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Alexandra Paul ACTOR


Alexandra Paul was born on July 29th, 1963 in New York City, New York to parents, Sarah and Mark Paul.  She has a twin sister, Caroline who later pursued a career as a fire fighter and she also has a younger brother, Paul who is involved in animal rights. 
Her career in entertainment began as a model and then after high school she was going to attend Stanford University, however she decided not to pursue her education and instead see if she could make a career as an actress.
She began working in films in 1982 with roles on, "Paper Dolls" (1982), "Christine" (1983), "American Flyers" (1985), "8 Million Ways to Die" (1986), "Dragnet" (1987) and "Spy Hard" (1992).
Throughout the course of her career she has starred in over seventy feature films as well as numerous television series.  Some of her television appearances include roles on, "Baywatch" (1989), "Melrose Place" (1992), "L.A. Firefighters" (1996-1997) and "Mad Men" (2008). 
Along with film and television work she has also hosted a number of programs such as, "Wild Waters", "Winning Women" and she co-hosted, "Earth Talk" which was an environmental talk show.  Paul has also assisted in writing and producing two documentaries, "Jampacked" and "The Cost of Cool: Finding Happiness in a Materialistic World". 
She is very environmentally conscious driving a electric car since the 90's.  She is also a vegan and is very involved in animal rights.  In 2005 she received the honor of being named "Activist of the Year".  Due to her involvement in activism she has been arrested over twelve times and has had to serve small amounts of jail time.  She is a founding member of Plug in America which is a group that supports the development and promotion of electric cars. 
She is currently married to her only husband, Ian Murray whom she wed in 2000.  Alexandra remains working in the industry as well as keeping up her interest in Triathlon's.  In 1997 she competed in the Ironman Triathlon and in 2006 she raced in the Maui Channel Crossing, among a number of other races.  Some of her more recent roles have been in, "In My Sleep" (2010), "Javelina" (2011) and soon to release in 2012, "A Beer Tale", "16-Love" and "The Untold Story of Christensen Jacobson".  


2013 The Untold Story of Christensen Jacobson 
2012 The Anchor
2012 16-Love 
2012 A Beer Tale 
2011 Christmas Spirit 
2011 Betrayed at 17 
2011 Javelina
2010 The Boy She Met Online 
2010 In My Sleep 
2010 Binky
2009 Christmas Crash
2009 Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness
2009 A Sister's Secret
2009 Family of Four
2009 He's Such a Girl 
2008 Mad Men
2008 Murder Dot Com 
2008 Tru Loved
2007 Demons from Her Past 
2006 A.I. Assault
2006 Gospel of Deceit
2006 Love Thy Neighbor 
2006 Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York
2006 Trapped!
2005 A Lover's Revenge
2005 Landslide
2004 Saving Emily 
2003 She Spies
2003 Outrager
2003 Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding
2002 Redemption of the Ghost
2001 Exposure
2001 Breaking Up Really Sucks
2001 Diary of a Sex Addict
2001 Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534 
2001 Facing the Enemy 
2001 10 Attitudes
2001 Above & Beyond
2000 The Brainiacs.com 
2000 Revenge 
2000 Chicken Soup for the Soul 
2000 Green Sails 
2000 For the Love of May 
1999 Melrose Place 
1999 Arthur's Quest 
1998 Love Boat: The Next Wave
1998 12 Bucks 
1996-1997 L.A. Firefighters 
1997 Baywatch Nights
1992-1997 Baywatch 
1997 Echo
1997 Naked in the Cold Sun 
1996 Kid Cop
1996 House of the Damned
1996 Spy Hard
1996 Kiss & Tell 
1996 Daytona Beach
1995 Mixed Blessings 
1995 Detonator II: Night Watch 
1995 Piranha 
1995 Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise 
1995 Cyber Bandits 
1994 The Paper Boy
1994 Nothing to Lose 
1993 Death Train 
1993 Sunset Grill
1993 Johnny Bago
1992 Prey of the Chameleon
1992 Kuffs
1991 Miliardi\Millions
1991 In Between 
1990 Laker Girls 
1989 Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin 
1989 Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder 
1989 Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson
1988 After the Rain 
1988 Out of the Shadows
1987 Dragnet
1987 The Hitchhiker
1986 8 Million Ways to Die
1985 American Flyers 
1984 Just the Way You Are 
1984 Getting Physical
1983 Christine 
1983 American Nightmare 
1982 Paper Dolls

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