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Adele Jergens ACTOR


Adele Jergens was born on November 26th, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York.  She first developed an interest in the entertainment industry in the late 1930's when she was named, "Miss World's Fairest". 

After gaining some experience as a Rockette, chorus girl and model, she caught the attention of Columbia Picture and in 1944 was signed to a contract.

Some of her more well known film roles were, "Down to Earth" (1947) Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks, Marc Platt, James Gleason, Edward Everett Horton and James Burke, "The Dark Past" (1948) starring William Holden, Nina Foch and Lee J. Cobb, "Ladies of the Chorus" (1948) co-starring Marilyn Monroe in her first film role and Rand Brooks, "Armored Car Robbery" (1950) starring Charles McGraw, William Talman, Douglas Fowley, Steve Brodie, Gene Evans, "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man" (1951) starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Nancy Guild, William Frawley, Sheldon Leonard, Sam Balter and James Best and Arthur Franz, "Somebody Loves Me" (1952) starring Betty Hutton, Robert Keith, Jack Benny and Ralph Meeker and "Overland Pacific" (1954) Jock Mahoney, Peggy Castle, William Bishop and Chubby Johnson.  

Along with working as a film actress she also added a variety of television appearances to her credits such as, "The Abbott and Costello Show, "Racket Squad", "Dangerous Assignment", "Mr. and Mrs. North", "The Public Defender", "I Married Joan", "My Favorite Husband", "Sugarfoot" and "Soldiers of Fortune".

Her final role was on the television series, "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" in 1956.  She then chose to retire from the industry and focus on her personal life. 

Adele Jergens married only once to Glenn Langan in 1951 and they had one child together before he passed away in 1991.  She did not re-marry and on November 22nd, 2002 she passed away in Camarillo, California from natural causes.  Her remains are interred in the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California.


1956         The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
1956         Soldiers of Fortune
1956         Runaway Daughter
1956         Fighting Trouble
1956         Girls in Prison
1955         Day the World Ended
1955         Damon Runyon Theater
1955         My Favorite Husband 
1955         The Lonesome Trail
1955         The Cobweb
1955         Outlaw Treasure
1955         Strange Lady in Town
1954         I Married Joan 
1954         The Big Chase
1954         The Miami Story
1954         Fireman Save My Child
1954         The Public Defender 
1954         Overland Pacific
1953         The Ford Television Theatre 
1953         Mr. and Mrs. North 
1952         Somebody Loves Me
1952         Dangerous Assignment
1952         Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick
1952         Racket Squad
1952         The Abbott and Costello Show
1951         Show Boat
1951         Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
1951         Sugarfoot
1951         Stars Over Hollywood
1950         The Sound of Fury
1950         Blues Busters
1950         Edge of Doom
1950         Armored Car Robbery
1950         Beware of Blondie
1950         Side Street
1950         Blonde Dynamite
1950         Radar Secret Service
1950         The Traveling Saleswoma
1949         Treasure of Monte Cristo
1949         The Mutineers
1949         The Crime Doctor's Diary
1949         Law of the Barbary Coast
1949         Slightly French
1948         Ladies of the Chorus
1948         The Dark Past
1948         The Fuller Brush Man
1948         The Woman from Tangier
1948         I Love Trouble
1948         The Prince of Thieves
1947         Blondie's Anniversary
1947         When a Girl's Beautiful
1947         Down to Earth
1947         The Corpse Came C.O.D.
1945         She Wouldn't Say Yes
1945         Fallen Angel
1945         State Fair
1945         A Thousand and One Nights
1945         Tonight and Every Night
1944         Together Again
1944         Dancing in Manhattan
1944         Black Arrow
1944         Pin Up Girl
1943         Jane Eyre
1943         The Gang's All Here
1943         Sweet Rosie O'Grady
1943         Hello Frisco, Hello

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