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Anthony Newley ACTOR


Anthony Newley was born on September 24th, 1931 in Hackney, London in England with the birth name George Anthony Newley.  He developed an interest in acting from an early age and by the age of fourteen, Newley was studying at the Italia Stage School.
Just a short two years later, he was already being cast in such films as, "Oliver Twist" (1948), "The Outsider" (1948), "Vote for Huggett" (1949) and "Don't Ever Leave Me" (1949). 
Newley then took a brief break from his acting career when he was called for his national service to the Army.  After he completed his military service along with continuing to pursue a career as an actor, he was also working on his music career.
Some of his more popular songs were, "Idol on Parade", "Why", "Do You Mind", "Must Be", "In the Nick" and "Goldfinger" among many others throughout the course of his career.
As time progressed he was also seen on the stage in the musical, "Stop the World: I Want to Get Off" (1966) which later was also made into a film.  Other film roles he added to his resume were, "The Cockleshell Heroes" (1955), "Doctor Dolittle" (1967), "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" (1975) and "Boris and Natasha" (1992).
Along with film roles, Newley also appeared quite frequently on such television series as, "Hart to Hart", "Fame", Magnum, P.I.", "Murder, She Wrote", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Malibu", "Gone to Seed" and his final television appearance was in 1999 in, "The Lakes".
Although he had quite a successful career he blames his career as an actor for making his personal life a little more difficult.  He felt that being in the public eye caused him to have no privacy in her personal life, therefore, a large amount of strain was put on his marriages.
In all he wed a total of four times.  His first wife was, Ann Lynn whom he wed in 1956 and had one child with before this marriage ended in 1963.  He then married Joan Collins in 1963 and they had two children before this marriage also came to an end in 1971.  His third wife was Dareth Rich in 1971 and after having two more children, another unsuccessful marriage came to an end in 1989.  He also had one daughter out of wedlock with Anneke Wills, but sadly, she passed away in a car accident without ever knowing her birth father was.
He did not re-marry again and was soon diagnosed with cancer.  On April 14th, 1999 Newley passed away from renal cancer in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Anthony Newley was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1989 and also received a total of six Tony Award nominations throughout his career, however never won one.


1999 The Lakes
1998 EastEnders
1992-1995 The Upper Hand 
1994 Anna Lee 
1992 Gone to Seed 
1992 Boris and Natasha 
1991 Tonight at 8.30
1991 Red Peppers
1990 Polly: Comin' Home!
1990 Coins in the Fountain
1984-1988 Simon & Simon 
1988 CBS Summer Playhouse 
1988 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1988 Magnum, P.I.
1988 Duet
1987 Murder, She Wrote
1987 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
1986 Stagecoach
1986 Outrage! 
1985 Glitter 
1985 Alice in Wonderland 
1985 Blade in Hong Kong
1984-1985 Fame 
1983 Malibu 
1981 Hart to Hart 
1980 Linda in Wonderland
1980 CBS Library
1975 Mr. Quilp 
1975 It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
1969 Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?
1968 Sweet November 
1967 Doctor Dolittle 
1966 Lucy in London 
1963 The Small World of Sammy Lee
1960 The Strange World of Gurney Slade 
1960 In the Nick 
1960 Let's Get Married 
1960 Jazz Boat 
1960 The Anthony Newley Show
1959 Killers of Kilimanjaro 
1959 The Bandit of Zhobe
1959 Idol on Parade
1959 The Lady Is a Square 
1959 The Heart of a Man
1958 The Man Inside
1958 Tank Force 
1958 Sammy 
1957 High Flight
1957 How to Murder a Rich Uncle 
1957 Fire Down Below 
1957 The Good Companions 
1957 The Wharf Road Mob
1957 Assignment Foreign Legion 
1957 Stryker of the Yard
1956 Pursuit of the Graf Spee
1956 X: The Unknown
1956 The Last Man to Hang?
1956 Port Afrique 
1955 Navy Heroes 
1955 The Cockleshell Heroes
1955 Above Us the Waves
1955 Up to His Neck 
1954 Colonel March of Scotland Yard
1953 Top of the Form
1953 Those People Next Door
1950 Highly Dangerous
1950 Madeleine
1949 Don't Ever Leave Me 
1949 A Boy, a Girl and a Bike 
1949 Vote for Huggett
1948 The Little Ballerina 
1948 The Outsider
1948 Oliver Twist 
1948 Vice Versa 
1947 The Adventures of Dusty Bates
1944 Henry V

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