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Adam West ACTOR

Adam West was born on September 19th, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington with the birth name William West Anderson.  His parents were Otto and Audrey and he had a younger brother, John.  He went to high school at Walla Walla High and then later attended Lakeside High in Seattle Washington after his mother remarried to Dr. Paul Flothow.  He then received his college education from Whitman College and earned a BA degree in Literature and a minor in Psychology.
After college he found work as a DJ and also decided to attend Stanford to work on his post graduate courses.  He was soon drafted into the Army and for two years he was stationed at various locations.  After he was discharged he had his current wife, Billie Lou Yeager traveled throughout Europe.  When they ran out of finances, he as offered a job in Hawaii on a children's program called, "The Kini Popo Show that his friend from college, Carl Hebenstreit was starring in.  He soon became the star of the show.  Not long after moving to Hawaii, his first marriage ended in divorce and he married a woman by the name of, Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson who was originally from Tahiti.  Soon he had a daughter, Jonnelle followed by the birth of their son, Hunter in 1958 and in 1959, he took his family and relocated to Hollywood. 
He decided to see if he could break into the film industry and took on the stage name Adam West.  Some of his earlier film work was in, "Voodoo Island" (1957) starring Boris Karloff, Elisha Cook Jr. and Rhodes Reason, "Ghost of the China Sea" (1958), "The FBI Story" (1959) starring James Stewart, Vera Miles, Murray Hamilton, Larry Pennell, Nick Adams and Victor Millan, "The Young Philadelphians" (1959) starring Paul Newman, Barbara Rush, Alexis Smith, Robert Vaughn, Billie Burke, Otto Kruger, John Williams, Paul Picerni, Robert Douglas, Diane Brewster, Brian Keith, Anthony Eisley and Richard Deacon and "Geronimo" (1962) starring with Chuck Connors, Kamala Davi, Denver Pyle, Armondo Silvestre, John Anderson, Eduardo Noriega, Pat Conway, Lawrence Dobkin and Ross Martin.  He also made a number of appearances on television, mostly westerns and such as on, "Sugarfoot" (1959), "Johnny Midnight" (1960), "Overland Trail" (1960), "Bonanza", "The Rifleman" (both 1961) and "Petticoat Junction" (1964).  His final film roles were in 1964 on, "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" starring Paul Mantee and Victor Lundin and "The Outlaws is Coming" (1965) starring The Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe DeRita, Nancy Kovack, Emil Sitka, Henry Gibson, Don Lamond and Mort Mills, which was his final film role before the "Batman" craze took over.
After he was seen on a Nestle's Quik commercial in the early 60's, he caught the attention of ABC executive and he finally gained the level of stardom he was after with his role as Batman on the ABC television series, "Batman" which lasted three seasons.  He became famous not just in the United States but all over the world.  He then starred in the movie version in 1966 which earned him the, 'Most Promising New Star' Award.  However, once this series came to an end, it was difficult for him to find other work as he became so type cast as the Batman character.
Also, the stress of his career brought marriage number two to an end in 1962 after having two children.  Ten years later he married his third and final wife, Marcelle Lear and they remain together today with a total of four children between them.  He never let Hollywood get the best of him.  He remains working today in films, television and even does some voice over work.  Some of his later roles include the film, "Chicken Little" (2005), "Meet the Robinsons" (2007) and voice over work on, "Sponge Bob Square Pants" (2010) and "Family Guy" (2010). 
Adam West has also written a autobiography called, "Back to the Batcave" (1994) and enjoys a number of hobbies such as fishing, surfing, dancing and golfing.  He currently still works in the industry and can still be seen making appearances on television. 


2000-2011 Family Guy
2011 Funny Or Die Presents
2010 Family Guy Presents: It's a Trap 
2010 The Super Hero Squad Show 
2010 Batman: The Brave and the Bold
2010 Eyehole Paintings 
2010 SpongeBob SquarePants
2009 30 Rock 
2009 Super Capers
2009 Ratko: The Dictator's Son 
2003-2008 The Fairly OddParents
2007 Sexina: Popstar P.I.
2007 Meet the Robinsons 
2007 Meet the Robinsons 
2007 George Lopez  
2006 Chicken Little: Ace in Action 
2006 Family Guy 
2004-2006 The Batman
2005 Angels with Angles 
2005 The Boondocks
2005 Chicken Little 
2005 The King of Queens 
2005 Chicken Little 
2005 Buckaroo: The Movie 
2005 Scooby-Doo! Unmasked 
2005 Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 
2005 Aloha, Scooby-Doo
2005 Batman: New Times 
2005 Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure 
2004 Tales from Beyond 
1997-2004 Johnny Bravo
2004 Batman: The Legacy Continues 
2004 The Mullets 
2004 Monster Island 
2003 The Bronx Bunny Show
2003 XIII
2003 Kim Possible )
2003 Baadasssss! 
2003 Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt 
1992-2002 The Simpsons
2002 From Heaven to Hell 
2001 The Drew Carey Show 
2001 Black Scorpion 
2001 Seance 
2000 The Size of Watermelons 
1998-2000 Histeria! 
1999 Drop Dead Gorgeous
1998-1999 The Secret Files of the SpyDogs
1999 Pacific Blue
1998 NewsRadio
1998 Diagnosis Murder
1998 Jenny
1997 Animaniacs
1997 Murphy Brown 
1997 The Wayans Bros.
1997 Joyride 
1997 Pauly 
1997 Redux Riding Hood 
1997 Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant
1997 An American Vampire Story
1996 Goosebumps
1996 Weird Science 
1995 The Clinic 
1995 Burke's Law 
1995 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 
1995 Hope & Gloria 
1995 Street Sharks 
1995 The Adventures of Pete & Pete
1995 Muscle 
1995 Ride for Your Life
1995 Run for Cover 
1994 Not This Part of the World 
1994 Space Ghost Coast to Coast 
1994 The New Age 
1994 Nurses 
1994 The Critic
1994 The Good Life
1993 Tales from the Crypt 
1993 Danger Theatre 
1992 Rugrats
1992 Batman
1992 1775 
1991 Lookwell 
1991 Maxim Xul
1990 Zorro
1990 Omega Cop 
1990 Mad About You
1988 Return Fire
1988 Night of the Kickfighters 
1988 Going Undercover
1988 Doin' Time on Planet Earth
1987 Murder, She Wrote
1986 The Last Precinct
1986 Zombie Nightmare
1985 Young Lady Chatterley II
1985 The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians
1984 SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show
1984 Hell Riders
1980-1984 Fantasy Island
1983 Hart to Hart 
1983 Ace Diamond Private Eye 
1983 One Dark Night 
1983 The Love Boat
1983 I Take These Men 
1982 Laverne & Shirley 
1981 Time Warp 
1981 Warp Speed 
1980 For the Love of It 
1980 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood
1979 Big Shamus, Little Shamus 
1979 Legends of the Superheroes
1978 The American Girls
1978 Tarzan and the Super 7
1978 Hooper
1978 Operation Petticoat
1978 Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident 
1977 Police Woman 
1977 Fiona 
1977 The New Adventures of Batman
1976 Alice
1976 Shazam! 
1975 The Specialist 
1975 Nevada Smith 
1974 Emergency! 
1974 Tactical Guerilla 
1974 Partizani 
1973 Poor Devil 
1972 Mannix
1972 This Is the Life
1972 The Eyes of Charles Sand 
1972 Alias Smith and Jones 
1972 Curse of the Moon Child 
1971 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1971 The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker 
1970 Love, American Style
1969 The Girl Who Knew Too Much 
1968 The Big Valley
1966-1968 Batman
1968 Alexander the Great 
1968 Off to See the Wizard
1967 Batgirl 
1966 Batman 
1965 The Relentless Four 
1965 Mara of the Wilderness 
1965 The Virginian 
1965 The Outlaws Is Coming 
1964 Bewitched
1964 The Outer Limits 
1964 Robinson Crusoe on Mars 
1964 Petticoat Junction  
1963 Soldier in the Rain 
1963 Tammy and the Doctor 
1963 Gunsmoke 
1961-1963 Laramie
1963 The Real McCoys
1961-1962 Perry Mason 
1962 Geronimo 
1962 The Beachcomber
1961-1962 The Detectives starring Robert Taylor
1961 Guestward Ho! 
1961 The Rifleman 
1961 Bonanza 
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo
1960 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1960 Goodyear Theatre
1960 Overland Trail 
1960 Johnny Midnight 
1959 Bourbon Street Beat
1959 Hawaiian Eye
1959 Maverick 
1959 The FBI Story
1958-1959 77 Sunset Strip
1959 Colt .45
1959 Bronco
1959 Cheyenne
1959 Lawman 
1959 The Young Philadelphians 
1959 Sugarfoot 
1959 The Grand Jury 
1958 Ghost of the China Sea 
1957 Voodoo Island 
1954-1955 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 

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