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Allan 'Rocky' Lane ACTOR


Allan 'Rocky' Lane was born on September 22nd, 1909 in Mishawaka, Indiana with the birth name Harry Leonard Albershart to parents William H. Albershardt and his wife Linnie Anne.  He was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and after school went onto study at Notre Dame University where he was quite involved in a variety of athletics.
Instead of completing his degree, he chose to drop out of school and pursue a career as an actor.  He first joined a Cincinnati Stock Company and after moved to New York working on a variety of other stage productions.   
In 1929, he was discovered by a Fox talent scout and decided he was now ready to relocate to Los Angeles, California and attempt a career as a film actor.  His film debut was on, "Not Quite Decent" (1929) starring June Collyer and Louise Dresser.  Following this film role, he found it difficult to get cast in anything else and by 1932, he was so discouraged, he left Hollywood.
When he did finally decide to return back to the film industry a couple years later, he had much better luck working with 20th Century Fox.  He found himself getting cast in a number of 'B' rated films such as, "Stowaway" (1936) starring Shirley Temple and Robert Young, "Maids Night Out" (1938) starring Joan Fontaine and Billy Gilbert and "Twelve Crowded Hours" (1939).   
Lane soon left 20th Century to work with Republic on the lead role in the film, "The Duke Comes Back" (1937) co-starring Heather Angel and Genevieve Tobin and then signed with Republic in 1940 and soon hit it big with a role in a very popular serial called, "The Tiger Woman" (1944) with Linda Sterling.  This was followed by roles in his own serials portraying Dave King.  He was finally gaining attention from Hollywood as a desired cowboy star after having roles in a few Gene Autry and Roy Rogers films.  He followed with the film, "Silver City Kid" (1944) starring with Peggy Stewart and Wally Vernon.  Between 1940 through 1966 he did a total of eighty two films and television series, and then decided to leave films for a while and focus and touring with circuses and rodeo shows.
Soon he got a regular on the television series, "Red Ryder" (1956) and also got to do the voice over work for the Talking Horse, "Mister Ed" (1961-1966).  Most remember him for this role and not the other work in which he has done throughout his career.
Lane married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Gladys Leslie for a short period and then he married Sheila Ryan from 1945 through 1946.  He never married again, and never had any of his own children.
Soon after, Lane retired from acting and after being diagnosed with cancer, six weeks later on October 27th, 1973 he passed away in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California.  He is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery.  


1958-1966 Mister Ed
1961 Posse from Hell
1961 Cheyenne
1958-1961 Gunsmoke
1960 Bonanza 
1960 Lawman
1960 Colt .45
1960 Bronco 
1960 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1960 Hell Bent for Leather 
1958 The Saga of Hemp Brown 
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo
1958 Wagon Train
1958 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1951-1956 Red Ryder
1956 Mike Hammer
1953 El Paso Stampede 
1953 Bandits of the West
1953 Savage Frontier
1953 Marshal of Cedar Rock
1952 Desperadoes' Outpost
1952 Thundering Caravans
1952 Black Hills Ambush 
1952 Leadville Gunslinger
1952 Captive of Billy the Kid
1951 Desert of Lost Men
1951 Fort Dodge Stampede
1951 Wells Fargo Gunmaster 
1951 Rough Riders of Durango 
1950 Rustlers on Horseback
1950 Frisco Tornado
1950 Vigilante Hideout
1950 Covered Wagon Raid
1950 Salt Lake Raiders
1950 Gunmen of Abilene 
1949 Powder River Rustlers
1949 Navajo Trail Raiders 
1949 Bandit King of Texas 
1949 The Wyoming Bandit 
1949 Frontier Investigator 
1949 Death Valley Gunfighter 
1949 Sheriff of Wichita 
1948 Renegades of Sonora 
1948 Sundown in Santa Fe 
1948 The Denver Kid 
1948 Desperadoes of Dodge City
1948 Marshal of Amarillo
1948 Carson City Raiders 
1948 The Bold Frontiersman 
1948 Oklahoma Badlands 
1947 Bandits of Dark Canyon 
1947 The Wild Frontier
1947 Marshal of Cripple Creek 
1947 Rustlers of Devil's Canyon 
1947 Oregon Trail Scouts 
1947 Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
1947 Vigilantes of Boomtown 
1946 Stagecoach to Denver  
1946 Santa Fe Uprising 
1946 Night Train to Memphis
1946 A Guy Could Change 
1946 Gay Blades 
1945 Trail of Kit Carson 
1945 Bells of Rosarita 
1945 Corpus Christi Bandits
1945 The Topeka Terror
1944 Sheriff of Sundown 
1944 Stagecoach to Monterey
1944 Silver City Kid 
1944 The Tiger Woman
1944 Call of the South Seas 
1943 The Dancing Masters
1943 Daredevils of the West
1943 Air Force
1942 King of the Mounties 
1941 Military Training 
1941 All-American Co-Ed
1941 Coffins on Wheels
1940 King of the Royal Mounted 
1940 Grand Ole Opry
1939 Conspiracy
1939 The Spellbinder 
1939 Panama Lady
1939 Twelve Crowded Hours 
1939 Pacific Liner 
1938 The Law West of Tombstone
1938 Fugitives for a Night
1938 Crime Ring
1938 Having Wonderful Time 
1938 This Marriage Business 
1938 Maid's Night Out
1938 Night Spot 
1937 The Duke Comes Back
1937 Sing and Be Happy
1937 Fifty Roads to Town
1937 Big Business 
1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics 
1937 Step Lively, Jeeves!
1936 Stowaway
1936 Laughing at Trouble
1932 One Way Passage 
1932 The Crash
1932 A Successful Calamity 
1932 Crooner
1932 Miss Pinkerton
1932 Winner Take All
1932 Week-End Marriage 
1932 The Tenderfoot
1932 The Famous Ferguson Case
1932 Heavens! My Husband! 
1931 Local Boy Makes Good 
1931 War Mamas
1931 Expensive Women
1931 The Star Witness 
1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie' 
1930 Madam Satan 
1930 Love in the Rough 
1929 The Forward Pass
1929 Detectives Wanted 
1929 Knights Out 
1929 Not Quite Decent

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