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Allen 'Farina' Hoskins ACTOR


Allen 'Farina' Hoskins was born on August 9th, 1920 in Boston, Massachusetts with the birth name Allen Clayton Hoskins.  At the tender age of one year old, he was already working in the industry on the, "Our Gang" series.  From the silent era through sound, he remained a cast member of the series.  In total he appeared in 106 installments.
He is very well remembered for viewers never really knowing his childhood character's true gender and the studio felt this actually helped his popularity in the series.  He became one of the most popular, "Our Gang" series characters.  He worked up until the age of eleven at one point being the highest paid child actor during that time. 
Beyond his role on, "Our Gang" he did continue in the industry for a while working on a number of films as well as having a vaudeville act with his sister, Jannie Hoskins.  After taking a break from acting to serve his country in the military during World War II, he decided not to return to acting and instead chose a career working with disabled young people who had a addiction to drugs and were suffering from mental illness.
On July, 26th, 1980, Hoskins passed away at the age of fifty nine, in Oakland, California after suffering from cancer.  His remains were buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California. 


1936 After the Thin Man
1936 Winterset
1936 The Gorgeous Hussy 
1935 Reckless 
1933 The Mayor of Hell 
1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan
1933 Fish Hooky
1932 You Said a Mouthful
1931 Fly My Kite 
1931 Bargain Day 
1931 The Stolen Jools
1931 Little Daddy 
1931 Love Business
1931 Helping Grandma 
1930 School's Out
1930 Teacher's Pet
1930 Pups Is Pups
1930 A Tough Winter 
1930 Bear Shooters
1930 When the Wind Blows 
1930 The First Seven Years 
1930 Shivering Shakespeare
1929 Moan & Groan, Inc.
1929 Saturday's Lesson 
1929 Bouncing Babies 
1929 Cat, Dog & Co.
1929 Boxing Gloves 
1929 Lazy Days 
1929 Railroadin' 
1929 Little Mothe
1929 Small Talk
1929 Fast Freight
1929 Wiggle Your Ears 
1929 The Holy Terror
1929 Noisy Noises
1929 Election Day
1928 The Spanking Age 
1928 The Ol' Gray Hoss 
1928 Growing Pains
1928 School Begins
1928 Crazy House
1928 Fair and Muddy
1928 Barnum & Ringling, Inc. 
1928 Edison, Marconi & Co.
1928 The Smile Wins 
1928 Rainy Days 
1928 Spook Spoofing 
1928 Playin' Hookey 
1927 Dog Heaven 
1927 Heebee Jeebees 
1927 Chicken Feed 
1927 The Old Wallop 
1927 Yale vs. Harvard 
1927 Olympic Games
1927 Baby Brother
1927 The Glorious Fourth
1927 Tired Business Men
1927 Love My Dog 
1927 Ten Years Old 
1927 Seeing the World 
1927 Bring Home the Turkey 
1926 Telling Whoppers 
1926 War Feathers
1926 The Fourth Alarm 
1926 Shivering Spooks 
1926 Thundering Fleas 
1926 Uncle Tom's Uncle 
1926 Baby Clothes 
1926 Monkey Business 
1926 Buried Treasure 
1926 Good Cheer
1925 One Wild Ride
1925 Better Movies
1925 Your Own Back Yard
1925 Mary, Queen of Tots
1925 Boys Will Be Joys
1925 Official Officers 
1925 Ask Grandma
1925 Shootin' Injuns 
1925 The Love Bug 
1925 Dog Days 
1925 Circus Fever
1925 The Big Town
1924 The Mysterious Mystery!
1924 Fast Company 
1924 Every Man for Himself 
1924 The Sun Down Limited
1924 High Society 
1924 It's a Bear 
1924 Jubilo Jr. 
1924 Cradle Robbers 
1924 Commencement Day 
1924 Seein' Things
1924 The Buccaneers 
1924 Big Business 
1924 Tire Trouble 
1923 Sunday Calm 
1923 Derby Day 
1923 Stage Fright 
1923 No Noise 
1923 July Days
1923 Lodge Night
1923 Dogs of War 
1923 Back Stage 
1923 Giants vs. Yanks 
1923 Boys to Board
1923 A Pleasant Journey 
1923 The Big Show
1923 The Cobbler
1923 The Champeen 
1922 Saturday Morning 
1922 Young Sherlocks
1922 Fire Fighters
1922 One Terrible Day

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