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Arthur Lake ACTOR


Arthur Lake, born Arthur Silverlake on April 17, 1905, was the son of a circus acrobat dad and an actress mom. Due to their jobs, his parents gave him the skills necessary to have great stage presence. As a baby, he appeared alongside his sister in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, becoming a part of the act in 1910. Later, their mom brought them to Hollywood to find their place in films. Lake got his first gig in the silent movie “Jack and the Beanstalk” (1917).

At age seventeen, Universal Pictures signed the new actor to a long term contract. Carl Laemmle, from the studio, also changed his name to Arthur Lake. He starred in a great deal of silent pictures portraying not-too-bright adolescents. Many of his first features were also short films like “When Love Is Young” (1924), “Love Sick” (1925), “Wanted a Bride” (1926), and “A Women’s Man” (1928). However, he was also featured in full length features such as “Alone At Last” (1924), “Where Was I?” (1925), “Skinner’s Dress Suit” (1926), and “The Cradle Snatchers” (1927).

In 1928, shortly after the creation of RKO Pictures, Lake switched to that studio and started appearing in movies like “Dance Hall” (1929) and “Cheer Up and Smile” (1930). This was additionally around the time that sound pictures were becoming more popular, and the actor began playing in more romantic pictures that had a funny 'Mama’s boy' tone to them. By 1934, Lake’s popularity began decreasing and he was placed in mostly supporting roles. On the contrary, a comical part in “Topper” (1937) brought him to the attention of audiences yet again.

His career was further rejuvenated when Columbia Pictures cast him as Dagwood Bumstead in “Blondie” (1938), which was based on the internationally popular comic strip by Chic Young. Lake went on to appear in a total of twenty eight “Blondie” films, not limited to “Blondie Plays Cupid” (1940), “Blondie Goes to College” (1942), “Leave It To Blondie” (1945), and “Blondie Hits The Jackpot” (1949). All of the movies had the same formula: Dagwood was the dimwit opposite Blondie (portrayed by Penny Singleton), who was nothing like him, but instead the smart one of the family. Lake and Singleton continued to carry out their roles until their last film, “Beware of Blondie” (1950) in 1950, which was furthermore his final piece in the film industry. They also had an ongoing radio show from 1939 to 1950. However, Lake appeared once more as his Dagwood character for one season of the television series “Blondie” (1957). While the actor performed in a large number of motion pictures, he is most famous for his work in “Blondie”.

After he starred on the TV show “Blondie” (1957), Lake gave up acting for good. On January 9, 1987, he died of a heart attack and was buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery alongside actress Marion Davies, who was later revealed to be the mother of Lake’s wife. For his work in radio, the actor was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1957     Blondie
1955     Gang Busters
1950     Beware of Blondie
1950     Blondie's Hero
1949     Blondie Hits the Jackpot
1949     Blondie's Big Deal
1948     Blondie's Secret
1948     16 Fathoms Deep
1948     Blondie's Reward
1947     Blondie's Anniversary
1947     Blondie in the Dough
1947     Blondie's Holiday
1947     Blondie's Big Moment
1946     Blondie Knows Best
1946     Blondie's Lucky Day
1945     Life with Blondie
1945     Leave It to Blondie
1945     The Big Show-Off
1945     Tokyo Woes
1945     The Good Egg
1945     The Return of Mr. Hook
1944     Three Is a Family
1944     Sailor's Holiday
1944     The Ghost That Walks Alone
1943     Footlight Glamour
1943     It's a Great Life
1942     Blondie for Victory
1942     Blondie's Blessed Event
1942     Blondie Goes to College
1941     Blondie in Society
1941     Blondie Goes Latin
1940     Gallant Sons
1940     Blondie Plays Cupid
1940     Blondie Has Servant Trouble
1940     Blondie on a Budget
1939     Blondie Brings Up Baby
1939     Blondie Takes a Vacation
1939     Blondie Meets the Boss
1938     Blondie
1938     There Goes My Heart
1938     Double Danger
1938     Everybody's Doing It
1937     True Confession
1937     Exiled to Shanghai
1937     Annapolis Salute
1937     Topper
1937     23 1/2 Hours Leave
1936     I Cover Chinatown
1936     New Shoes
1935     Orchids to You
1935     Women Must Dress
1934     The Silver Streak
1934     Girl o' My Dreams
1934     The Winnah!
1933     Midshipman Jack
1931     Hollywood Halfbacks
1931     Indiscreet
1930     She's My Weakness
1930     Cheer Up and Smile
1930     Peek-A-Boo
1930     The Beauty Parade
1930     Follow Me
1930     Her Bashful Beau
1930     Some Show
1929     His Girl's Wedding
1929     Dance Hall
1929     Doing His Stuff
1929     Tanned Legs
1929     Night Owls
1929     Stepping High
1929     Double Trouble
1929     Society Circus
1929     On with the Show!
1929     Cleaning Up
1929     The Knight Watch
1929     Love and Sand
1929     At the Front
1929     Whose Baby?
1929     Sitting Pretty
1928     Sleeping Through
1928     Leaping Through
1928     A Woman's Man
1928     Fun in the Clouds
1928     Come on Horace
1928     The Air Circus
1928     Hollywood or Bust
1928     The King of Shebas
1928     Lilac Time
1928     Sandwiches and Tea
1928     The Speed Sheik
1928     Summer Knights
1928     Harold Teen
1928     One Every Minute
1928     Ringside Romeos
1928     Stop That Man
1928     The Count of Ten
1928     Back to Nature
1928     By Correspondence
1928     Some Pets
1928     Heart Trouble
1927     Swell Clothes
1927     The Love Wallop
1927     The Irresistible Lover
1927     Saxophobia
1927     Sodas and Shebas
1927     A Run for His Money
1927     The Cradle Snatchers
1927     The Midnight Bum
1927     In Again, Out Again
1927     Jailhouse Blues
1927     Meet the Husband
1927     Hop Along
1927     The Honeymoon Quickstep
1926     Switching Sleepers
1926     Business Worries
1926     Too Much Sleep
1926     Wanted a Bride
1926     Tiddly-Winks
1926     Don't Be a Dummy
1926     Oprey House Tonight
1926     The Village Cut-Up
1926     Papa's Mama
1926     Hearts for Rent
1926     Separated Sweethearts
1926     A Swell Affair
1926     Skinner's Dress Suit
1926     A Bedtime Story
1926     Mortgaged Again
1926     A Dumb Friend
1926     Hot Dog
1926     Prep School
1925     Love My Dog
1925     The Understudy
1925     Sporting Life
1925     A Free Ride
1925     Half Fare
1925     The Green-Eyed Monster
1925     California Straight Ahead
1925     The Party
1925     Where Was I?
1925     His New Suit
1925     Short Pants
1925     Discord in 'A' Flat
1925     Heart Trouble
1925     Dog Biscuits
1925     Ice Cold
1925     Love Sick
1925     Nobody Wins
1925     Here's Your Hat
1925     Locked Out
1925     No Place to Go
1925     Putting on Airs
1925     Smoked Out
1925     The Girl Problem
1925     My Baby Doll
1925     Financially Embarrassed
1925     Smouldering Fires
1924     Alone at Last
1924     Harem Follies 
1924     The Girl Hater
1924     When Love Is Young
1917     Jack and the Beanstalk

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