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Ann Blyth ACTOR


Ann Blyth was born on August 16th, 1928 in Mount Kisco, New York with the birth name Ann Marie Blyth to parents Harry and Nan Blyth.  When she was very young her parents divorced and she moved with her mother and sister to New York City.  Growing up she attended a number of Catholic schools and grew interested in performing from a very young age.
She first attended Manhattan's Professional Children's School and had already gained some performance experience on radio as well as a number of soap dramas during her elementary school years. 
Blyth was also a member of New York's Children's Opera Company and made her Broadway debut in 1941 on, "Watch on the Rhine" which she remained as a performer for two years.  While she was on tour, a director with Universal Pictures, Henry Koster took notice of her and gave her a screen test.  Ann was signed right away and made her film debut in, "Chip Off the Old Block" (1944) followed by a role in, "The Merry Monahans" (1944) and "Babes on Swing Street" (1944). 
When Warner Brothers borrowed her from Universal to star in the film, "Mildred Pierce" (1945) her career began to really take off.  Warner Brothers borrowed her for a second time to star in the film, "Danger Signal" (1945), however, she suffered an injury in a sledding accident and had to be replaced in the role.   She was put in a wheel chair and had to wear a back brace for over a year and a half, however, he career was not stopped as Universal used her for a film called, "Brute Force" (1947) allowing her character to be in a wheel chair.
When Blyth recovered from her injury, Hollywood welcomed her back with a number of starring roles in such films as, "Swell Guy" (1946), "Killer McCoy" (1947) and "Another Part of the Forest" (1948).  Even as she entered the mid 1950's, her career remained strong with more starring roles on such films as, "Our Very Own" (1950), "Thunder on the Hill" (1951), "The Great Caruso" (1951) and "Katie Did It" (1951).   
In the Mid 50's, Blyth signed with MGM during the musical era and worked on just a couple films with them before the musical era came to an end and her career suffered greatly as she lost her contract with the studio in 1956.  She was then cast in the film, "The Helen Morgan Story" (1957) which was a success, even though her signing voice was not up to par and was dubbed by a songstress, Gogi Grant. 
She was not quite ready to give up acting though, so she began to center her focus more as a stage actress and every once in a while she would make a couple television appearances.  Her final television appearances were on, "Quincy, M.E." (1976) and "Murder, She Wrote" (1984).   

Ann Blyth married only once to Dr. James McNulty on June 27th, 1953 and they remained together having a total of five children all born in Los Angeles, California.  Her husband passed away on May 13th, 2007.

Blyth was the recipient of the Living Legacy Award by the Women's International Center in 2003. 


1985   Murder, She Wrote
1979-1983  Quincy, M.E.
1975   Switch
1969   The Name of the Game
1965   Kraft Suspense Theatre 
1964-1965  Burke's Law
1964   Twilight Zone 
1959-1963  Wagon Train
1958-1963  The Christophers
1963   Saints and Sinners
1962   The Dick Powell Theatre
1960   The Citadel
1959   The DuPont Show with June Allyson 
1957   The Helen Morgan Story 
1957   The Buster Keaton Story 
1957   Slander 
1955   Kismet
1955   The King's Thief 
1954   The Student Prince 
1954   Rose Marie 
1954   Lux Video Theatre
1953   All the Brothers Were Valiant 
1952   One Minute to Zero 
1952   Sally and Saint Anne 
1952   The World in His Arms 
1951   I'll Never Forget You
1951   The Golden Horde 
1951   Thunder on the Hill 
1951   The Great Caruso 
1951   Katie Did It 
1950   Our Very Own 
1949   Free for All 
1949   Once More, My Darling 
1949   Top o' the Morning  
1949   Red Canyon 
1948   Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid 
1948   Another Part of the Forest
1948   A Woman's Vengeance 
1947   Killer McCoy 
1947   Brute Force 
1946   Swell Guy 
1945   Mildred Pierce 
1944   Bowery to Broadway 
1944   Babes on Swing Street 
1944   The Merry Monahans 
1944   Chip Off the Old Block     

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