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Alice Faye ACTOR

Alice Faye was born on May 5th, 1915 in New York City, New York with the birth name Alice Jeanne Leppert to parents Charles and Alice Leppert.  She began quite young as a chorus girl in vaudeville and then moved to work on Broadway.
In 1931 she received a feature role in the stage version of "Scandals" and also took on her stage name, Alice Faye at this time.  In 1934 when Lillian Harvey abandoned the lead role in the 1935 film version of, "Scandals", Faye was cast as the lead.  This was her big break into the film industry and the film was a huge success.
When Fox Production head, Darryl F. Zanuck decided to take her underneath his wing, her career began to reach new heights.  Faye went on to star in a variety of popular and cookie cutter musicals.  One of her performances still considered to be one of her best was in 1937 in, "Old Chicago" followed by strong reviews for her next film, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938).
Faye was named one of the ten top box office draws in Hollywood and played one of her most memorable roles in 1940 in the title role in the musical, "Lillian Russell".  In 1941, Faye followed with two more decent film roles, "Weekend in Havana" and "That Night in Rio".  

Faye then took a little bit of time of acting to have her first daughter and returned to the industry in 1943 starring in the Technicolor musical titled, "Hello, Frisco, Hello" which became one of the highest grossing Pictures for Fox that she starred in.  
With the birth of her second daughter, Faye wanted to dedicate more time to her family and so she signed a second contract with Fox obligating her to only one film a year.  This also gave her the opportunity to be slightly picky with the roles that she took on. 
When she finally agreed to take a role in the film, "Fallen Angel" (1945) this would turn out to be one of her last for quite a while.  After viewing the final footage of the film, she could see that Darryl F. Zanuck's editing hack job on the film was a means to get rid of her and she was so upset that she walked away from the studio and did not return back to the industry for sixteen years.  

In 1962 she did return to the screen with a role in, "State Fair" which she received good reviews, but the film overall was not a great success.  Alongside her husband she made occasional cameo performances and returned to Broadway in a production of "good News".  She also became a spokesperson for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals promoting the importance of active senior living.     
Alice Faye married twice during her lifetime, first to Tony Martin from September 4th, 1937 through March 26th, 1941.  Her second marriage was to Phil Harris from May 12th, 1941 through August 11th, 1995 when he passed away and together the couple had two children, Phyllis and Alice.
Alice passed away at the age of eighty three on May 9th, 1998 just three years after losing her husband.  She was battling stomach cancer and her ashes were cremated and  interred at Forest Lawn Mausoleum, Cathedral City, California, USA with her husband, Phil Harris.

Alice Faye was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  Alice Faye managed to introduce twenty-three songs to the hit parade, more than any other female Hollywood movie star.

1980 The Love Boat
1978 The Magic of Lassie 
1978 Every Girl Should Have One 
1976 Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
1963 The Red Skelton Hour
1962 State Fair 
1945 Fallen Angel 
1943 The Gang's All Here 
1943 Hello Frisco, Hello 
1941 Weekend in Havana
1941 The Great American Broadcast 
1941 That Night in Rio
1940 Tin Pan Alley 
1940 Lillian Russell 
1940 Little Old New York 
1939 Barricade 
1939 Hollywood Cavalcade
1939 Rose of Washington Square 
1939 Tail Spin 
1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band 
1938 Sally, Irene and Mary 
1937 You're a Sweetheart 
1937 Wake Up and Live 
1937 You Can't Have Everything 
1937 On the Avenue
1937 In Old Chicago 
1936 Stowaway  
1936 Sing, Baby, Sing 
1936 Poor Little Rich Girl
1936 King of Burlesque 
1935 Music Is Magic
1935 Every Night at Eight 
1935 George White's 1935 Scandals  
1934 365 Nights in Hollywood 
1934 She Learned About Sailors 
1934 Now I'll Tell 
1934 George White's Scandals 

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