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Ali MacGraw ACTOR


Aly MacGraw was born on April 1st, 1939 in Pound Ridge, New York with the birth name Elisabeth Slice MacGraw.  She was born to parents Frances and Richard MacGraw and has one brother named Dick he became an artist.
After high school she went on to college at Wellesley College and upon earning her degree, MacGraw found work as a photography assistant at, Harper's Bazaar where she remained employed for a total of six years.  She gained all types of experience here and was also given the chance to work as a fashion model, hair stylist as well as later on an interior decorator.
It did not take long for her to realize she was a beautiful lady and so she began pursuing commercial work.  In time, MacGraw was working in the film industry appearing on such films as, "Goodbye, Columbus" (1969) and "Love Story" (1970) starring alongside Ryan O'Neal, for which she received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.
As her career progressed she remained working in the industry on such films as, "The Getaway" (1972) starring Steve McQueen, "Convoy" (1978) and "Just Tell Me What You Want" (1980).  Along with film, MacGraw was cast in the prime time soap opera, "Dynasty" (1984) followed by television movie roles in, "Gunsmoke: The Long Ride" (1993) and "Survive the Savage Sea" (1992).
Her final role was in 1997 in the film, "Glam".  She was living in Malibu. however, after a horrible fire she left an decided it was time to leave the industry.  She relocated to Sante Fe, New Mexico.  She has admitted in interviews that throughout her life she has battled alcohol addiction, however she is now very into Hatha Yoga.  MacGraw has even made a yoga video and later in 2003 she also narrated a documentary called, "The Fire of Yoga".
In 2006, MacGraw returned to acting but this time as a stage actress, making her Broadway debut in a production of, "Festen" and also returned to commercial work in 2009 in a number of Macy's commercials. 
Along with acting, MacGraw has always been an animal advocate.  She was the spokesperson for a public service announcement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and she was later awarded the Humane Education Award by Animal Protection of New Mexico
She has been married three times throughout her lifetime.  Her first marriage was to Robin Martin Hoen in 1960 but only two years later this marriage came to an end.  She then married Robert Evans in 1969 and they had one child and remained married until 1973.  MacGraw then married for a third time to Steve McQueen in 1973 and again this marriage was short lived ending in divorce in 1978.   


1997 Glam
1994 Natural Causes
1993 Gunsmoke: The Long Ride 
1992 Survive the Savage Sea 
1985 Dynasty
1985 Murder Elite 
1983 China Rose 
1983 The Winds of War
1980 Just Tell Me What You Want 
1979 Players 
1978 Convoy
1972 The Getaway 
1970 Love Story
1969 Goodbye, Columbus

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