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Armand Assante ACTOR


Armand Assante was born on October 4th, 1949 in New York City, New York with the birth name Armand Anthony Assante Jr.  His mother, Katherine was a music instructor and his father, Armand Sr. was a painter and artist.  After graduating from Cornwall Central High School he went on to study drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
His first screen role was in the film, "The Lord's of Flatbush" (1974) followed by some other film roles a couple years later such as, "Paradise Alley" (1978), "Private Benjamin" (1980), "The Jury" (1982) and "Belizaire the Cajon" (1986).
As his career progressed into the 90's, he was being offered more substantial roles on such films as, "The Marrying Man" (1991), "Hoffa" (1992) and "Gotti" (1996) which was a made for television movie for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor.
Along with film roles he has a number of television roles on his resume such as, "How to Survive a Marriage", "The Doctors", "ER", NCIS", "Chuck" and "Push, Nevada".  Some of his more recent film roles have been in, "The Mambo Kings" (1992), "Hoffa" (1992), "Striptease" (1996), "One Eyed King" (2001), "Citizen Verdict" (2003), "Two for the Money" (2005) and "American Gangster" (2007).
Assante has married only once to Karen Assante in 1982 and they had two children together before the marriage ended in divorce in 1994.  He has not re-married again and currently resides on a 225 acre farm in upstate New York. 
Throughout his career he has received a number of awards such as in 1989 being nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in, "Jack the Ripper".  Then in 1998 he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series for, "The Odyssey".
Although Armand remains living in New York he is still active in his career. Some of his more recent film roles have been in, "Minkow" (2011), "Goat" (2011), "Blind Pass" (2012) and soon to release in 2012, "Phantom Hunt".


2012 Phantom Hunt 
2013 Carpet Boy
2012 Blind Pass
2011 A Fine Step
2011 Goat 
2011 The Return of Joe Rich 
2011 Guido 
2011 Jesse 
2011 Minkow
2010 Chuck 
2010 Human Target 
2010 Shadows in Paradise 
2010 Magic Man
2010 Killer by Nature 
2009 The Bleeding 
2009 Chicago Overcoat 
2009 Smile 
2009 Breaking Point 
2009 The Steam Experiment 
2009 The Lost 
2009 La Linea - The Line 
2008 Shark Swarm
2008 October Road  
2008 The Man Who Came Back
2007 American Gangster
2007 NCIS
2007 Children of Wax
2007 When Nietzsche Wept
2007 California Dreamin' 
2007 Mexican Sunrise 
2007 Casanova's Last Stand 
2006 ER 
2006 Soul's Midnight
2006 Surveillance
2006 Funny Money 
2006 Dead Lenny
2005 Confessions of a Pit Fighter
2005 Two for the Money 
2005 Mirror Wars: Reflection One 
2005 The Third Wish 
2005 Dot.Kill
2005 Ennemis publics 
2005 The Commuters
2003 Consequence
2003 Citizen Verdict
2003 Tough Luck
2002 Partners in Action 
2002 Push, Nevada 
2002 Federal Protection 
2001 One Eyed King 
2001 After the Storm
2001 Last Run 
2000 Looking for an Echo 
2000 On the Beach 
2000 The Road to El Dorado 
1999 The Hunley 
1999 Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages 
1997 The Odyssey
1996 Gotti
1996 Striptease 
1995 Kidnapped
1995 Judge Dredd 
1994 Trial by Jury
1994 Blind Justice
1993 Fatal Instinct 
1992 Hoffa 
1992 1492: Conquest of Paradise
1992 The Mambo Kings
1991 Fever
1991 The Marrying Man 
1990 Eternity 
1990 Q & A 
1989 Animal Behavior 
1989 Passion and Paradise 
1988 Jack the Ripper 
1988 The Penitent
1987 Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story 
1987 Hands of a Stranger 
1987 Stranger in My Bed
1986 Belizaire the Cajun 
1986 A Deadly Business 
1985 Evergreen
1984 Why Me? 
1984 Unfaithfully Yours 
1983 Rage of Angels 
1982 I, the Jury 
1982 Love & Money
1980 Sophia Loren: Her Own Story 
1980 Private Benjamin 
1980 Little Darlings 
1979 Mrs. Columbo 
1979 Prophecy 
1978 The Pirate
1978 Lady of the House
1978 Human Feelings
1978 Paradise Alley 
1977 Kojak 
1975-1977 The Doctors
1975 First Ladies Diaries: Rachel Jackson 
1974 How to Survive a Marriage 
1974 The Lord's of Flatbush  

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