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Ann Doran ACTOR


Ann Doran was born on July 28th, 1911 in Amarillo, Texas with the birth name Ann Lee Doran.  Over the course of her career as an actress she would add over 1000 film and television appearances to her resume.

Her career began as a child actress at the young age of four where she appeared on a variety of silent films under a different name to protect her identity from her father's family.

By the late 1030's she began to take on more roles, this time being credited as Ann Doran.  Some of her early film roles included, "Way Down East" (1935) starring Rochelle Hudson, Henry Fonda, Slim Summerville, Edward Trevor, Andy Devine and Margaret Hamilton, "Lady of Secrets" (1936) starring Ruth Chatterton, Otto Kruger, Lionel Atwill, Marian Marsh, Lloyd Nolan and Robert Allen, "The Little Red School House" (1936) starring Frank Coghlan Jr., Lloyd Hughes and Dickie Moore and "Red Lights Ahead" (1936) also starring Andy Clyde, Lucile Gleason and Paula Stone. 

Some of her more well known film roles included, "Rio Grande" (1938), "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott, Kirk Douglas, Judith Anderson and Darryl Hickman, "Island in The Sky" (1953) starring John Wayne, Lloyd Nolan, James Arness, Andy Devine, Walter Abel, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Darryl Hickman, Paul Fix, Fess Parker, Mike Connors and Harry Carey Jr., "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955) starring James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Dennis Hopper and Jim Backus, "Riot in Juvenile Prison" (1959), "The Brass Bottle" (1964), "Live A Little, Love A Little" (1968) starring Elvis Presley, Michele Carey, Rudy Vallee, Don Porter, Dick Sargent and Sterling Holloway, "Once You Kiss a Stranger" (1969), "There Was a Crooked Man…" (1970) starring Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Warren Oates, Hume Cronyn, Burgess Meredith, Alan Hale Jr., Victor French, Bert Freed, Lee Grant, John Randolph, Michael Blodgett, Arthur O'Connell and Gene Evans and "Wild Cats" (1986) starring Goldie Hawn, Nipsey Russell, Jan Hooks, Swoosie Kurtz, Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson

She is also known for her appearances in such short subjects as, "The Three Stooges", "Charley Chase", "Andy Clyde" and "Harry Langdon".  She also appeared on many television programs over her career such as, "The Public Defender", "My Friend Flicka", "Ramar of the Jungle", "Meet Mr. McNutley", "National Velvet", "The Lone Ranger", "Eight is Enough", "The A-Team", "Highway to Heaven", "Tales of the Unexpected", "Hell Town", "Brave Eagle", "Sheriff of Cochise", "The Roy Rogers Show", "Make Room for Daddy" and "The Legend of Jesse James" among many others.

Ann Doran passed away at the age of eighty nine on September 19th, 2000 from natural causes in Carmichael, California.


1988         Hunter
1988         Cagney & Lacey
1987         The Twilight Zone 
1987         Scarecrow and Mrs. King 
1986         Simon & Simon
1986         Trapper John, M.D.
1986         The A-Team
1986         Wildcats
1985         Highway to Heaven 
1985         Hell Town
1983         Knots Landing 
1983         Tales of the Unexpected
1983         Magnum, P.I.
1982         Father Murphy 
1981         All the Way Home
1981         Advice to the Lovelorn
1981         First Monday in October
1981         Crazy Times
1981         All Night Long
1981         Walking Tall
1979-1980     Shirley
1979         The Runaways
1979         Eight Is Enough
1979         Backstairs at the White House
1978         Greatest Heroes of the Bible 
1978         Little Mo
1978         Project U.F.O. 
1978         Fantasy Island
1977         Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion
1977         We've Got Each Other 
1977         Dead of Night 
1976         Flood!
1976         The Gumball Rally
1976         The Macahans
1975         M*A*S*H 
1973-1975     The Streets of San Francisco 
1975         Little House on the Prairie 
1975         The Family Nobody Wanted
1975         Wide World Mystery
1975         Lucas Tanner
1970-1974     Ironside
1974         Mannix
1974         The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd 
1974         The Last Angry Man 
1974         Cannon
1974         The Rookies
1973         Barnaby Jones
1973         Emergency!
1972         Alias Smith and Jones
1972         The Mod Squad
1970-1972     Adam-12
1972         Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1971-1972     The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 
1971-1972     Longstreet 
1972         The Odd Couple
1972         The Scarecrow
1971         The Hired Hand
1970-1971     Bewitched
1971         My Three Sons
1970         The Bold Ones: The Lawyers
1970         Weekend of Terror
1970         The Bold Ones: The Senator 
1970         There Was a Crooked Man...
1963-1970     The Virginian 
1969         Once You Kiss a Stranger...
1969         Topaz
1969         The Arrangement
1968         Live a Little, Love a Little
1966-1968     Bonanza
1968         The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1967         Rosie!
1967         Petticoat Junction
1967         The Hostage
1966-1967     Hey, Landlord
1966         Not with My Wife, You Don't!
1966         Lassie
1965-1966     The Legend of Jesse James
1965         Mirage
1965         McHale's Navy
1964         Kitten with a Whip
1964         Where Love Has Gone
1964         The Brass Bottle
1964         The Carpetbaggers
1963         Captain Newman, M.D.
1958-1963     Perry Mason 
1963         Hazel 
1960-1962     National Velvet
1958-1962     The Jack Benny Program 
1960         The Vise
1960         The Best of the Post 
1960         Rawhide
1960         G.E. True Theater
1956-1960     The Millionaire
1960         Wagon Train 
1959-1960     Colt .45
1958-1959     Leave It to Beaver
1958-1959     The Donna Reed Show
1959         Men Into Space
1959         Bourbon Street Beat
1959         The FBI Story
1959         A Summer Place
1959         Cast a Long Shadow
1957-1959     Whirlybirds
1959         Riot in Juvenile Prison
1954-1959     The Loretta Young Show
1959         Frontier Doctor
1959         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1958         Joy Ride
1958         Step Down to Terror
1958         The Badlanders
1958         It! The Terror from Beyond Space
1958         Voice in the Mirror
1958         Life Begins at 17
1958         M Squad
1958         Violent Road
1958         Official Detective
1958         Day of the Bad Man
1958         The Rawhide Trail
1958         The Female Animal
1958         The Deep Six
1958         Teenage Challenge 
1957         Code 3
1957         Bombers B-52
1957         Young and Dangerous
1957         State Trooper
1957         Band of Angels
1957         The Silent Service 
1956-1957     Matinee Theatre 
1957         Shoot-Out at Medicine Ben
1957         The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1957         Sheriff of Cochise 
1957         The Man Who Turned to Stone
1957         Broken Arrow
1957         December Bride
1957         The Gray Ghost
1956         The Adventures of the Big Man
1956         Crossroads
1956         Father Knows Best
1956         My Friend Flicka
1956         The Adventures of Champion
1955-1956     TV Reader's Digest
1956         Schlitz Playhouse
1956         Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal
1953-1955     The Ford Television Theatre
1955         Brave Eagle
1955         Rebel Without a Cause
1955         The Desperate Hours
1954-1955     The Public Defender
1953-1955     The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
1955         Stage 7 
1955         The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty 
1952-1955     Big Town 
1952-1955     Fireside Theatre
1952-1954     Cavalcade of America
1954         The Bob Mathias Story
1954         The Gene Autry Show 
1954         The Whistler
1954         Them!
1954         The High and the Mighty
1954         City Story
1954         Mr. & Mrs. North
1954         Ramar of the Jungle
1954         Lux Video Theatre 
1954         Waterfront
1954         For the Defense
1954         Mayor of the Town
1953         The Eddie Cantor Story
1953         Four Star Playhouse
1953         Topper
1953         Make Room for Daddy
1953         Island in the Sky
1953         So This Is Love
1952-1953     The Lone Ranger
1953         Private Secretary
1953         I Love Lucy
1952         The Schaefer Century Theatre
1952         Adventures of Superman
1952         Gruen Guild Theater 
1952         The Rose Bowl Story
1952         Paula
1952         The Roy Rogers Show
1952         Rodeo
1952         Love Is Better Than Ever
1952         Here Come the Nelsons
1951         Starlift
1951         The People Against O'Hara
1951         Her First Romance
1951         The Painted Hills
1951         The Bigelow Theatre
1951         Tomahawk
1950         Gambling House
1950         The Magnavox Theatre
1950         Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill 
1950         The Jackpot
1950         Lonely Heart Bandits
1950         Never a Dull Moment
1950         The Silver Theatre 
1950         Riding High
1950         No Sad Songs for Me
1949         Rusty's Birthday
1949         Beyond the Forest
1949         Holiday in Havana
1949         The Kid from Cleveland
1949         Calamity Jane and Sam Bass
1949         The Fountainhead
1949         One Last Fling
1949         Air Hostess
1949         The Clay Pigeon
1949         Big Jack
1949         Rusty Saves a Life
1949         The Accused
1948         He Walked by Night
1948         No Minor Vices
1948         The Snake Pit
1948         Sealed Verdict
1948         Rusty Leads the Way
1948         Pitfall
1948         The Walls of Jericho
1948         The Babe Ruth Story
1948         Hazard
1948         My Dog Rusty
1948         The Return of the Whistler
1948         Reaching from Heaven
1947         Road to the Big House
1947         Magic Town
1947         Variety Gir
1947         The Son of Rusty
1947         Second Chance
1947         The Crimson Key
1947         For the Love of Rusty
1947         Fear in the Night
1947         Seven Were Saved
1947         My Favorite Brunette
1947         The Perfect Marriage
1946         The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946         Our Hearts Were Growing Up
1945         You Hit the Spot 
1945         Pride of the Marines
1945         Roughly Speaking
1944         Here Come the Waves
1944         I Love a Soldie
1944         Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
1944         Mr. Skeffington
1944         The Story of Dr. Wassel
1944         His Tale Is Told
1944         Doctor, Feel My Pulse 
1943         True to Life
1943         Old Acquaintance
1943         Gildersleeve on Broadway
1943         So Proudly We Hail!
1943         Criminals Within
1943         Slightly Dangerous
1943         The More the Merrier
1943         The Hard Way
1943         Air Force
1942         Smith of Minnesota
1942         Street of Chance
1942         My Sister Eileen
1942         Beyond the Blue Horizon
1942         They All Kissed the Bride
1942         Yankee Doodle Dandy
1942         Mr. Wise Guy
1942         Three Blonde Mice 
1942         Blue, White and Perfect
1941         New York Town
1941         Lovable Trouble l
1941         Buy Me That Town
1941         Sing Another Chorus
1941         The Kid from Kansas
1941         Half Shot at Sunrise
1941         Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
1941         Sun Valley Serenade
1941         Dive Bomber
1941         Penny Serenade
1941         Ellery Queen's Penthouse Myster
1941         Meet John Do
1941         Murder Among Friends
1940         Her First Romance
1940         Blondes and Blunders 
1940         Cold Turkey
1940         Glamour for Sale
1940         Untamed
1940         Girls of the Road
1940         Manhattan Heartbeat
1940         South of the Boudoir
1940         Forgotten Girls
1940         Five Little Peppers at Home
1940         His Girl Friday
1940         The Green Hornet
1939         Three Sappy People
1939         Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1939         A Woman Is the Judge
1939         Static in the Attic 
1939         Skinny the Moocher
1939         Coast Guard
1939         Trouble Finds Andy Clyde
1939         Rattling Romeo
1939         Good Girls Go to Paris
1939         Blind Alley
1939         Romance of the Redwoods
1939         Let Us Live
1939         My Son Is a Criminal
1939         Flying G-Men
1939         Homicide Bureau
1938         Smashing the Spy Ring
1938         Pie à la Maid
1938         Rio Grande
1938         A Doggone Mixup
1938         Blondie
1938         The Lady Objects
1938         The Spider's Web
1938         Sue My Lawyer
1938         You Can't Take It with You
1938         Many Sappy Returns
1938         Half-way to Hollywood
1938         City Streets
1938         Highway Patrol
1938         The Main Event
1938         Holiday
1938         Ankles Away
1938         Extortion
1938         The Mind Needer
1938         Time Out for Trouble 
1938         The Old Raid Mule
1938         Start Cheering
1938         Women in Prison
1938         Penitentiary
1938         Little Miss Roughneck
1938         Fiddling Around
1937         The Shadow
1937         Paid to Dance
1937         She Married an Artist
1937         Nothing Sacred
1937         I'll Take Romance
1937         Gracie at the Bat
1937         Stella Dallas
1937         It's All Yours
1937         Marry the Girl
1937         Girls Can Play
1937         The Go Getter
1937         When You're in Love
1937         The Devil's Playground
1936         Red Lights Ahead
1936         The Man Who Lived Twice
1936         Missing Girls
1936         Palm Springs
1936         Let's Sing Again
1936         Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
1936         The Little Red Schoolhouse
1936         Lady of Secrets
1936         Ring Around the Moon
1936         Dangerous Intrigue
1935         Mary Burns, Fugitive
1935         Bad Boy
1935         Case of the Missing Man
1935         Way Down East
1935         Night Life of the Gods
1934         Servants' Entrance
1934         One Exciting Adventure
1922         Robin Hood

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