         Lucky Partners
1940         Scatterbrain
1940         Cross-Country Romance
1940         Queen of the Mob
1940         Safari
1940         Women in War
1940         Sandy Is a Lady
1940         His Girl Friday
1939         Chicken Feed 
1939         Destry Rides Again
1939         Rio
1939         The Under-Pup
1939         The Star Maker
1939         Million Dollar Legs
1939         Forged Passport
1938         The Girl Downstairs
1938         Once Over Lightly 
1938         Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
1938         Mr. Doodle Kicks Off
1938         Breaking the Ice
1938         My Lucky Star
1938         Block-Heads
1938         Army Girl
1938         Joy of Living
1938         Maid's Night Out
1938         Happy Landing
1937         She's Got Everything
1937         Rosalie
1937         Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1937         Fight for Your Lady
1937         Music for Madame
1937         One Hundred Men and a Girl
1937         The Life of the Party
1937         The Firefly
1937         Broadway Melody of 1938
1937         The Toast of New York
1937         Swing Fever
1937         Captains Courageous
1937         The Outcasts of Poker Flat
1937         The Man Who Found Himself
1937         Maytime
1937         China Passage
1937         Espionage
1937         Sea Devils
1937         When You're in Love
1937         We're on the Jury
1937         On the Avenue
1936         Night Waitress
1936         Love on the Run
1936         The Big Game
1936         Bulldog Edition
1936         Violets in Spring
1936         Who's Looney Now 
1936         So and Sew
1936         Pepper
1936         My American Wife
1936         Grand Jury
1936         The Devil-Doll
1936         The Bride Walks Out
1936         Poor Little Rich Girl
1936         Parole!
1936         Early to Bed
1936         Three of a Kind
1936         One Rainy Afternoon
1936         The First Baby
1936         Love on a Bet
1936         Sutter's Gold
1936         Dangerous Waters
1936         The Brain Busters
1936         Two Lame Ducks
1936         Super Stupid
1935         Millions in the Air
1935         Coronado
1935         I Dream Too Much
1935         A Night at the Opera
1935         Hi, Gaucho!
1935         Nurse to You! 
1935         Just Another Murder
1935         Here Comes the Band
1935         Pardon My Scotch
1935         Curly Top
1935         Mad Love
1935         Escapade
1935         Paris in Spring
1935         Hail, Brother
1935         His Bridal Sweet
1935         His Old Flame
1934         Evelyn Prentice
1934         Nifty Nurses
1934         Washee Ironee 
1934         Men in Black
1934         Happy Landing
1934         Peck's Bad Boy
1934         Tripping Through the Tropic 
1934         Them Thar Hills
1934         Cockeyed Cavaliers
1934         Another Wild Idea
1934         Get Along Little Hubby
1934         Music in Your Hair
1934         Movie Daze
1934         Maid in Hollywood 
1934         Roamin' Vandals 
1934         Mrs. Barnacle Bill
1934         Apples to You!
1934         Soup and Fish 
1934         The Caretaker's Daughter
1934         Next Week-end
1934         The Cracked Iceman
1933         Sons of the Desert
1933         Luncheon at Twelve 
1933         Keg o' My Heart 
1933         Rhapsody in Brew 
1933         This Day and Age
1933         The Big Fibber 
1933         The Rummy 
1933         The Girl in 419
1933         One Track Minds 
1933         Made on Broadway
1933         Call Her Sausage 
1933         The Bargain of the Century
1933         Taxi Barons 
1933         Forgotten Babies 
1933         Maids a la Mode 
1933         Wreckety Wrecks 
1933         Fallen Arches 
1933         Asleep in the Feet 
1933         Bring 'Em Back a Wife
1932         Towed in a Hole 
1932         Sneak Easily 
1932         Taxi for Two 
1932         Their First Mistake 
1932         Yoo-Hoo
1932         Hot Spot
1932         Strange Innertube 
1932         Pack Up Your Troubles
1932         Young Ironsides
1932         Blondie of the Follies
1932         What Price Taxi 
1932         Skyscraper Souls
1932         Million Dollar Legs
1932         County Hospital 
1932         First in War
1932         The Chimp
1932         Strictly Unreliable
1932         In Walked Charley
1932         You're Telling Me
1932         The Music Box 
1932         Spanky 
1932         Red Noses 
1932         The Nickel Nurser
1932         Never the Twins Shall Meet 
1932         Free Eats 
1932         Seal Skins 
1932         The Tabasco Kid 
1932         Just a Pain in the Parlor
1931         On the Loose
1931         The Hasty Marriage 
1931         Dogs Is Dogs 
1931         A Melon-Drama 
1931         One Good Turn 
1931         Chinatown After Dark
1931         Fast and Furious
1931         Shiver My Timbers 
1931         The Pajama Party
1931         Catch as Catch Can
1931         The Panic Is On 
1931         First Aid
1930         Sea Legs
1930         The Doctor's Wife
1930         The Happy Hottentots
1929         The Woman from Hell

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