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Alan Curtis ACTOR


Alan Curtis was born on July 24th, 1909 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name Harry Ueberroth.  His career in entertainment first began as a working model appearing in a number of magazines and advertisements.
Hollywood took an interest in him and it did not take long before his career switched from modeling to working as an actor.  Over the course of his career he would appear in over twenty six films and became quite a desired leading actor during the 1940’s.
Some of his more well known roles were in such films as, “High Sierra” (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino, “Buck Privates” (1942) starring Abbott and Costello and The Andrews Sisters, “Flesh and Fantasy” (1943) starring Edward G. Robinson, Charles Boyer, Robert Cummings, Thomas Mitchell and Barbara Stanwyck, "Gung Ho!" (1943) starring Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum, Rod Cameron, J. Carrol Naish and Noah Beery Jr. and “Phantom Lady” (1944) starring with Franchot Tone, Ella Raines and Elisha Cook Jr., "Renegade Girl" (1946) starring alongside Ann Savage, Ray 'Crash' Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Jack Holt, Edmund Cobb and Chief Thundercloud, and his final roles were in, "The Enchanted Valley" (1948) starring with Anne Gwynne, "I Pirati di Capri" (1949) and "Schatten über Neapel" (1951). 
Sadly, on February 2nd, 1953 he passed away from complications from kidney surgery at the age of forty three, in New York City, New York.  His remains are buried in a family plot in Evanston, Illinois.  He married a total of four times and never had any children nor were any of his marriages very successful or long lasting.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  


1951   Schatten über Neapel 

1951   Amore e sangue
1949   I pirati di Capri 

1949   Apache Chief 

1948   The Enchanted Valley
1947   Philo Vance's Secret Mission

1947   Philo Vance's Gamble

1946   Renegade Girl
1946   Flight to Nowhere

1946   Inside Job 

1945   The Daltons Ride Again
1945   Shady Lady 

1945   The Naughty Nineties

1945   See My Lawyer
1945   Frisco Sal 

1944   Destiny

1944   The Invisible Man's Revenge
1944   Phantom Lady 

1943   Gung Ho! : The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders
1943   Crazy House

1943   Two Tickets to London

1943   Hitler's Madman 
1942   Remember Pearl Harbor 

1941   We Go Fast 

1941   New Wine
1941   Blood and Sand 

1941   Buck Privates 

1941   Come Live with Me
1941   High Sierra

1940   Four Sons

1939   Hollywood Cavalcade
1939   Good Girls Go to Paris

1939   Sergeant Madden

1939   Burn 'Em Up O'Connor
1938   The Duke of West Point

1938   The Shopworn Angel

1938   Yellow Jack
1937   Mannequin

1937   The Firefly

1937   Bad Guy 
1937   Between Two Women

1937   The Woman I Love

1937   China Passage 
1937   Sea Devils 

1937   Don't Tell the Wife 

1936   Winterset
1936   Smartest Girl in Town 

1936   One Live Ghost

1936   Without Orders 
1936   Don't Turn 'em Loose

1936   Walking on Air

1936   Swing Time 
1936   The Last Outlaw 

1936   Undersea Kingdom 

1936   The Witness Chair

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